Solar power station to be built in Negev
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.06.06, 10:09
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1. About time! Why import oil? Negev has sun.
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (06.07.06)
But don't stop there. Put solar panels on as many roofs as possible in Israel. Let Israelis sell power to IEC instead of the other way around. Generate peak power during peak heat hours. Build out the solar technology industry. On this one, Peres is absolutely right.
rpc ,   modiin   (06.07.06)
just about every home in Israel uses solar panels to heat water. This is so fantastic. I can't believe it has taken so long for something like this to happen, but I am not complaining. At least it's happening! THANK YOU Shimon Peres. Usually I can't stand you ;)
3. #1
J K ,   NYC, USA   (06.07.06)
Most places there seem to have solar panels, but I think they are for the 'dud shemesh' which heats up the water for baths and showers. I dont think they power everything yet, but I could be wrong. I am all for alternative energy sources. Payments for oil fuel the ideology that wants to wipe us off the earth. We should be doing everything humanly possible to wean ourselves off of it. Its the only way.
4. Direct energy from the Sun.
Raoul ,   Israel   (06.07.06)
What's taken us so long? It's about time we stunned the world like we did with the National Water Carrier way back when.
5. Great news!!!
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.07.06)
Aeolic(from the winds)energy could be explored too!
6. Per capita, Israel is Most Innovative Country in the World
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (06.07.06)
7. Letting the cat out of the bag
Steve ,   USA   (06.07.06)
B"H I'll let the cat out of the bag. That hot water heating that has been used so successfully in Israel to heat baths can also generate electricity! It is not just the big power companies that can access this technology. The residential customers can to. Plus properly fitted pannels (and these are not the sort that are typically on the market) can also be a barrier to missile attack. Sderot, invest in solar electricity generation! Do not just restrict this for Jordan!
8. Why let scum like Peres do it?
Antonio ,   Haifa   (06.07.06)
And why should it provide energy to Jordan? Cut off Jordanians, and make it 80% of Israeli electricity NOW!
9. cool
steve ,   springhill, israel   (06.08.06)
But how can we be sure the solar power will be used for strictly energy purposes? :)
10. #9 Hahahahahahahahaha
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (06.08.06)
you have a sense of humor
11. At last, a logical decision. Go solar!!
Pinko-Greenie ,   Sde Boker   (06.08.06)
Well done! The Negev has about 300 days per year of sunshine. It's about time we took advantage of it.
12. This is great!
petrus ,   flatsk√§ret,finland   (06.11.06)
I think this is a superduper idea.I dont think using oil will dissapaer in a long long time(and it wont go away totally)but projects like this will decrease the usage more and more and thats wonderful.Forces keeping oil hostage will in time not have that to lean on so much.What will happen then I wonder?More alternative energysources!
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