Ambassador: Terror increased sympathy for Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.06.06, 13:46
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1. Sympathy?
Arie   (06.09.06)
Definitely not coupled with reality as one eurabian state after another surrenders to islamofascist terrorism
2. Read LONDONISTAN by Melanie Phillips to understand whatsup
Alan ,   SA   (06.09.06)
3. Is Israel supposed to be grateful to this awakening?
???   (06.09.06)
Europe has only gotten a taste of what Israel has had to put up with.
4. Algerian Pres IMMIGRANTS Coming NOTas FRIENDS but to CONQUER
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.09.06)
“In 1974 [Algerian President] Boumedienne, spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nations: ‘One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.’ ”
5. And Javier Solana - does he love Israel now too
andrew ,   miami,fl   (06.09.06)
this is the one guy who I see constantly working against israel at every turn - the sooner he is out - the better
6. To number 4
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (06.09.06)
Algeria is in the northern hemisphere. Are you sure to have understood correctly. There are many misconceptions sometimes.
7. Linda# 4,I didn´t understand what you mean.
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.09.06)
Could you explain? Thanks,
8. The ambassador must be very naive
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (06.09.06)
I know he has to be diplomatic to the Europeans but does he have to be so naive? There is no increased sympathy for Israel whatsoever in the EU. The terrorist attacks in Madrid and London are seen in a completely different light to terrorism against Israel, which the EU continues to fund and support. Europe will never wake up until it experiences what Israel suffers.
9. good news but..
Ramzi   (06.09.06)
Israel should make peace with their neighbours. As history has shown Muslim is jews best friend whetever it's defending jews against European crusades or lastly against nazis. Also jews in middle east are far better treated than in Europe! So take a look out the window and make peace with your muslim brothers..
10. I dont see Eurabia waking up before its too late.
David ,   Boston, USA   (06.09.06)
While there may be pockets that are more supportive to Israel now, in general, Eurabia is as anti-semitic now as it ever was. It will only get worse as the Eurabian population becomes more Islamic. Europeans will blame Israel of course, but they will be doomed by their own hate and ignorance. Europe NEVER learns from its mistakes. This WW will cost them more than most WWs.
11. To keren
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.09.06)
This was the statement made by the Algerian president at the United Nations regarding Muslim immigrants coming to our nations to conquer. Muslims have never made a secret of the fact that they want to rule the entire world.
12. Europe SUBSERVIENT to ISLAM. Destined to be ISLAMIC?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.09.06)
In response to the European occupation of Europe by Europeans, is the EU planning to initiate a peace process and offer Muslims half of Europe? Will the EU, following the Palestinian Authority model; finance, arm and train Muslim terrorist organizations, declaring it is a necessary requirement for the internal security of European Muslim territories? Eurabian Nightmares By Andrew G. Bostom | March 13, 2006 While Europe Slept chronicles Bawer's personal encounter with Europe's ongoing Islamization since late 1998... France is already 12% Muslim and Switzerland 20%... Already, in most of Western Europe, 16 to 20 percent of children are Muslims...within a couple of generations many [Western European] countries will have Muslim majorities. ...a Danish Muslim leader, typical of many European imams, declared triumphally in 2000, “Muslims have a dream of living in an Islamic society…This dream will surely be fulfilled in Denmark…We will eventually be a majority”. And such demography is already destiny in Islamic satellite colonies interspersed throughout Western Europe where demands for sovereignty began well before the recent Muslim intifada in France this past fall, 2005. In France, a public official met with an imam at the edge of Roubaix's Muslim district out of respect for his declaration of the neighborhood as Islamic territory to which she had no right of access. In Britain, imams have pressed the government to officially designate certain areas of Bradford as being under Muslim, not British, law. In Denmark, Muslim leaders have sought the same kind of control over parts of Copenhagen. And in Belgium, Muslims living in the Brussels neighborhood of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek already view it not as part of Belgium but as an area under Islamic jurisdiction in which Belgians are not welcome. These burgeoning Muslim communities are also consuming disproportionate amounts of state sponsored welfare benefits. For example, Danish Muslims comprise 5% of the population, yet they receive 40% of the governmental outlays... ...the social workers themselves are often tyrannized by their Muslim clients. Bawer describes the chilling situation in Denmark: Some clients lay waste to social security offices and hit social workers... Bawer further documents how Norwegian (Oslo) imams preach brazenly that Muslims should expect such welfare benefits-and feel justified in supplementing them by stealing from stores-as a form of jizya* extracted from their infidel "host" societies-societies that have not yet accepted their requisite subservience to Islamic Law!
13. Linda,thanks.
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.09.06)
14. This fascist has no idea what Europeans think
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.09.06)
This Apartheid-Israel fascist has no influence and no idea of how Europeans think and believe. Europe is doing quite fine and we love our multi-culturalism. In Europe people of every race and religion live together in harmony. And we're proud of that. We don't need some Apartheid-Racist coming over here, spreading his vulgar hatred against Muslims. What we need to do his have him arrested for being part of the criminal Apartheid-Israel government!
