State of emergency declared in PA
Ali Waked
Published: 05.06.06, 07:55
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1. gan khaiot
2. Not to Worry Ellen is already on the way to serve as
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.04.06)
As Human Shield for Hamas
OBSERVER   (06.05.06)
4. Gaza -> Satan's Eden
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (06.05.06)
5. Get a clue people
Daniel ,   Washington DC USA   (06.05.06)
I honestly have problem with Fatah and Hamas shooting at each other...especially if it means they aren't shooting at Israel. The problem as I see it is, whomsoever wins in a civil war will have ho ability to control the populace. That will lead to anarchy and the blame will fall on Israel. It is my sincere hope that this all resolves peacefully and quickly on all sides... But should things reach the boiling point, let's send Ellen Prescott to stand among her brethren.
6. And where is the World outrage?
RF ,   Israel   (06.05.06)
Oh, that's right, the world just condemns Jews killing terrorist Arabs. Arab killing Arab is OK.
7. # 2
moderation   (06.05.06)
Your frequent abuse of YNet's terms of use shows how callow you are and how permissive the moderators are in not censoring your inflammatory remarks. "Any content of a harassing, insulting, hostile, intimidating or crude nature;"
8. If Israel had accidentally shot them by mistake, ...
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (06.05.06)
If Israel had shot a woman by mistake while engaged in a gun-battle with terrorists, Ellen &co. would be screaming abuse & human rights violations and calling for boycotts. But when Fatah DELIBERATELY shoots pregnant women, Ellen & co. are completely silent. This is because they are raving hypocrites. As for myself, I am sorry that Fatah gunned down a pregnant woman, even if she WAS the wife of a Hamas terrorist. Of course, there IS no high moral ground in the PA; HAMAS is just as bad as FATAH & vice versa. Asharq al-Awsat writes on the Palestinian cult of violence (note -- this is NOT a pro-Israel author, but he has something to say about Palestinian violence. ): If Israel ceased to exist, Palestnian society would ***STILL*** be a basket case.
myron ,   USA   (06.05.06)
I have always believed, and now more than ever, that the only way there will ever be peace between Israel and the Pals; the only way there will ever be a "two state" solution is through a full-blown civil war among the rival palestinian factions-- a civil war that will, once and for all, establish a strong partner with whom Israel can deal. The sad truth is that civil wars, with all their tragedy, often serve as purges, cleaners; they resolve long-standing rivalries, hatreds, and seemingly insoluble situations. This was very much the case in the War between the States, or The American Civil War.
Sheikh Yahudi ,   Damascus, Israel   (06.05.06)
Where's the International Solidarity Movement? Where's Rachel Corrie? A pregnant woman was murdered! Rachel Corrie sacrificed her life to save a weapons cache. How noble of her. Now what about this pregnant woman? Where are all the guilty white liberals? Don't you see what's going on? The "palestinians" are suffering and it's all your fault for not defending them from one another. Maybe someone's a little scared? Maybe, somewhere in your filthy little souls, you are aware of the fact that while the IDF will never harm you intentionally, your "palestinian" friends will? And they'll probably enjoy it too. Just like I will...
11. Nu?
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (06.05.06)
As long as the spigot of dollars is closed, their dance of death will continue. Luckily, the Arabs and Russians are as good as Jews at pleadging money without actually delivering. Stay tuned.
12. Kein Yirbu
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.05.06)
Eric Cartman, I mean "Ellen," is typing up a response blaming the IDF and "settlers." Knock it off Eric, ur really lame. How long can u keep this up? It's over, I outed u.
13. US & EU taxmoney funds murder
jvd ,   amsterdam, nl   (06.05.06)
I seem to have elected a government that has knowingly financed Palestinian security forces who now terrorize their own people. How can I be sure that I did not pay for the bullet that killed an unborn child? I would like a full investigation and I also want a refund.
14. Ynets eye catching headlines...
Quality Israelis ,   Everywhere   (06.05.06)
Gosh! pregnant hamas wife is your predominant eye catcher, golly gee!Aren't WE dumb for reading you and writing to you! Shahar Pe'er is THE HEADLINE FOR YOU Y NOT NET.Your own paper with its pictures sums it up.Little bar rafaeli being led blindfolded to some pathetic whiskeygoogoo bar, and Shahar in all her glory for her guts, talent, modesty and pride in her country.Well done Shahar's parents.YOU'VE done a wonderful job, which sadly cannot be said for many 'other' parents....
15. #13 - you want the bullet returned ?
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (06.05.06)
16. "ongoing armed clashes..."
