Court: Transsexual woman can't see child
Tal Eitan
Published: 30.05.06, 00:28
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1. Rabbinic Court rabbis know Torah, don understand humans.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.30.06)
Children bond to parents. If one of the parents had both arms and both legs blown off in a terrorism action, no court would say the child can't accept that. To steal a child from a parent is totally inhumane as there is NO end to the grieving process. To steal the love a parent gives to a child HARMS THE CHILD. You can get psychologists to testify to anything, you just PAY them for the belief you hold, not theirs. In the US, people were screaming bloddy mad about gay male couples adopting children, and you know what children they were adopting? It was the children that no one else wanted, black children with emotional problems, children with deformities, and the social workers saw the children become part of a loving family. Rabbis and other judges who steal children from a loving parent to make the other parent happy should have a special hell where they serve their 11 months a thousand times worse than a murderer.
2. AND SO????
3. Barak court suddenly shy about exercising power
sk ,   USA   (05.30.06)
This bogus court, with its paternalistic and clownish chief justice, suddenly defers to a rabbinic court on a matter that is pretty clearly a matter of civil rights? Is this the same court that micromanages the route of the fence via "rulings"? Yes indeed. The only thing more obscene than a leftist court is a homohating leftist court.
4. The Supreme Court is right this time.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (05.30.06)
Exposing this little girl to "it" would only cause her to be confused & cause proplems. The Rabbinic Court & the Supreme Court were correct in their decisions, she is too young to be exposed to this disgusting garbage. The welfare of the child takes pressedent over everything else.
5. So sad for the little girl involved:(
Jerusalem,Israel   (05.30.06)
6. very complicated
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.30.06)
I'm no psycologist. But I dont think any child could cope with a blow like this. I wouldn't jump into yet another debate on rabbis against transgenders. ect. 'cause it's not my point. It's irrelevant whether, religious, secular, jewish or otherwise. This Nora G. who is so concerned with trans and gays "rights" could NOT figure out, that a child has every right to a healthy untraumatized upbringing too. ? When professionals or rabbis and basically any person with common sense, see the irreversable damage that this little girl is up to get - trans and gays "rights" should be pushed aside for the childs benefit. I guess she had enogh of a blow when her parents divorsed. AS for the "father" may be time will help to figure out how to settle a deal in the future. But I hope everyone envolved puts the girl as firt priority This time I have to agree with a ruling of the high court
7. She?
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.30.06)
Though the sex organ has been removed and some external surgery in the name of feminization has likely occured, this is still a man. He still has the dreaded Y chromosone, male weakness to diseases women are less likely to contract, male skelatal structure (hips and shoulders), male musculature and metabolism, and no actual female indicia of sex. His breasts will never produce milk, he has no female sex organs, he cannot conceive and bear a child. Its a man. As for the decision of the rabbinic court - they referenced a psychologist, which is new. A man or a woman who does this to themselves, instead of learning to love themselves, is deeply disturbed. I hope he finds peace. As for the child, perhaps it should be allowed to wait until the child can choose for themselves.
8. How old is the child?
Pat   (05.30.06)
Children are amazingly open minded. Why not let them meet and see how the child reacts, then decide? The father might well decide to act in the best interests of his/her child, if confronted with her distress. The mother does not seem willing to meet her former spouse half way.
9. He ain't no woman
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.30.06)
As someone once said, "if you sewed a tail onto to him, would that make him a cat?"
10. Not all Women Can Produce Milk or Have Children, David.
efrat ,   belgium   (05.30.06)
Even some that are born women...believe it or not.
11. Transsexual woman can't see child
Debra ,   Los Angeles, Calif.   (05.30.06)
As a post-op male-to-female who is also the parent of a nine year-old daughter, I can testify unequivocally that being transsexual is nothing with which a child cannot deal. My daughter is one of many children I know born to a transsexual parent, and none of these children have a problem with their parent's sex change. Every day somewhere in the world, an XY child is born with a vagina and an XX child is born with a penis. It's 'natural'. The weight of emerging scientific opinion consistently confirms that gender identity is innate, present at birth, and may diverge from a person's external appearance or even his or her chromosomes as often as one in 500 births -- or more. Regrettably, some of the talkback comments here betray the appalling conventional ignorance about this subject. Al tistakel ba-kankan ella b'ma sh'yesh bo. (Don't judge a book by its cover.)
12. To #11 - Kol Ha Kavod!!!!!!
David ,   Karmiel   (05.30.06)
These bigots who hate gays and incite hatred against gays and lesbians should get their own houses in order. Exampke: Haredi parents who denied their child anti-biotics. The child died, They deserve to be parents? How many cases of sexual abuse against children by "black kippah" teachers and rabbis here in Israel? Eli Pimshtein - relgious -drowned his child and then feigned grief and pretended to look for the body that he had buried! The list of religious child abuse here is long and disgusting. The worst of it though, is that the religious demand tolerance but they deny tolerance to others. One day they will stand before their Maker and answer to Him for their hatred of their fellow man and His Children!
