Papers: CIA concealed Eichmann whereabouts
Associated Press
Published: 07.06.06, 07:33
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1. The c.i.a. still works against Jews
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.07.06)
This third-rate outfit of baboons have not changed from the days when they were protecting nazi war criminals till today.They are a waste of time,money,manpower and most importantly security. Is there anyone out there that thinks the c.i.a. trades intelligence evenly with Israel?What about all the terrorists they trained in the p.a.? Who started to train the taliban and look what happened in afghanistan. They are a blot on the honor of the United States and the best thing to do would be to investigate them from the time they were the O.S.S. till the present.Who knows what they are doing today that will affect the future of the world and not for the better.
2. all the merit to Simon Wiesenthal
G. ,   Antwerp   (06.07.06)
It is a true shame to acknowledge that the CIA did not even think of cooperating with Israel or the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to trace the worst of all nazis and bring him (and others) to justice. How many more nazis may have lived quietly after WWII instead of being brought to justice. Israel would not survive without the USA and yet when it comes to bringing a nazi monster to Justice the CIA enters into sleeping mode. These contradictions makes me sick. What a crazy world we live in ! ! !
3. An American Intelligence Cover Up
Anthony David Marks ,   Tel Aviv   (06.07.06)
This 'new' information about American intelligence hiding valuable and wanted information is well documented in the book "Secret War against the Jews" which is reviewed on the Israel Hasbara Committee website under "Book Reviews"
4. Dump the U.S. and Al CIADA
Bin Laden are buddies too. Send them to hell.
5. CELEBRATING 9/11 at the FBI
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.07.06)
Celebrating 9/11 at the FBI By Paul Sperry | February 11, 2004 When linguist Sibel Dinez Edmonds showed up for her first day of work at the FBI, a week after the 9-11 attacks, she expected to find a somber atmosphere. Instead, she was offered cookies filled with dates from party bowls set out in the room where other Middle Eastern linguists with top-secret security clearance translate terror-related communications. She knew the dessert is customarily served in the Middle East at weddings, births and other celebrations, and asked what the happy occasion was. To her shock, she was told the Arab linguists were celebrating the terrorist attacks on America, as if they were some joyous event. Right in front of her supervisor, one translator cheered: "It's about time they got a taste of what they've been giving the Middle East."...
6. CIA
I complain about the CIA, because I think it is a scary organization. It is not the American way, using brutal tactics and secrecy. We are to overcome evil with good, not add to it.
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