Yeshiva students attack income tax officials
Buki Naeh
Published: 06.06.06, 15:56
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31. "merit of those who learn Torah"
Nathan ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.06.06)
Nobody gets any merit from people who study Torah in order to find loopholes. A "Haredi" asked me to prepare false documents to enhance the value of a property (and his Rav approved this). He told me another time that he's never paid income tax in his life. Another Haredi in the food business says he changes the "best before" dates on dairy products, so he doesn't have to throw out products. Merit? No, it is the Chilul Hashem of the so-called Haredim for which we are being punished. There is more merit in a pimp who gives Tzedaka (as per Gemara).
32. IRS photographers
Hershel Weiss ,   Jerusalem   (06.06.06)
Raiding a chessed organization. I am sure the IRS men feel fulfilled in their job and can sleep easily at night knowing that they are part of the national mission to destroy haredi society. Hopefully the camera they used to photograph the checks was taken from them.
33. #26
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.06.06)
"The reason you can read the Torah at all is because Men like me keep you safe from the butchers," Mmmm... Can you explain how people like him have been learning Torah before 1948 and people like you showed up on the scene?
34. Daniel (re #27)
Aviva ,   Tel Aviv   (06.06.06)
Daniel, you ask the question "isn't it enough that the rest of the world hates us?" I agree with you, it is more than enough. The rest of the world (there are many individuals who are not, but globally and historically....) is anti-semitic --they really don't like you, the haredim, and they are not fond of of my kind of Jew either. But let me turn the question and scenario around. Why do things that (wholly beside being against the teachings of the Torah) would bring even greater condemnation from the world at large and _even_ from other Jews? When Jews engage in behavior we, and the world, tends to associate with extremist and lunatic muslims this is not good. This is shameful --not just to the ones who are behaving this way (who tend to not have the good sense to feel shame for themselves) but to all Jews. When Jews behave in a criminal and out of control crazy manner they give the world even more reasons to hate us, all of us. In its discrimination, the world doesn't discriminate when it comes to Jews. Beyond that, Jews who are not haredi have been given many reasons to not be fond of those who are and every outrageous act such as the one today just adds more fuel to that dislike. There is a growing feeling that the haredim have more in common with extremist muslims than they do with Jews.
35. All Sectors, Including Arab, Need Same Vigorous Investigatio
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (06.06.06)
While this riot surely needs to be investigated, I would like to see the same vigorous investigation of all the Arab municipalities who fail to collect taxes. Fair is fair. Right?
36. "Boston Tea Party" by Charaidim!
yehuda ,   new york usa   (06.06.06)
Considering all the financial scandals among Isreal's top leadership over the years (small selection: Rabin's resignation over his and his wifes illeagal American Bank accounts, to the Sharon family scandals, the Peres and other labor illeagal foreign campaign "contribution" scandals, it's only malice that makes the tax department target Charedim. Chareidim were in Israel hundreds of years before the "aliyah bet" (who lived off foreign JNF donations, cheap arab labor, and later grew rich under government subsidies, while going bankrupt by high living at others expense), and will be there after the great-grandchildren of the kibutzniks, move to los angeles, intermarry, and lose any Jewish connection! If the govenment opposes the Chareidim, while supporting Arabs, the govenment will lose all legitimacy, and just become another hellenist group which will self-dissolve!
37. Armed guards
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.06.06)
Why weren't armed guards accompanying the tax people.We do it all the time in arab villages.I even escorted an arab that was turning of water in houses of people who did not pay their water bills.
38. Funny...
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.06.06)
If blacks were to riot, it would be considered racism to label all blacks as "this" or "that". However, when off-the-wall "Chareidim" riot, despite the opposition from the Chareidi leadership, suddenly ALL Chareidim are 'leeches' and 'don't pay taxes', etc...
39. It is not "very religious" to lie
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.06.06)
and to pretend a charity stablisment is a charity stablisment when it is a good business! It is not Kosher at all! And if they know how to make money,they should'nt receive from govt. an "extra" one. If they want to be religious,that's right,but let's re-define the word then. In my understanding they are not religious at all:they beat others;they cheat their "not that religious"brothers;they do not spread the Torah;they live selfishly; they are not contributing to finish criminality in the country,but instead are one of them,so...where is Religion in that?I don't see! They are spoiling the meaning of religion,in my view. Maybe they should be called to a conversation with all other Israelis in order to clear these very unclear points. They must change too,they must interact with the rest of the society!It is not possible keep this way for ever!
40. Dan,# 7
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.06.06)
I have just written a talk back without reading your point. I really don't know the extent of political intents on it,but I shall believe you too because what we have been seing from this government ,is really disgusting and deeply ANTI JEW . So,maybe you are right!
41. Haredim
Yakov shani ,   IL   (06.07.06)
seem to get very angry very quickly and at the slightest provocation resort to violence. We see it time and time again on a multitude of issues. Taking into account the level of violence portrayed by them I strongly suggest that The IDF recruit them into "special units", to be composed of haredim only. They will no doubt be exemplary soldiers displaying a high level of efficiency in dealing with Hamass and terrorists. Their reputation for ruthlessness and dedication to purpose and aim will be an added asset in the war on terror. With an M16 in one hand and The Torah in the other they would be a formidable foe.
