Trial of haredi accused of killing son opens
Aviram Zino
Published: 05.06.06, 11:02
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SHLOMO   (06.05.06)
SHLOMO   (06.05.06)
I AM THE LORD YOUR G-D _______ YOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS ______________________
3. oy ve voy lanu
zaq ,   ranaana   (06.05.06)
mr vales will probably walk out of the courtroom a free man.....the baby will still be dead and mr. vales will not escape his yom hadin.... he isn't the first parent to lose control and injure their child and he isn't the first to hide behind an attorney his intial act of contrition by taking responsibility for what happened should have been the end of this......we all would have felt their pain and anguish and known that he needed help....... the fact that he is charedi just emphasizes that people are people....this same story happens in ramat aviv, haifa, on kibbutz and everywhere else we live lets not forget that
4. murderer
darryl ,   israel   (06.05.06)
put the garbage where he belongs in jail 4 ever
5. A "father" like this...
Michael ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.05.06)
Should be put away somewhere away from all possibility of fathering more children. It's a parent's duty to protect their children, not kill them. Some people are just not meant to be parents-- anyone who can't control their anger towards a crying baby shouldn't be a parent, whether they're a charedi from Mea She'arim or a secular from Ramat Aviv Gimmel.
6. abused baby
Hilda ,   USA   (06.05.06)
This is a very sad case. Unfortunately, the parents are little more than children themselves, in a society where children are not exactly held in the greatest esteem. In years gone by, one child died and the woman produced another. She is and was expected to be a baby factory. It is very much like the fanatical Muslims. In their case children are used as cannon fodder, encouraged to strap on bombs and die for Allah. This poor little thing bothered his father from his sleep or disturbed his study of Torah. All this was more important than the baby. . Some people should not have any children
7. chareidi
Moshe ,   brooklyn   (06.05.06)
As he looks on the photo his or her father should've put her on birth control to see if he can handle it I’m not talking about having children I'm talking if he can handle a wife Now! the baby is dead already we cant do anything
8. Evil Personified
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.06)
Castrate him and then put him behind bars for life. That's the only place for scum like that.
9. Justice for all?
Shlomo Silverstein ,   Ma'ale Adumim,Israel   (06.06.06)
To the previous talkback entries: or should I say, The Lynching mob who are so quick to judge and execute. What happened to the notion that a person is innocent until proven guilty? Or does this not apply to these demonic figures in black coats? If he is found not guilty, being the good people you are, I am sure that you will write to Ynet with a full public apology as well as monetary compensation sent to his family by all those wishing to sentence him even before the trial has began.
10.  9 Shlomo
Yakov shani ,   IL   (06.06.06)
Please, a 20 year old man and a 3 month old baby in his personal care and alone, the baby dies of bodily harm. Not guilty ? Perhaps not of murder, perhaps not of manslaughter, certainly guilty of gross negligence and incompetence. Not worthy of returning to normal life and fathering more children, castration definitely, bars for a long time, not life. By the way, the same for Igal Amir.
11. Child abuse problem in all groups -don't vilify just Hareidi
Karen R ,   Maryland   (06.06.06)
Unfortunately, child abuse, even fatal abuse, is not a problem in any one part of society or any one social class - or of any one country. Individuals from families which are secular, families who have only one child...all sectors of society are at risk. Don't waste time calling Hareidim names. If you want to help, call for increasing support services for at-risk families in all of society and encouraging people to use them.
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