Bar Refaeli in hot Miami campaign
Published: 30.05.06, 11:10
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1. Bad picture.
If you look under the third blue square (out of the 4 you see in there) ( from the left ), you will see the camera lens. That is not very professional.
2. to # 1
someone ,   TA   (05.30.06)
You idiot that is the cameralens of the person at the airport who took a pic....and mailed it to Ynet...I saw the ad and there is no reflection of a cameralens.
3. Big deal, it's all she does, aint it?
Bar B. (I)Q ,   Not Miami T.Gd   (05.30.06)
THIS you find SO important, and Shachar Pe'ers incredible achievement you ignore???Well done Ynot net. Amazing set of values you have. You wont print this either as you havent printed previous criticism of the same subject, but you will read it, so I'm happy.
4. she is so beautiful ... aiiiiiii
5. who cares about Shachar Pe'ers #3!!!!!
Have you seen Bar-Rafaeli bend over and wink at the camera? You forget all aboit shachar the mornon after
6. Truly Jewish Values NOT
For one to go on pleasure only is not a Jewish value, but some athiest and by no means a Jew who trembles before G-d
7. The epitome of "shut up and look beautiful"
Tahl ,   Israel   (05.31.06)
As well as "marry-a-40-year-old-to-dodge-the-draft" and "I'm too important to talk to Israelis" thrown in as well. Bar Refaeli scores 10 in looks, 0 in character.
8. We really don' t care.......
9. she is the most beautiful girl in the world !
deren ,   u.s.a   (05.31.06)
she is the most beautiful girl in the world !! and she is dating leonardo di capriotoo... i wish it was me..
10. to Deren (No 9)
Shimon ,   Kfar Saba Israel   (05.31.06)
If you really want to date Leonardo di Caprio, Deren, I'll fix it for you.
11. No.5
Zippy L. ,   Tel Aviv   (05.31.06)
Judging by your spelling and intellect, you're right, poor guy. I'm sure Bar finds you pathetic too, silly fellow. We all know she's gorgeous dumbo. Congratulations Shachar once again, from all at English ynet for getting through the first round of Roland Garros. English ynet is proud of you.
12. Simhat Zkenti!
Logic ,   Israel   (05.31.06)
13. Culture ?
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.31.06)
I find it quite amazing that Ynet chooses to publish this piece in its "Culture Section"
14. Proud of Naked People With Snakes? Get a Life.
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.31.06)
15. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.31.06)
David, they are NOT naked. When you know what naked looks like , do tell us !!!
16. She is shtupping a goy?
Moishapipik ,   usa   (06.15.06)
What makes her special? Nadda !
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