US approves annual aid to Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 10.06.06, 10:50
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1. Why is USA giving aid to Egypt?
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (06.10.06)
The massive build up of arms by Egypt has only one objective, namely a future invasion of Israel.
2. The US is paying bribes to maintain stability in the area
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (06.10.06)
Thats why, they are giving aid to Egypt, Larry.
3. Disgraceful
Jeremiah ,   USA   (06.10.06)
My tax dollars are going to support the occupation and colonization of th west bank. That would be bad enough, but then Israel turns around and breaks its promises and restrictions on expanding the colonization and on the use of military helicopters. And the U.S. leadership is too intimidated by the power of AIPAC to do anything.
4. The US is complicit in Israel's war crimes
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.10.06)
Why does Israel - a rich, first world nation - even need US aid? Why does Israel receive more aid than all of Black Africa? In the US, Food Stamps programmes were cut by 5 billion. Poor Americans' food money is going to Israel - a rich country. American politicians are controlled by the Israel lobby.
5. #4
Jane   (06.10.06)
We are not a rich country. The monies that the US gives us, besides being greatly offset by what Israel gives the US, are used to defend ourselves against the terrorism that you aid and abet, you piece of crap.
6. Disgraceful
Jane   (06.10.06)
You are disgraceful, Jeremiah. Your problem would appear to be with the fact that we are succeeding in our fight for survival. Your kind would be far happier if there were another 6 million dead Jews. So sorry that we refuse to comply with your wish for our demise.
7. write in and complain about ellen
8. The US is complicit in Israel's war crimes
Not Ellen ,   Elsewhere from Ellen   (06.10.06)
#7, you want to write in to boycott an opinion? censorship is the last refuge of those disabled by the truth. what truth needs law to support it?
9. Disgraceful
Foley ,   Manchester UK   (06.10.06)
#6. You are disgraceful Jane. How can you equate militarty occupasion with the Holocaust. You dishour your own dead when you drag them to suit your political games. Israel has occupied other people's land since 1967. It has no moral high ground to preach anything nor to play the victim. International community has repeatedly demanded that it hands backs west bank and Gaza. Terrorists organisation like Hamas won because Israeli stupidity. Unless there is a complete withdrawal fro occupied territories, more and more extremists will emerge to fight to Israel. Some of the blame for that lies with people like Jane.
10. Why?
HWest ,   USA   (06.11.06)
Why should anyone write and complain about Ellen? Because YOU don't agree with what she has to say? I too, would like to know why so much of our US tax dollars is going to fund other governemtns while our own go without and a $3 trillion dollar is going to be passed to the next generation. Tell me it is to ensure a strategic location in the event of world conflict, tell me anything, but don't tell me it's because Israel is our friend. If it's friendship that people want, let them contribute with their own personal slush fund.
11. #9
Jane   (06.11.06)
Listen, Foley, you Brit hypocrite, we have all the moral high ground in the world, having offered repeatedly to exchange land for peace. You freaking get the hell out of Northern Ireland. How dare you freaking British think you have the right to preach to us, when it was your freaking White Paper that cost thousands of Jews their lives. I don't give a damn what you say. Look what you did to India, look what you continue to do to Ireland, look what you did to us, look what you did in every land where you thumped your hob-nailed boots. Your claims of civility and superior humanity are the bullshit on which your former empire thrives - but it is all superficial, Foley. They world knows you all for what you are.
12. US Aid
Eric ,   QLD, Australia   (06.11.06)
One can always pick a Jewish response to virtually any subject, namecalling, vile language, delusion, and the inherent right to commit any crime against any people are prevelent I am not anti-semetic, the facts of the matter are no secret, and history cannot be changed. If one fails to learn from history then one is doomed to repeat it . What worries me most about the attitude of the Israelis is that their troublemaking and anti-social behaviour will bring apon them a holocaust, the gravity of which will render the WW2 attrocitiies, by comparison, insignificant! Why is it, do you think, these people were "given" Palestine by the British Conquerers in 1948? Firstly, it is indicated that no-one in the civilised world wanted them as neighbours or in their country in any numbers, secondly because of the "location, location, location" , that alone speaks volumes! These people, the history books tell, have been chased out of every country they have tried to make a home of, this is not, one would imagine, as a result of them being a nice people?
