Ushpizin – soon the musical
Shagi Ben Noun
Published: 08.06.06, 12:48
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1. Is it a joke ?
Ezra ,   Canada   (06.08.06)
How a (not so good) habadnik rapper can sing breslev melodies ?
2. reply to number 1
Ari   (06.08.06)
Uh, anyone can sing any song. You don't need to be Breslov to sing their melodies... Anyway, I think Matisyahu's really good.
3. Matisyahu is NOT a rapper
Michael U ,   SF,California   (06.08.06)
Ezra, Have you ever even listened to Matisyahu? How could you make such a mistake... I have all of Matisyahus CD's and it was never considered RAP which in my opinion is CRAP. I hate rap music, but I love the Reggae and Hip-Hop which Matisyahu sings. I hope Matisyahu avoids ever being labeled as a rapper because most rappers cant sing and usually sing about crap.
4. king without crown, go matisyahu!
mustafa ,   turkey   (06.08.06)
5. #1
kate ,   england   (06.09.06)
Saw him perform here, does rock and boom box too; and having experience of actually being a father I'm sure he'll empathise with his character and play the protagonist very well.
6. Ushpizin is a natural for Matisyahu
Moe Chile ,   London, Canada   (06.10.06)
Matisyahu would do very well to play the leading role in this modern story about a couple of waywards and their unlikely hosts. Matisyahu is a wonderful performer and takes his judaism to heart. I would love to see this play if it comes to the Toronto area. By the way Matisyahu is in Toronto on Tuesday June 13 so all you in the T.O. area get out to the show and support this awesome example of what being a Jew is all about.
7. #1-u r a musical ignoramus
duvsh ,   tlv   (06.11.06)
since u obviously cant tell the diff between rap and regey. And u obviosly never listen to the words cause if u did-u would hear amazing stuff Mati sings. So shutup and go listen to whatever crap u listen to.
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