Peretz: No letup on rocket launchers
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 31.05.06, 10:59
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1. A man of peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
khalil ,   west bank   (05.31.06)
this man of peace had signed an assassination attack that killed a 5 years old child,his mother and grandmother,and we heared no word of sorry!!!!!!! if all israelis are men of peace like Amir Peretz is a disaster !!!!
2. Khalil
tony ,   PARIS   (05.31.06)
If you do not agree with the Israeli,reaction to your constant rocket attacks,I suggest you Palestinians,move your asses,and get these STUPID Hamas ,
3. Answer to no.1
Haim ,   Ra'anana   (05.31.06)
When the Arabs of Gaza are hit they shout like animals, but when they kill or maim Jews they dance in the streets. Even the "men of peace" begin to learn that Jews cannot be attacked without returning the compliment. The time has come for the Arabs to return to Arabia!!
4. to # 2
khalil ,   west bank   (05.31.06)
who told you that we are not sorry for every lost human live,either israeli or palestinian?since the foundation of israel you lost about 20000 or more but how many did we lose?hundred of thousands.We are under occupation for about 40 years,our people are killed, land is stolen,water is stolen,humilation every moment and what do u want us to do?if someone occupied your house and kicked u out ,what shall u do??give him roses !!!before 1948 how did u treat the british because u consider them occupiers??how did the French react against the German occupation??the fact is that because u r strong,you dont want to recognize us and u treat us as animals.i invite u to the west bank for one week and i am sure that u will turn into a "terrorist" in just 3 days !!!
5. The Oracle Speaks, sort of
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.31.06)
Impressive!! And to think that they call this putz a shmuck. (It is slander if it is true?)
6. No water = No terror
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (05.31.06)
There is a sure quick way of stopping the kassams. Just cut off gaza' s water supply. Demand unconditional surrender. After 1 week, there will either be no kassams or no arabs!
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