42. #41 Yakov
Allan ,   Florida   (06.07.06)
Well said. Formidable indeed. If only it were possible for the IDF to recruit haredim into its ranks. It would certainly provide them with a sense of purpose and put them to good use defending the country. However, should Haredi recruitment be implemented Israel would be faced with yet more riots.
43. Yakov, I have to tell you I loved your picture
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.07.06)
and potential idea!
44. YNET, any names or documented charges?
Steve ,   USA   (06.07.06)
B"H Let us see. Anonyomous people are charged with anonymous crimes. Are there any names mentioned in the article with a sticking charge? None documented. Is there any charge filed against any individual? None documented. It is not just the disengagement police who are allow to beat people up without name tags. If there are no names and no charges, it is not proper to accuse population segments in the press of an undocumented crime. It requires some real journalism to figure out what is going on. More balance and better journalism, PLEASE, YNET! Where is that quality in this journalism?
45. Yakov
Moe Chile ,   London ,Canada   (06.07.06)
You certainly have a way of expressing ideas that would under different circumstances be seen as insulting or even rude. But your post about Haredim is as logical as they come. As with the countless other posts of yours which I have read, this one says it with tact and etiquite. Perhaps you should consider a career in authorship. I would be the first in line to purchase your books. Shalom aleichem Moe Chile
46. Blacks
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.06)
"Blacks seem to get very angry very quickly and at the slightest provocation resort to violence. We see it time and time again on a multitude of issues. Taking into account the level of violence portrayed by them I strongly suggest that The US recruit them into "special units", to be composed of haredim only. They will no doubt be exemplary soldiers displaying a high level of efficiency in dealing with Al Quada and terrorists. Their reputation for ruthlessness and dedication to purpose and aim will be an added asset in the war on terror. With an M16 in one hand and The Bible in the other they would be a formidable foe. " I'm sure many of you who liked Yakov's post, probably did not like the above statement. Something to think about...
47. US has taxpayer cheats too, illegal aliens. Charadi better.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (06.07.06)
48. # 42 43 45
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.07.06)
Thank you.
49. # 46 "Something to think about"
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.07.06)
you said. In order for me to ruminate and conclude in respect of another's thoughts, he must first put those thoughts to pen in a fashion which is open to comprehension, logical, reasonable and within the bounds of similarity to the pertinent subject. All these are lacking in your response.However, I have alloted limited time to your comment. One of the most spiritually uplifting periods in my life was during the civil rights campaign in the US of the late 50's and 60's.. I am Israeli and have never lived in America. MLK in my opinion was a giant of a man. This I have said in order to inform you of my mindset on this subject. Further, the KKK were and are a stain on humantiy, comparable to the stain of Nazism, both ineradicable. For me a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, color or leaning completely irrespective. I have some very fond memories of "black Jews" from my days in the army, national service 46 years ago and reserve service and various wars. I am truly sorry that the same can not be said of religious Jews. There is not one iota of sarcasm or cynicism in that statement. Further, I find distinct similarities between the growing trend of religious Jews in Israeli society of today to disengage themselves from the mainstream, and Alabama of yesteryear. Refusal to serve in the army is but one manifestation of this. It is only in recent years that the religious community has implemented certain demands which I find very distasteful and frankly, they make me very sad. Shops exclusively for women, buses exclusively for women or sections on buses, at the back only, for women. The religious leaders seem to have formed an ideaology of alienation as opposed to integration. Sectorial mindset as opposed to brotherhood. At every corner of life they seem to have the capability of arousing antagonism. My protestations against this are those of one man only. People seem to accept this with complacency, but not understanding, because it puts the whole concept of "kibutz galuyot" to derision and shame. This attitude of separatism did not exist 50 years ago in Israel and the sign of the times then was one of "esprit de corps". Equality in society is of cardinal importance to its very fabric. Equality both in privilege and obligation. The disabled, poor and feeble must be tended for and looked after with dignity, everybody else must be equal before the law and serve society for the good of the Nation, without reservations. In this there is no black and white, only Jew and Jew.
50. #22 Daniel, Go Study!
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.06)
"Rabban Gamliel son of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi said, Torah study is good alongside work, for efforts in both makes one forget sin and all Torah that has not with it work in the end will be nullified and cause sin. "(Avot 2:2)
51. On three things
yakov shani   (06.07.06)
the world stands. Some only remember two,
52. #49
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.06)
My point was not to compare problems that blacks have vs problems chareidim have. My point was that it is just as wrong of you and others to paint the entire chareidi community based off of a few hundred chareidi fools, as it is to paint the entire black community based off of a few hundred black fools.
53. #50 & #51
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.06)
While your statements are true, they are only true to a certain extent. If you look at the Beis Yosef in Hilchos Talmud Torah, you will see that the halacha is NOT always like that; and there are times when a person is allowed to even take tzedakkah to continue his full time learning (on the condition that he IS learning). That IS the halacha.
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