13. #4
jason ,   usa   (06.11.06)
USA has a VER VERY strong friendship after israel was made as a country if you hate US so much move to gaza
14. #1
jason ,   usa   (06.11.06)
you need to do some history israel beated egypt in 6 days! a world record in morden war time egypt has already made peace with israel
15. #6 and #11
Josh ,   USA   (06.11.06)
I find it quite funny that you guys ALWAYS turn to history whenever you "try" to make a point, but in reality you just sound like whiny snots. #6-jeremiah never said ANYTHING about the holocaust and your first defense is to turn to that. If you can't refute his evidence without turning to your trump card, don't even jump into the lion's den, cause frankily we're all(Americans) are getting sick and tired of hearing it. You guys really are digging yourselves a hole here, but thats been your tendency as long as you've been a people. I got nothing against ANYBODY, but when every armed service person signs up for the military in the USA they take an oath to protect against "ALL enemies foreign and domestic" and when I have wars started to protect a country that we should just leave the hell alone, it really gets people mad. No holocaust bull, no anti-semite bull, straight up-we know that Iraq was about Jewish interests, and now we are ready to go into Iran??? How many "goyim" do you have to send to their deaths before your complacent? I deal with evidence and facts, so if you can enlighten me into why we(the US) is giving Israel more money than any other nation in the world, when I can think of FAR needier recipients(Sudan, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Liberia the list could GO ON AND ON) Please, enlighten me.
16. AIPAC Controls US
Jack ,   US   (06.11.06)
No one gets elected without swearing allegience to Israeli Zionism. If an elected official doesn't tow the Zionist line, AIPAC targets them for defeat in the next election. Israel completely runs US foreign policy. Ask yourself--who has benefitted by the US destruction of Iraq? Who will benefit from a US attack of Iran?
17. beated
reez ,   usa   (06.12.06)
Israel "beated" Egypt? Maybe you should have stayed in school a little longer Jason. And move to Israel if you love it so much. We (USA) don't need you.
18. US Aid
Eric ,   Australia   (06.12.06)
One must ponder what are the real reasons behind all that aid to Israel, especially given that Israel is constantly stabbing their benefactors in the throat via arms sales to China and other enemies of the US, numerous spying scandals etc. etc. etc. Is it possible that the US and others turn a blind eye and offer bilions in aid in the hope that they can make Israel such a safe, wonderful place to live that all the Jews of the world will want to live there? The only problem with their plan is that the Israeli's themselves give reason for the entire region to despise them and the rest of the world to distance themselves from them due to their violent , provocative and anti-social practices. One argument constantly put across is "We have 200+ nukes, who is going to mess with us?" What people fail to understand (including the US) is that having a nuclear arsenal does not make one safer, it makes one a target, and as Israel has discovered it forces ones neighbours and enemies to strive for nuclear weapons also, they would be fools not to? If one lives in a glass house, it is not wise to throw stones! Dont worry!!! if the US or Israel strikes at Irans nuclear infrastructure, Iran will retalliate, either with their own nukes, or ones supplied by.......their friends........who also have a stake in the region! In that eventuality we may as well all stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye!
19. cut the Bull Israel
Ryan r ,   Windsor   (06.12.06)
Why are my tax dollars going to pay for an illegal occupation of a foreign nation? Do jews have the moral high ground to use my tax dollars to oppress their enemies because millions of jews were killed 60 years ago? What about the 50 million non-jews that were killed in WWII. Should they get a cut of my tax dollars too?
