Israel tightens NATO ties amid Iran nuke jitters
Published: 29.05.06, 23:24
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1. cool
gabriela ben ari   (05.29.06)
2. Its coming
Joy Springreen   (05.30.06)
3. I approve of this but don't want Israel *in* NATO
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (05.30.06)
Israel needs to retain an independent defense policy organized around self defense rather than wasting resources on NATO membership. But I very much support Israel and NATO cooperating and practicing together in case of a war against Iran or other hostiles. In such cases, it will be important for Israel and NATO forces to have a strong friendship.
4. The war drums are banging again
Hans ,   USA   (05.30.06)
Bush has more blood on his mind. But, I know that this is how it must be in the last days. See this article where Iran is being supported by Russia (Magog from Ezekiel).
5. Does This Means The Nords Will Pout And Stay Home?
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.30.06)
6. I tot NATO was defunct
John ,   NZ   (05.30.06)
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