Female terrorist attacks fellow inmate
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 08.06.06, 22:50
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1. make her visit al zarqawi
gabriela ben ari   (06.08.06)
2. What kind of country-club prison is this?
howard ,   pacific cozst, usa   (06.08.06)
And this is the security wing, too, huh?
andrew ,   miami,fl   (06.08.06)
4. My! does she look horrible or what?
Hanna   (06.08.06)
5. Muna
Allan ,   Florida   (06.09.06)
Bring back the iron maiden and reacquaint her with her people's prefered method of rehabilitation.
6. We need the death penalty
It is time to give the death penalty to the terrorists in our jails
7. No. 3 you are a fool
8. Muna
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.09.06)
Lets watch how macho Muna will fare with the male terrorist prisoners in her new inviroment. We have no pity for her at all.
9. She could knock one of these sumo japanese unconcious - Pah
gabriela ben ari   (06.09.06)
10. sickening
mikey ,   new jersey   (06.09.06)
my my she has a head like a dog
11. prison mentality
mikey ,   new jersey   (06.09.06)
She really looks as thoug she belongs there, and her actions, a real class act, intimidating others. Thats why we have prisons for people like her. They should lock her up in a womens pen in the states and see who pushes who around then...
12. What an evil ugly monster!
Daisy ,   USA   (06.09.06)
13. Muna: Did anyone check her gender?
Sabientje ,   Weston, USA   (06.09.06)
She looks like a He/She version of a true hermaphrodite. Did anyone lift her burka to make sure it's not a he?
14. She is ugly outside and inside! Human waste!
Roger ,   USA   (06.09.06)
15. Ugly
Nachash Tsefah ,   Tel Aviv   (06.09.06)
How could this ugly creature seduce anyone? She looks like a real monster.
16. Give Her What She Deserves
This evil bitch belongs in solitary confinement.
17. munah
pierre ,   belgique   (06.09.06)
Unfortunately this happens all over the world,and in every prison ,But man,this female put the UG in UGLY,hehehehe;;;;;Do you think she will become one of the 72 virgins,,Given to those dumb,turds,who become "Martyres"???I sincerely hope she is one of them,Fortunatley the only sex she will ever get will be from a blown up,terrorist..uhhhgggg
18. Israel should have capital punishment
Brod ,   USA   (06.09.06)
Israel should have capital punishment for murderers and terrorists. This will stamp out the killers of humanity.
19. Wny did it take so long?
Karen R ,   Maryland   (06.11.06)
If this woman's behavior has been so negative for so long, why was she not transferred a long time ago? Evidently someone has not been doing his/her job.
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