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UK site: Can we help dying infidel?
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 05.06.06, 14:18
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1. extremism is in every religion
Nabulsi   (06.05.06)
There is no justification for extremism but it is a human thing and it exists in every religion especially Judaism. May be you should tell us what there is on the website of the fascist jewish cults such as Kach and why do these fascist fanatic jews legitimise the killing and stealing from non jews!
2. Obviously they hate western society
me ,   here   (06.05.06)
They hate the very things that make the west different from their own basket-case dictatorships and Islamofascist disaster areas. So there is a very easy answer for them: nobody is forcing you to stay. Go home to the middle eastern slums where you feel comfortable. This is not about oppression of Muslims. It is about *certain* Muslims who, by their own admission, want to destroy western society.
3. Such nice people.
Ram ,   London   (06.05.06)
How lucky is the UK to have such a caring minority group willing to sort out all its ills. What a Eutopia the UK will be without swearing, eating pork and other filthy food. No homosexuals, no adultery, the envy of all other western countries. There MAY just be one small problem, will the welfare system be flexible enough to stretch and embrace all these newly converted moslems? I wonder. Will it be able to cope with the higher demand of prosthetic limbs due to punishment for crimes such as theft?
4.  #1 but it seems to find its self associated most w/ Islam
Truth ,   World   (06.05.06)
5. 1# who do you hear more about? kach? or allah hu akbar?
Avi ,   ISRAEL   (06.05.06)
6. #1; Read the Kach website, they don't legitimize killing
anyone. They say that you are enemies and as such you shouldn't be here and Israel should fight you with all its power. If you look at what you did here in 2000-2003 they are absolutely correct and you are enemies. The one who comes to kill you, kill him first.
7. Nablusi dont even try to compare
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (06.05.06)
Kach is a coexistence movement compared to the Islamist groups, besides, Kach is banned in Israel and in the Muslim world Jihadists Islamism is the leading power, you whitewashing fails again.
8. Nabulsi...typical garbage!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (06.05.06)
You are a perfect example of why the Muslim culture will never change. Instead of recognising the facts and the problems, you instantly point fingers at the Jews and avoid any kind of self-criticism. Very typical behavior.
9. no. 1 read this
Irshad Manji   (06.05.06)
10. reply to #1
Ari   (06.05.06)
Yes you are right that there is extremism in every religion. However, it is only those "extremists" who follow Islam who say that everyone else should be forced to convert or die. It is only them who aim to convert every country that they live in to Islam. However, for example Jewish "extremists," seek only to regain the Holy Land of Israel for the Jewish people. No Jew wishes to convert the world no matter how "extreme" he or she is. No Jew believes that any Land should accept Jewish soveregnty other than the Land of Israel. So you'r arguement is invalid. Because whilst "extremism" is indeed found in every religion, it is only extremist Muslims who seek to destroy everyone else. (Although during the Middle Ages the Christians were also guilty of the same thing.)
11. The Muslim contribution to Britain
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (06.05.06)
It seems to me that Muslims alone among all minority and immigrant groups in the UK have contributed nothing good. Africans, Chinese, Hindus, Jews and West Indians - to name just a few that immediately occur to me, no exclusion of others is intended - have made massive contributions to British life and society. A man in this article talks about "Islamic values". I guess he means hatred, fanaticism, intolerance, racism, oppression, enslavement, war, murder, genocide, terrorism - everything that can be summarised by the word "jihad".
13. there ar e Jews who talk this way about other jews too!
naro ,   nyc   (06.05.06)
14. # 11 Larry
yakov shani ,   il   (06.05.06)
The muslim contribution to the world, not just Britain is exactly, ZREO MINUS. Refer to my # 84 on "English flag page"
15. #1, Islamists one of worst case of racism in history
David ,   Boston, USA   (06.05.06)
Just look at Jordan Palestine. Its 100% cleansed on Jews. Look at terrorism around the world today. Most terrorists are Muslim. Look at what Arab Muslims are committing genocide against Blacks. Islamists are is by far the worst case of racism and genocide in the word today. Islamists and their brand of Islam is the cause of WWIII. Their teaching of hate of incitement to murder. Islamist have no honor. no ,moral, no justification, just pure evil.