15. The anti-Semitic Euros will never get it unless they suffer
Roger ,   USA   (06.09.06)
16. to #6
jennifer ,   tel Aviv   (06.09.06)
Linda didn't say Algeria was in the northern hemisphere, she said the people of algeria (being in the southern) will burst into the northern hempisphere .i.e will come to Europe.
17. Linda i would call it SociaIslam
Alen   (06.09.06)
i'ts peaceful version of Islam practiced by Europeans. There's already many who follow this EuroIslam! There's nothing wrong with it.
18. #14
Jane   (06.09.06)
What we need to do is get you a frontal lobotomy. See how much good multiculturalism and harmony did for New York. Vulgar hatred against Muslims? I beg your pardon? Where is your voice when Jew-hatred is spewed from every mosque? Oh, right. They're just parroting your thoughts. Your head is so far down in the sand that you will be suffocating shortly.
19. Ellen you are so funny lol
20. Mr Ambassador, are you being ironic?
DPC ,   England, UK   (06.09.06)
"European countries have told the Muslims 'no more.' " ..... Rubbish! This statement is entirely false, even laughable. "awareness among European countries regarding a possibility of a "Muslim intifada" in European cities. "........another ridiculous comment. There is no recognition that an intifada ever took place, let alone an awareness of a future one. Some advice to the ambassador: hit your head on a wall a few more times and it might reverse your problem.
21. To Ramzi No. 9
Boris   (06.09.06)
Muslims have always been Jew's friends? Yes, at times they have been able to coexist but I hardly believe that you can honestly expect the Jews in Israel to throw down all defenses and make friends with their neighbors, most of whom openly call for the destruction of Israel. Also, look at Egypt and the "peace treaty" that exists between that predominantly Muslim nation and Israel, yet Egypt has become one of the leading players in global anti-semitism (and I mean Jews by that), not on the state level, but precisely those Muslims which you speak of as being such great friends of Jews. Wake up.
22. # 14
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.09.06)
You are truly a vulgar disgusting person, not worthy of dialogue.
23. To all Jew haters
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.09.06)
6 million, remember. This is our homeland. Go take a hike, all of you, a long one.
24. To #16
Mikulas ,   Bratislava, Slovakia   (06.09.06)
How can the poeple of Algeria be in the southern hemisphere when Algeria is in the northern one? Allow me to be doubtful of rumours and orchestrated information.
25. To ellen of hamasastan#14
PatriotUSA ,   Redmond, Oregon   (06.09.06)
You are a true racist and spawner of hate! Some professor you are. I bet you do not miss a chance to poison minds whenever you get the chance to spill your filthy hatred of Jews and Israel. Six million of us are gone and we will not forget and it your kind that will keep us fighting forever to be free and to be able to live in peace. You can have you european muliticulturalism and so call peace and harmony. Load your hookah or whatever it is called and go smoke with your buddies in gazastan. Too bad you were not killed along with that head terroist scum in Iraq. You are one and the same. Put on your burkah and go to hell.
26. #14
avi ,   israel   (06.09.06)
Cretinoid, I have already advised you to seek psychiatric help. By the way, what are you doing on an Israeli site?! Go to Al Kaeda, that's your true place.
27. ellen( suprising)
jason ,   usa   (06.10.06)
the Europe countrys KNOWs the pain in israel and how it feels to get bomb and israel has to live in it
28. #14 Ellen, the English Fascist
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.10.06)
The Israeli Ambassador said nothing vulgar against Muslims. Why are you so eager to silence and boycott anything Israeli? What are you afraid of Ellen? Go have a cup of tea and chill out before your hatred devours you.
29. The Ambassador is delusional
Louis ,   New Jersey, USA   (06.10.06)
if he thinks Europe has any sympathy at all for Israel. Europe doesn't have any sympathy for Jews -- even dead ones. All their Holocaust remembrance ceremonies are nothing but a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrisy.
30. Dear Ellen Prescott
jason ,   usa   (06.10.06)
Dear ellen prescott i knowtice when i email you never talk back and For such a "educated" person you may think you are you dont like to read articels this is from Global terror on "UK site: can we save a dying infidel? and its on THIS website Quote:A man who wrote in to say he was offended by posters put up by the group in east London was told in response: "The way to better British society is to remove all the British values and to teach the people the Islamic values. If it wasn't for the man-made way of life in britain, we would never have seen such high levels of crime, rape, alcoholism, homosexuality, adultery, theft, burglary, exploitation and terrorism in the UK and the world today! Rather we must continue to struggle and change the British way of life and introduce and teach the Islamic values to all, so that all the people in Britain can flourish." Members with usernames such as Zarqawi, and the base (al-Qaeda) continue to fill English-speaking Islamist forums with jihad rhetoric.
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