20. More Disgrace
Foley ,   Manchester UK   (06.12.06)
If the Israeli government thinks like people of Jane's mentality, then they will face far greater problems than they are presently facing at hands of groups like Hamas. Why can't Israeli simply withdraw from the lands it had taken 40 years ago. When it decides to end occupation,. than I am sure the terror and resistence will also end. Does Jane;s puny little brain not realise that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. Its time to end illegal occupation. Its time to end immoral Jewish settlements in West Bank.
21. Wow, I'm actually getting sick
Goshka ,   New York, USA   (06.12.06)
This is amazing. Simply amazing. All of these consipracies that Jews are running the world, that Jews are hated by everyone for a reason, etc..etc... Seems kinda familiar no? As far as comments against the Holocaust, Arabs want us dead. Plain and simple. You think otherwise, find ONE...ONE!!! Public comment in support of ANY Jew (that is not related to something anti-Israeli, of course) by ANY Arab official cited by a reputabile source (Al-Jazeera does not count) and then you'll have a point. You won't find such evidence. Why does the US give so much of MY money in (I do pay taxes like the rest of us working people)? It's simple: Israeli is worth it. Look around you, all of the advanced technology that you currently use to lambast jews and Israel (your computer, cell phone, etc...) were INVENTED in Israel. Check the pantents. You think the US is stupid enough to discard a nation with the highest number of scientific publications per capita of any nation on the face of the Earth? And as far as the "occupation" is concerned, the Palestinian people did not technically exist until around 1967. Name one article that names them, name one charter from before then that names then and you'll have a point. But you won't be able to, INTERESTING. It's only an occupation because Israel doesn't want to control areas with foriegn nationals. Otherwise why not annex them? And it's perfectly legal for Israel to have that land at any rate! It won it in a WAR. You know, that thing where Britian conquered much of the planet, the US took California and the west coast, really, from Mexico. You know, all that good stuff. What's more is that Israel has never and will never call for the destruction of the Palestinians (if you can even call them that, seriously, find me some hard evidence of a cultural/genetic/ANY difference between them and other Arabs of the region, back it up with hard evidence, words are useless and anti-semites loooooooooooooooooove them way too much) whereas the Palestinians call for the destruction of Israel basically every day. And no, they are not the result of any tactics by Israel. They are the result of Israel's existence. Israel was ATTACKED on its first day and won. Arabs HATE that fact more than anything else. And their consistent loss to Israel is nothing more than humiliating. Lets fact it, population size and simple geography give any Arab nation an advantage over Israel. Gaza was disengaged and look at it now. Instead of using it as a model for future Palestinian statehood they turned it into a giant rocket launching pad! I can predict that future responses to this will include something about human rights or whatever. What about Israeli rights? Like existing. And as far as human rights violations by Israel, they're mere fabrications at best. Israel has one of the highest standards of human rights and this is evident in the media. You can criticise Israel freely, no one will arrest you. I DARE anyone of you to go into Gaza or the West Bank and say something anti-Palestinian, they'll tear you to shreds (case in point: Muslim characatures. Holocaust characatures are, though in very poor taste and offensive, allowed in Israel HMMMM!!!). The Palestinians have no clear case and their supporters are virulent anti-semites. Name one that isn't, name one. Give me his credentials and I guarantee you'll be someone anti-semitic. Anti-zionism, anti-Israel and anti-semsitism are SYNONYMS. Who ever responds to this, please be careful in your language, although I'm fairly sure it will be something expressing your latent, or possibly perfectly expressed, anti-jewish sentiments. Prove me wrong.
22. #21
A ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.12.06)
Wow. The sarcasm, the barely disguised hatred, the condescension, the "we're better than everyone else, but we don't rule the world", the "we're so tolerant, but those Arabs never do anything good, "the "we do nothing wrong, but everyone's out to get us," and the "go ahead and make your arguments, but you're wrong and stupid." Yup, it's all there. Thanks for proving the anti-Semite point.
