PM's daughter protests Gaza killings
Avi Cohen
Published: 10.06.06, 21:07
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1. Dana Olmert
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.10.06)
good for her ! good to know that the apple has been able to distance itself from the tree
3. At least you see...
Drew ,   USA   (06.10.06)
Jews protesting civilian deaths. What the IDF did was wrong, no matter how you look at it. When Israeli children are killed by Palestinians, how come there aren't any demonstrations by Palestinians to stop killing innocent civilians? It seems like they celebrate instead....
4. DANA: Forgot about the orphan from Sabarro massacre so fast?
pongo   (06.10.06)
"How may years ago??? 4-or so? 5 memebers of a family (originated in Holland), and can't remember their long last name, were massacred, at sabarro Jerusalem. NOT OUT OF DEFENCE, like IDF needs to do, just out of Jihad. DANA and company of bastard homos, lesbians like you, and leftists, DID YOU BOTHER THEN TO SHOUT IN FRONT OF GOVERNMENT OFFICES TO AVENGE THEIR BLOOD?????? I'm sure your hate for jews stopped you from justice GET LOST BASTARDS
5. Protesters are wrong
Lonnie ,   Tonawanda, U.S.A.   (06.10.06)
Have any of the protesters attacking the Israeli government over the tragic death of 7 civilians in Gaza ever protested the nearly daily Kassem rocket strikes on Israeli border towns or the suicide bombings by Hamas and other Arab terrorist groups? How can they hate their own people so much?
6. Guilt Trip
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.10.06)
The Extremist Left Jew is so eaten up with guilt for living and being Jewsih that he attacks his own with extreme speed and depravity. We all know it was unintentional and the the Palestinais always fire their Kasems and homicide bombs with INTENTIONAL & UN-APOLOGETIC ZEAL at Jewish towns and families and women and children. Any yet the guilt ridden self loathing Jews of the extremist left never march against this BLATANT and OVERT terrorism of the jihadists. Proving without a doubt that the left are mentally derranged and pathologically sick and psychotic mad souls.
7. Dana Olmert: An Israeli Hero
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.10.06)
Bless all of the other Israelis who protested the war-crime-massacre of a poor Palestinian family. You are Israelis who will actually bring peace to the region. I admire your courage.
8. Dana Olmert should not abuse her name
For Shame   (06.10.06)
Israel kills by accident. The terrorists by intention. Dana should not use her name for political purposes. Her support of leftist causes is not individual support but has anti-governmental and anti-israeli ramifications due to the ability of the enemies of israel to exploit her protest. nuances of supporting israel and disapproving of an accidental strike against civilians are lost to these enemies. olmert should control his daughter and she should be ashamed of herself.
9. Traitors
Avraham ,   Netivot   (06.10.06)
When these assholes start condemming the slaughter of innocent Israeli's? There is no such thing as "innocent palestinian.
10. communist rats
11. Hamas lovers
12. what a shame!!!!
stephane ,   france   (06.10.06)
i'm a normal jew(from the right),and i HATE leftists.they are a shame for the jewish people and for can they demonstrate in front of halutz house calling him a "murderer" and that "intifada should prevail" !? what do they think?? that idf intentionally killed childrens?? why do they give this pleasure to antisemits like the dirty talkbacker ellen prescott ? we r full of ennemies and it's a huge pleasure for them to see those traitors calling halutz a murderer.and what a shame for olmert to have a traitor daughter who shows up in the demonstration! we know where it comes from...aliza,ehud's wife she's a big we can understand why ehud he's loosing his balls...the right in israel must react and go by thousands in front of halutz house to show them dear brothers in israel,beware of leftist,they're very bad for the country;and abroad,they cause a big damage to the name of israel.their coward behaviour will only encourage the terrorists to go on.
13. "the intifada shall prevail..." ?????
Jason ,   TA   (06.10.06)
WHAT??? Protesting the accidental killing of civilians is one thing. But promoting the intifada....??? This is treason....I hope Mr Olmert spanks his daughter Live on Channel 10
14. How many palestinians protest
Jaques ,   Zacatecas, Mexico   (06.10.06)
when one of their own murderers blows himself up in a mall or a restaurant? Are these not innocent victims because they have expendable jewish blood.? Dana Olmert are you like Mary Cheney? Hypocrite blind daughter of an elected official?
gabriela ben ari   (06.10.06)
16. Another Rachel Giora
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (06.10.06)
Dana Did you participate in demonstrations after jews were massacred? Did you go to Sderot to show support for your stressed folk? I'm sure you didn't, don't care and will do nothing to benefit Israel
17. Despicable
Ari   (06.10.06)
Truly despicable, like her father who is "tired of winning, and her mother who is a left wing shalom achshav extremist, and her brothers who didnt serve in zahal and made yerida. this family is a disease onto the state of Israel.
