Businessmen launch Islam PR campaign
Itamar Eichner
Published: 04.06.06, 11:12
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1. A simple way for Islam to improve its image
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (06.04.06)
Now if Muslim leaders and clerics were to condemn unconditionally all terrorism, and specifically to condemn and assert as contrary to Islam all terrorism against Israel (without pretending that this is OK because it is "resistance" not terrorism) and all antisemitism, that really would be something, wouldn't it?
2. you can't improve islams image with money, sorry
they'll have to go a diffrent way to gain our trust. starting with being tollerant!
3. Tip for Muslims who want to improve Islam's image.
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (06.04.06)
Actions speak louder than words.
4. Islam's PR - Let the Duwa and Taqqiya start...
Zvi   (06.04.06)
Yeah we have enough of that...its in the news everday...Its called JIHAD, we are all well aware what Islam is about thank you very much. And all the apologists SAVE IT. Everyone is well acquainted with Islam's violence. Don't give me the 'small minority who've hijacked the religion of peace' speil. It worked after 911 but you know what? We all did the research and Islam is one violent ideology. To all the Muslims who will say, "but you don't understand", "you're taking it out of context", "if you really understood, you would see the truth". Have any of you really looked at your religion? Have you actually questioned it? Did the research? it's bleak. I honestly was going to convert to Islam, but I couldnt do it because it doesn't allow free thought, it allows dictated free thoughts. It is over-burden with hypocrisy and lack of diginity for women and religious minorities (ESPECIALLY the Jews). Don't argue with me by saying look what Christianity did, cuz we are talking about ISLAM. Islam has a significant problem: it is a hate cult that preaches violence and intolerance, and the faster we acknowledge that, the better. Don't believe me - here read some of these: (Jew Hate) (Jew Hate) (Jew hate) (this one is paranoid fear of the West) (martyrs) Just a small sample
5. like #1 says, let the moderates, if there are any, speak up!
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (06.04.06)
I wrote an email to someone yesterday in which I said, "I would love to believe that there were moderate Muslims but sadly I see no sign of them. If they exist then they need to come forward now and act against their lunatic fringe". Islam, Christianity and Judaism once co-existed in peace and harmony so one can only assume that it is a radical interpretation of the Koran which has driven Islam to the gutters of the world and not its basic creed. In a brand new poll in Europe support for the Palestinians plumetted as Europe seems to have finally realized that it too is mortally threatened. Let's see how this new agency promotes Islam in America and explains the missing twin towers and the arrests of fanatics in London and Toronto yesterday plus the dreadful daily killing in Iraq. Mike
6. Irshad Manji IS muslim PR. However, she's a woman
Joy Springreen   (06.04.06)
as a result of asking for independent free thinking she gets death threats from fellow male muslims.
7. #5
"Islam, Christianity and Judaism once co-existed in peace and harmony" ...Please post the minute/hour/day/week/month/year/location thanks (clouds don't count)
8. Moslem PR Campaign
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.04.06)
Will the campaign contain the message that Jews have the right to live freely, everywhere and in peace in their ancient homeland, the Land of Israel? Will the campaign contain the message that Islam acknowledges the legitimacy of other monotheistic religions and peoples and offers them fullest respect and honor?
9. #5 - Peaceful Coexistence...
Zvi   (06.04.06)
Peaceful coexistence HAS happened but it was an exception rather than the norm. Islam needs to accept that it can be reformed or at least prefer the more peaceful verses to the more violent ones. Problem is there is a whole science to abbrogating verses in Islam that given any moment, certain verses become more relevant than others. This is why we have the simultaneous Verse of the Sword (fight the non-believers until they convert or pay jizya) and the non-compuslion in religion verse. It is circumstantial. As one person said A moderate muslim is one that has read the quran too litte and an extremist is one that has read it too much. But I do hope there is a solution but the ball is very much in the Muslims' court. They choose to rather blame everyone else for maligning them rather than face teh problems in their religion. They will never because Jihad is not encumbant on everyone; its enough that SOME are doing it. Thats why you dont get the catagorical denouncing of these acts from Muslims. Look up the terms jihad, duwa and lets you understand a bit more of their mentality. I better stop, I could go on all day... :-)
10. Muslim PR
bob ,   potomac md   (06.04.06)
Will the PR campaign discuss terms such as Dhimmi and, zomar, Chaibar, and Jizyah?
11. Don't waste the $50 million.......
Ram ,   London   (06.04.06)
... spend them on educating your children. Concentrate on tolerance and all will be OK.
12. Good tactic
ben ,   new york, ny   (06.04.06)
fiinally someone is countring zionist money machine worth billions.
13. #5 - 9th century Bagdhad - is one example
michael ,   tel aviv   (06.04.06)
By the 9 century, a colorful portrait of Jewish life emerged in the Muslim capital and beyond. 1. Jewish banking families dominated the economic and political life of the Jewish community. 2. Jewish communal officials worked closely with the Muslim government, collecting taxes and ensuring the safety and security of Jewish inhabitants. 3. Already in Bagdhad, the degree of linguistic assimilation was striking. Jewish intellectuals mastered Arabic. and most Jews spoke and wrote in their own dialect of Judeo-Arabic, They eventually participated in the dynamic intellectual life of the capital and in its remarkable literary renaissance in jurisprudence, philosophy, and poetry. If you don't know there is no need to attack - just say "I didn't know, could you please give me an expample?". If you are interested there is a wonderful course of lectures on this subject entitled, 'Between Cross and Crescent' - from Mohammed to Spinoza by Prof. David B Ruderman regards Michael
14. #7 - post # 13 is your answer - plus more
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (06.05.06)
15. I.Manji & peaceful coexistance
Matthew Thistle ,   Khamis Mushayt , KSA   (06.05.06)
Peace be with you all, Joy, Irshad manji IS NOT a Muslim, she is an openly gay, EX-Muslim who has made many statements of disbelief which places her well outside the pale of Islam, she also uses her ethnic background to cash in on the issue of the day, fooling many that she's actually a Muslim, but in fact she speaks for no Muslim but only in her own name certainly not that of God(Exalted Be He!) and to the already converted choir amongst non-Muslims There are many moderate Muslims speaking out Sh Hamza Yusuf in California for one or at least elsewhere trying, the media isn't England & US news conferences have been held to denounce acts of terrorism & not a single member of the tradtional media have turned up, instead a large proportion turn to culturally, isolated immigrant, nutcases to reinforce stereotypes further inflamming things allround as to the ignorant bigotry elsewhere in these comments: it's sad & does nothing to help the situation, however articulate & well researched answers to the confused & misinformed postulations that appeared here can be found, here Christianity not interpreted violently also?? groan here, treatment of Jews under Islam if anyone who has questions or is confused about issues please I'm at your service, Salams Matthew Thistle (Mahdi bin Doud) ~~~~~~~~~
16. Islamic PR
Sam Darush ,   cOLUMBUS, OH   (06.05.06)
Zvi; Your stating that you were about to revert to your ancestor Abraham's religion(ISLAM) is obviously a fake one. Using the word honesty surely reveals inside of you. May YHWH show you the straight path.
18. Its CAIR again - watch out!
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