23. erf
Goshka ,   New York, USA   (06.13.06)
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. One sees what one wishes to see and nothing more. The prism of your own consciousness precludes any form of comprehension with regard to anything that ANY Jew says. Maybe you should give up all of your advanced tech and go live amongst your fellow arabs, eh? (and yes Israelis are INCREDIBLY compassionate, I cannot name a single country which would have allowed for the Palestinians to exist. The British didn't exactly want the Natives of America to exist and had no problem killing them. Stalin THOUGHT that the Georgians were plotting something or other and just slaughtered them. Come now, Israel is the nicest country on the planet when you look at the FACTS. Which you won't. )
24. The Nicest Nation? Bwa Ha Ha
Moka turnin ,   boston USA   (06.13.06)
Israel has no strategic value to the US anymore. It is a parasite that continually drags our country into the retribution-fueled morass that is the Middle East. Only someone who values Israel over America can claim the US receives any tangible benefit for its billions spent yearly on this miserable, godforsaken sandpit. ONLY Israel and our enemies benefit from this alliance. Please, the propaganda is disgusting, how can you say with a straight face that the US gains anything from this country who sells weapon tech to China and spies on America with a rapacious hunger for ever more secrets, weapons, and money. Wake up America, you can't all be this stupid now can you?
25. U.S. Aid to Israel
One of us ,   U.K.   (06.13.06)
26. Aid to Israel is stealing from America.
Jeremy ,   USA   (06.13.06)
ssia ...and to Goshka: lighten up, man. All religions are the same, and they're all wrong. Only the simple-minded need organized religion to tell them how to live their lives and to give it meaning.
27. Ummm
Goshka ,   New York, USA   (06.15.06)
Other than anti-semitic garbage, no one really addressed anything that I spoke of. Interesting and yet predictable. The fact remains that all of US biomedical technology has roots in Israel. Many products that are used in research labds are from Israel. Only a layman would dare claim that the US gains nothing from its relationship with Israel. Your computer was developed in Israel for crying out loud! And it's not necessarily propaganda if you can look up the patents ( go a head, check it out for yourself. And as for the last post, dude, wake up, no one is talking about Religion here. This is strictly cultural.
28. to Goshka
Jack ,   Australia   (06.15.06)
What do you mean by anti semitic that you use so frequently? And why are your comments not truthful and balanced?
29. Gosh ka
Eric Hallforde ,   Australia   (06.15.06)
Dear Goshka, if Israel is such a fantastic place ("nicest country on the planet") with so many good attributes then.....................why do you live in New York, USA and not there? I hate to have to correct you but Australia actually leads the world in many critical areas of biomedical technology, particularly with regard to IVF, vaccines, cancer research etc, infact two Aussie guys won the Nobel Prize this year for their discoveries. I think you may have biomedical technologies confused with bio-weapons technologies? I am sure Israel leads the world in those areas as they are constantly being caught spying on and stealing stuff from the US relating to a variety of weapons technologies. Let us discuss some well known home grown Israeli tecnologies such as the Merkerva Tank and the Lavi Jet Fighter? Both are a source of embarrassment to the Israeli's as they are both laughable lemons! I wont bother looking up the patents for them ??
30. Yo
Goshka ,   New York, USA   (06.16.06)
Of course I'm going to move there. Why I am in New York has nothing to do with anything. But you are kinda wrong. Why do I know you're wrong? I'm in the field! I know first hand! And as for Nobel Prizes, how many Israeli's won them for stem cell research? How many surgical techniques were developed in Israel? How many therapeutic techniques were developed in Israel? How many Israeli technologies are used around the world? How many biochemical products have huge labels "MADE IN ISRAEL?" Want a number? And FYI, Merkava is an excellent tank series, but that's not what's important. And for the record, Cancer Research has ALWAYS been led by and always will be led by New York's "Research Corridor." Look it up, best in the world. And my posts are fair and balanced. I make a statement, there is much evidence to back it up and zero evidence to the contrary. If you wish to contest anything that I say put up a link. That's all. Show proof. Cite a book. Good stuff like that.
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