18. the p.m. should have adopted children
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.10.06)
I hope we do not pay for a bodyguard for her.Let her get one from ham-ass!
19. OLmert's Women WANT The Enemy to Win!
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (06.10.06)
Dana Olmert needs an object lesson from her Arab brethren. Any suggestions? No wonder Olmert has such a defeatist national security policy." We are tired of fighting, we are tired of winning." He is living with women who scream LONG LIVE THE INTIFADA. I wonder - will the security forces pick her up and question her for incitement? They are always rounding up right wing 'inciters' who are trying to save Jewish life. As a matter of record, Jewish nationalist Nadia Matar is going on trial for INSULTING a public official. Doesn't screaming LONG LIVE THE INTIFADA warrant a public trial?? Dana, like her mother Aliza (the apple surely doesn't fall from from the tree) and their cohorts place no value on Jewish death. Disgraceful doesn't even begin to describe it.
20. Surprise
Daavid ,   USA / ISRAEL   (06.10.06)
I am surprise that mr Olmert's wife was not there. If they were Settlers they would have used clubs on them. A soldier was dismissed for not shaking Halutz's hand and those who call him a criminal are allowed to parade.Mr Olmert is useless
21. If i was Olmert
gil ,   ashkelon   (06.10.06)
Either I apologize publicly for the stupid daughter wanting enemies victory or I resign from PM office,wich imply defense of my Country. Nevertheless,shame on you Mr Olmert for the way you educated your chidren.
22. Ellen Prescott , Southsea, Hampshire
does not live in Southsea, hampshire pure and simple fraud
23. Kul kavod Dana
Guest ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (06.10.06)
24. Leftists
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.10.06)
Its very simple these leftists are not Jews. They should all be arrested as traitors and expelled to live in Gaza where they will be happy
25. OLMert must not be silent for new kassam attacks
26. Olmert is a curse on Israel!
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.10.06)
He is her father and he aprobes it! And sorry to all that may not like what I am about to say: Sharon was a curse to Israel as well as Rabin ,and all those who sold Israel to Oslo road map are too. Thy sold something that does~´t belong to them but for Gód;they sold Israel´s Land and Israel´s People,and are getting high profits for them selves out of it! They will pay one by one! Rabin payed,Sharom payed and Olmert will pay still much more. I was reflecting about Yigal Amir,and I am thinking he is an Hero(I am not entering in the merit of Rabin´s dead)because he previwed what was about to happen to Isarel and wanted to fight against it. And I completly agree he is a political prisioner ,nowadays,in the hands of these thugs that are in charge for Israel!
27. intifada shall prevail? simply traitors in our midst
Yisraeli   (06.10.06)
28. Leftists are counterproductive to Israel
Brod   (06.10.06)
The PM's daughter should not be out there with the loose canon-the leftists who do not know the history and the Holy Bible of the Jewish people. They are counterproductive to the security and interests of Israel. They play right into the hands of the enemies of Israel. To the leftists, I would urge you to know the challenges that Israel is facing. Your enemies are determined to wipe off Israel. It is in their Charter. Know the existential threat that Israel is facing from a fanatical Islamist regime that is feverishly working on their nukes to enable them to carry out their evil plan. And if you claim to be Jewish, you should start knowing the history and the Holy Bible of the Jewish people. Know the history of the Middle East conflict from ancient time to modern. You can get this by reading a brilliant book entitled "Everlasting HATRED: The Roots of Jihad" by Hal Lindsey. And know the nature of your enemies by reading a brilliant book entitled "Leaving Islam" edited by Ibn Warraq and see their related website:
29. Export the naive protestor to Ramallah
Bill ,   USA   (06.10.06)
Let them protest the Palestinian Arab crimes!
30. I wonder why do they protest in north Tel Aviv
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (06.10.06)
Why dont they protest at the security minister's house in Sderot (can they even find Sderot on the map?), oh, I forgot, the Palestinians shoot rockets there, its dangerous, besides, its full of Marrocans and Ethiopians.
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