13. seperate state and religion now!!
n/a ,   TA   (05.30.06)
NO RELIGIOUS COURTS ANYMORE, maybe then Israel can join the 21st century....
14. To #'s 11 & 12
Avraham ,   Netivot   (05.30.06)
You are both wrong. This child or any other children should never be exposed to this kind of schmutz. This life style is NOT normal & goes against our Torah. Transsexuals & gays are not normal, they need phyciatric help.
15. To #14 - Your answer proves me right
David ,   Karmiel   (05.30.06)
You are a hater of people who are different. Just remember that homsexuals were persecuted and killed by the Nazis. The same Nazis that killed 6 million Jews. Do you justify their claim that Jews were "Untermenshen" and did not derserve to live? You don't not have to like Gays but your religion DEMANDS of you tolerance! If you base your hatred on Leviticus Chapter 20 Verse 13, then please go back to Verse 10 and see what it says must be done to adulterers. By your standards we must execute half the popolation of this planet!
16. Transgender parent can be a good parent
Dr. Jillian T. Weiss ,   Mahwah, NJ   (05.30.06)
While there are physical differences betwen sexes, the cultural meanings given to gender far surpass the requirements of nature. A good parent is a good parent, regardless of gender. Take a minute to inform yourself about transgender issues (try and you will learn that whether one considers themselves a man or a woman is of little consequence in many places and times. Many transsexuals have children with whom they have good relationships, and the simple fact that a parent is transgender does not harm the child. I know because that is my situation, and that of many people I know.
17. Gender doesn't make a good parent LOVE makes a good parent.
Christie ,   US   (05.30.06)
What psychologically hurts a child is to have a loving parent taken away from them. The qualities that help a child grow into a good and responsible adult - learning how to learn, to have compassion for others, to contribute to society and be respectful of others and their differences - do not depend on the gender identity of their parents but on their parents’ ability to provide a loving, stable and happy home, something no class of people has an exclusive hold on. It is unfortunate how a few talkback comments here show predgement and misunderstanding. Isn't it funny how people judge and have no clue what it is like to walk the mile in the persons shoes they are judging? To me it is complete prejudgement. Maybe if we just stopped and really, really put ourselves in the other persons place..we would all be quiet. For sources and important info on what TG's are really all about please check out this website and all there sources come from separate leading professional scientific organizations that do real empirical research on TG's. Rainbow of Equality Like these: * American Psychiatric Association * Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA) * The World Health Organization * The World Association for Sexology Transgender people are born gender mixed just like the millions of intersexuals here in America where you can see on the outside how they are gender mixed. Except with TG's their brain is the area that was mixed. Which gives them the gender identity of the opposite sex. The leading doctors say the best solution for them is to have sex reassignment surgery (SRS). They see that who someone is on the inside is the most important thing, for mental health and over all well being. Instead of going through life denying who they really are. When they try to deny what their brain feels it makes them feel depression, anti-social and anxiety. Above all parts that make up a person, gender identity is the most defining part in gender because that is the very core in who that person defines themselves as and use to embrace the world around them.
18. to all the haters
Janna Renee ,   Vermont, USA   (06.01.06)
To David (post #7) ... you come off as the worst kind of bigot. Have you no manners, common sense, or compassion? I hope that you can stop looking at things through a lens of hatred and see things for what they really are. As a rather early-transition MTF, I face a daily struggle with safety ,security, and peace of mind. I am definitely not alone! There are thousands more transgender, transexual, and intersex people out there whose struggles are far, far more trecherous than mine could ever be. They are the heros and heroines for facing that every day. To cite Christie (post #17) love does make a GREAT parent. Love is the most powerful force in the world. Its also great to hear from Dr. Jillian T. Weiss, an eminent professional and scholar on trans issues. David (post #7) ... open your ears, and your heart, for your hatred will only condemn you.
19. TS woman deied rigt o see child
Denise ,   Canada, Nova Scotia   (07.09.06)
When I started transition my youngest daughter was starting grade 6. She took 1 day to cry and then a lot of questions and acceptance. Today she has just graduated with high honours and was valadictorien. True I am still with my spouse and partner of 35 years and have lived full time fo about 7 years. My family, My children are the ones who step up to the plate to protect me if I am challenged, not because they have to, or because I want them to, but because that is what they want to do. There is no mental illness here, just love and freedom to share each others lives. With their suppot I started transgender education workshops. We have a right to our families, my granddaughter is the center of our world. A world I love to hug and talk to as often as I can. She shares her love without reservation. Do not underestimate the acceptance of children.
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