Expedia puts Israel on map
Danny Sadeh
Published: 06.06.06, 11:30
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1. expedia--in the forefront of travel on the net
debra ,   usa   (06.06.06)
congratulations to israel and expedia. long may you prosper.
2. Expedia is not the Be All End All
J K ,   NYC, USA   (06.06.06)
Expedia is like the Quickie Mart. If you want to find something fast and get in/out with minor fuss, Expedia is the way to go. However, if you want the cheapest prices and better deals, you need to do some research on the net. Expedia is a good jumping off point before you do some real work and save yourself $$. Plenty of other places on the net folks. No need to make Microsoft any richer.
3. Hard to Book Rooms in Israel
Speli ,   PA, USA   (06.07.06)
I am so glad to see this! My friend and I visited Israel for ten days in March. I booked everything myself, and believe me, it was difficult. I could not believe how cumbersome most of the sites were without any kind of immediate confirmation. Sometimes I had to write a few times to get it right. One notable exception was the very personal service of Itay at Tailor Made Tours Ltd.( What a great guy! He really made our trip great by helping us out several times. It's people like Itay that make me want to come back to Israel time and time again. I do look forward to my bookings becoming easier! Hope the other sites follow suit.
4. EXPEDIA lies and cheat customers
John ,   Bryan, TX USA   (06.07.06)
EXPEDIA lied and tried to steal money from my credit card for a service that was never provided. Read this:
5. travelocity is usually cheapest
david ,   TEL AVIV   (06.07.06)
search around low peak times partically after pesach and you can get dirt cheap tickets to israel. You can get nyc to tel aviv for $450 including tax, non stop with continental. Not bad is it...
6. Israel hotels
Isac ,   Florida   (06.07.06)
If you like luxury travel try: Thet have very nice hotels throughout Israel (including the King David Hotel Jerusalem) and they offer usually special packages if you book a minimum amount of stays in their hotels. They also have a 800 number in the U.S. My experience: the booking over the phone was very pleasant and attentative.
7. Hotels
Marty ,   USA   (06.07.06)
The best way to book hotels in Israel is to use an Israeli tour guide. Hotel prices vary greatly depending on how you book and who books for you. Using a tour guide to book has always gotten me better pricing that even the best web prices.
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