16. number 11
Majid ,   surrey, uk   (06.05.06)
The extremist muslims are completley wrong and I condemn them. However these are not TRUE muslims. sadly many muslims are mis-informed about their own religion and are easily led by these extremists who damage the name of Islam throughout the world. However, To say that Islamic values mean--- "hatred, fanaticism, intolerance, racism, oppression, enslavement, war, murder, genocide, terrorism - everything that can be summarised by the word "jihad". is utterley OFFENSIVE and entirley FALSE and incorrect. TRUE ISLAM teaches compassion, tolerance and understanding, and considers Jews and Christians "AHL AL KITAB" which means people of the book or scriptures. According to the Quran they will go to heavan. Ancient Islamic rulers lived side by side with Jews and christians and the prophet Muhammed even prayed in Synagogue and a church. Under Islamic law the jews and christians are entitled to their faiths and left alone to carry out thier worship. Love thy neighbour applies in true Islam.
17. Islam
Majid ,   surrey, uk   (06.05.06)
TRUE Islamic law forbids slavery and oppression and teaches the respect of women. Sadly In countries like Saudi Arabia and other countries, traditions and culture get confused with Islam and extremism prevails. This is a major problem sadly.
18. #16
Ram ,   London   (06.05.06)
If the "majority" of moslems are peace loving why don't they "ever" condemn the radical minority?
19. RAM
Majid ,   surrey, uk   (06.05.06)
many peace loving muslims do condemn the radical extremists.
21. Who cares?
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.05.06)
This Muslim has a specific problem with British infidels. British infidels have a specific problem with Israel and to a lesser extent, Jews. On those grounds alone, he deserves support, if not a free hand.
22. #1 Blah Blah Blah
KSL ,   TA   (06.05.06)
"Blah Blah Blah, I cannot address the issues in this article and it is my duty to redirect, distract and blame the jews for something or another.
23. Islamist extremism
David ,   canada   (06.05.06)
The root of the problem with Islam comes from the leadership in the Arab world. These corrupt, oppressive and power hungry politicians are solely there to take care of themselves and their family, accumulating ridiculous fortunes, while depriving their own people of a good education and basic privileges. To distract their people from the real problems, they are equiped with an incredible propaganda machine using the Imams and the radical side of Islam to redirect these masses by instilling hatred and resentment towards the infidels. Although these masses know better, they have no other choice but to go along with these brainwashing techniques, as there are no other alternatives to better their lives.
24. Majid
Ram ,   London   (06.05.06)
May I suggest they should be more vociferous then? Maybe they should stop adding "because of the invasion of Iraq and the occupation of Palestinian land" as justification whenever voicing their mild rebukes aimed at the radicals? How about their refusal to accept a Holocaust day unless the Palestinians are included? How about Abu Hamza and the likes, being allowed to preach hate by the British Authorities, with the muslim leadership doing nothing to stop them? As you know this has backfired on the muslim community. Peaceful muslims can make a big difference if they cared to act. They can easily bring about peace if only they preached tolerance. They should express their eternal gratitude to those countries that host them, just like Hindus, Jews and others do. Action is what makes a difference, not words. Salaam
25. Ram
Majid ,   Surrey, UK   (06.05.06)
i fully agree with you. they should be more vociferous, and citing the invasion of iraq and palestinian occupation is counter productive. i must stress that i do notspeak for them nor do they speak for me. as i said these are not true muslims. their rufusal to accept the holocaust day if palestinians are not included is disgraceful. Anyone who denies the holocaust or compares it to the palestinian situation is mentally derranged and should burn in hell in my opinion. as i said these are not true muslims. Abu HAmza is another extremist fanatic. Unfortunatley the muslim leadership is not doing enough to condemn such acts. There should be more publicity in the media showing the voice of the moderate muslims. however media control is a whole other issue. Sallam
26. # 24 Ram
yakov shani ,   il   (06.05.06)
"Eternal gratitude". You are very confused ! The world owes them everthing, they owe the world nothing. The world must show them gratitude for the fact that the Prophet got the message right and agreed to spread it for the betterment of all mankind. This is how they think. No sarcasm intended.
27. Linky linky?
Anat ,   Haifa   (06.05.06)
Give links. This is internet, you know. Allow us to see the source for ourselves.
28. #23. Very true!
Ram ,   London   (06.05.06)
29. To Majid #19: Where? When? How many?
AK   (06.05.06)
If you are many. why are you so silent and insignificant that you cannot obliterate the extremists in your midst?
30. Where is Ellen from the UK on this?
AK   (06.05.06)
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