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Unqualified failure
Renana Marmelstein
Published: 04.06.06, 10:36
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1. Evicted Jews
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.04.06)
You have my complete support and empathy. What can I do to help you?
2. Finally YNET reports on doomed fate of evacuees
gabriela ben ari ,   jerualem   (06.04.06)
3. Who the *blip* is this Marmelstein?
Hey Ynet, why don't you give freedom of speech to far left people for a change?
4. #3 Who the 'blip' are you???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (06.04.06)
How would YOU like to be expelled from your home for a false promise of peace??? What a tragedy Sharon brought upon the people o Israel. Now this Olmerd will be putting main centers of Israel in danger. What kind of an idiot government do we have??? Get the buses ready and bring the Gazans to Sinai!!!
Yisraeli   (06.04.06)
6. But what of our means to help
Steve ,   USA   (06.04.06)
B"H It was a huge disappointment, the taking of nice houses and exhanging them for hotels or shaks. It was a political move to show whose boss to the electorate to promote Olmert into office. That said, however, it is far more difficult for me to be of the same level of assistance as Bassi was, even though he was considered completely incompentant and a politicla stooge setup to show "there is a solution for every person" where these solutions are very poor. I cannot even pay a single hotel bill from here, for you! My point being is that it is time now to set in place resources to rebuild communication channels with these communities and economic channels. Almost everything was lost, and these Jews are refugees in their own country, refugees of the government's making for a political end. However, that does not mean that in terms of channels open, that even the most kind-hearted among us outside of Israel have better possibilities to make life more pleasant for the victims of Sharon's progrom. I struggled with this constantly, that although the government of Israel completely impoverished many Jews, that on the other hand it provided some shack housing that I am unable to provide no matter how good my intensions. To reopen channels is going to require joint ventures between the diaspora and these communities to help them rebuild. Yet I do not even have a mailbox to send letters. It is quite a dichotomy. Thank you for you continued writing. Best luck in your studies. G-d bless you.
7. #3 where you been?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.04.06)
Only 99% of the news articles and op-eds on YNet are "freedom of speech" for the ultra-looney leftists.
8. How to help
Steve ,   USA   (06.04.06)
B"H Reuven, If you want to help, I think there are a few simple things that could be of huge assistance: 1. Setup an email address for those who want to contact those uprooted. 2. Setup a post office box, and start a mail service. If you need to charge for it, fine. Establish a website with your service in Hebrew and English. These uprooted Jews are treated second class without a physical address in many cases. It precludes employment and makes it difficult to find work. The civil rights of these citizens have been decimated, and there was no savior. Who knows. You may have a profitable business to setup just helping and establishing an economy for those who were unjustly ripped.
9. Jewish refugees
chaim ,   phoenix usa   (06.05.06)
Lamentations decries the factorization of the Jewish Yisuv during, and just prior to the destruction of Jerusalem, which embodied the Jewish identity. Former PM Sharon policy of abject surrender was conceived by a brain suffering from an ailment as proven by his subsequent Stroke, and thus the entire disengagement theory is faulty and before any additional actions are undertaken by the Government of Israel, it “MUST” review all the blunders and other errors committed by the first phase of arbitrarily vacating and dispossessing the inhabitance from their homes. Failure to do that and continue along the same direction emanating from a diseased mind will only produce within “this generation” a new chapter of Jewish suffering and a newly written book of Lamentations. All the efforts of creating an entity of Jewish self reliance will come to naught and all because of certain individuals craving to have history laude their names with the courage to make “peace” with a world that does not want to live in peace with Jews. History will combine them with the likes of Jewish leaders as described by. Lenni BRENNER ZIONISM IN THE AGE OF DICTATORS The destruction of Hungarian Jewry is one of the most tragic chapters in the Holocaust., The Jewish community leaders told them not to worry, things would not be so bad if the Jews co-operated. As Randolph Braham has written, 'History and historians have not been kind to the leaders of Hungarian Jewry in the Holocaust era” Kasztner was never regarded as a traitor. Kasztner certainly betrayed the Jews who looked to him as one of their leaders, despite Judge Chesin's opinion: “There is no law, either national or international, which lays down the duties of a leader in an hour of emergency toward those who rely on leadership and are under his instructions”. (The above are excerpts, taken from Lenni Brenner’s book,) Is the current Israeli leaders blinded by their zest for dubious notable immortality, or do they really care for their constituents. If careful weighting of the true benefits of retaining the unity of the Jewish yeshuv by first developing a prepared immediate replacement community for those being forced to relocate, against the reality that without such preparations it would bring about the imminent collapse and disintegration of the Jewish Dream. To accomplish the above all it will require is time and as the saying goes Haste makes Waste.
10. question
Viveka ,   Finland   (06.05.06)
How high / low is the percentage of settlers who were financially compensated for the lost property? Also, how many of the Gaza evacuees have found housing and jobs?
11. Settlers are one of the main israeli problems
12. Re #11: You parrot a foul cause
Steve ,   USA   (06.05.06)
B"H The way the Israeli government has positiioned it, the settlements and those living there are now the great scape goat. You parrot that, saying, "Settlers are one of the main israeli problems." However this is a complete lie. Settlers are a convenient distraction from Israel's real problems. The nuclear threat from Iran, for example shows not at all on your horizon because you fall into this simple-minded trap that settlers are the vodoo doll that once attacked will miraculously cause all other issues to end. It is like the Arabs who think that once all Arabs are permitted back in, that all THEIR issues end. Or once they control the Land of Israel, that their issues end. When they are in control of Gaza, their issues are just beginning! The settlers are some of the most responsible people in Israel, not living in fear and going out to face whatever issues there are without hiding in the city caves. I think Israel needs to support its settlement movement more seriously to prevent it from focussing in the wrong directions and to bring clarity on the right way to resolve this dispute between those who want it all and are not happy even so and those who are responsible and content with what is provided to occomplish their mission.
13. Bassi Deserves Sleepless Nights For The Rest of His Life
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (06.06.06)
The regime is utterly evil. While the vast majpority of its Jewish citizens are trying to live their lives and not hurt their fellow citizens, the regime goes out of its way to inflict pain, especially to the religious nationalist sector. Bassi is a poor excuse for a man, let alone one who upholds himself as a 'religious' person. A truly religious person would NEVER have aided in any way with the expelling of Jews from their rightful homes. All of these people knew what a destructive force they would be, yet they didn't give a damn. ANY person who knows what happened to the refugees and does not fight for his or her home is ........
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