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.05.06)
Let us not forget that it was the late Mr. Y. Rabin who first put guns in their hands. And let us be reminded that his loyal follower and disciple, Mr. A. Peretz, wants to give them more.
17. The oppressed society
Sandra Ruch ,   Biliin   (06.05.06)
All this infighting shows is how the Israeli colonialists have abused the Palestinians to the point of turning them into the very animals they accuse them of being. The violence and terrorism in Occupied Palestine is the Israeli's fault, no one else's.
18. This is all Israel's fault
Sandra Ruch ,   Biliin   (06.05.06)
It is not enough that you have destroyed a thriving country and occupied it for so many years? Now you want to reoccupy and destroy it again? You Israelis are the very animals you accuse the Palestinians of being.
19. Gabby Goldwater, PLS ignore ELLEn
Elle   (06.05.06)
you are giving her too much attention. And pls ignore her ignorant twin, Sandra Ruch.
20. State of emergency
Simonc ,   C-Town, South Africa   (06.05.06)
Sandra Ruch you talk the most rubish I have ever heard ! You must be either deaf or blind.
21. Need adress of ham-ass & fatah, I want to send more bullets.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (06.05.06)
They are finally finding out the enemy is "palestinian" terrorists who are helping Israel in the war against "palestinian" terror. Is there a specific prayer for good marksmanship?
22. #13 no problem...
Sam ,   jvd, amsterdam, nl   (06.05.06)
You have to write almost 200 letters to the differents authorities at EU and another 1000 for the palestinian goverment (burocracy). After, I recommned that while you wait, watch "Alice in the Wonderland" with some popcorn
23. # 19 To Gabrielle Goldwater
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (06.05.06)
Yeah! Do as #19 advised you. I too ignore these people. They are pure hatred stuff, and nothing, nothing will change them. You are far too talented to waste your precious time with this scum.
24. COOL! as some1 said :"Better than morning coffee"
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (06.05.06)
KS ,   Lebanon   (06.05.06)
Yes I said it!! Every palestinian that aims a gun at another palestinian DOES deserve to be shot!! The level of ignorance and stupidity that BOTH hamas and fatah are acting with is beyond words!! YES, BOTH ARE RESPONSIBLE!! Guess what Hamas and Fatah?? if you can't agree amonst yourselves, IF THE PALESTINIANS CAN'T AGREE AMONST THEMSELVES, then how the hell are they supposed to ever build the Palestine they want!! Both groups should put their petty, YES PETTY, differences aside and direct their efforts and energy to building a country!! There is no excuse whatsoever, WHATSOEVER, that palestinians should be fighting amongst eachother!! EVEN OPPRESSION IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GUNPOWDER!!
SHLOMO   (06.05.06)
27. #18 - what are you, a comedienne ?
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (06.05.06)
there was no thriving country here it was desert and what wasn't looked like Gaza does today. Israel made the desert bloom. The Palestinians took the greenhouses that were purchased for them after the Gaza pullout and trashed them within 2 months. Israel's fault of course. Lastest polls all show that Europe has finally realized that it's a waste of time trying to help the Palesinians and I suggest that you check out what caused the people there to change their minds. Whatever they're given they turn into garbage so why give. If you're not a comedienne then try switching to another reality. Or make it clear that you're joking :-) Mike
28. izrail
farid shishakli ,   gaza city   (06.05.06)
make all problem for filistin peepel mony and food have izrail and filistin have only allah izrail have big army from amereeka but filistin peepel have always allah and allah big from izrail army allah give us food and win war for filistin peepel bush is big fedayun for arabs he go to hell allah hu akbar
29. Do you know one country in the middle east who isnt
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (06.05.06)
embroiled with another country? Syria with Turkey, Turkey with Kurdistan, Kurdistan with Iraq, Iraq with Iran, Syria with Jordan, Jordan with Palestine, Palestine with Lebanon, Lebanon with itself. Do you know one sect in the middle east not embroiled with another sect? Maronits with Orthodox, Orthodox with Shia, Shia with Sunni, Sunni with Sunni, Druze with Sunni, Alawi with Druze, Coptic with Sunni, Shia with Druze. Do you know one hamula not involved in blood vengence with another hamula?
30. # 29 Susi Abiri
yakov shani ,   il   (06.05.06)
Itbach el kul ! What shall they do when there is no one left to kill ? Oh I know, they will sign a peace treaty with the dead and the Middle East will have peace for 100 years and then some Nawi will tell them he spoke to Allah and the latest message is guess what--------KILL.
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