PM's daughter protests Gaza killings
Avi Cohen
Published: 10.06.06, 21:07
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61. what about your own people??? or is our blood cheaper?
eli ,   Israel   (06.11.06)
62. Dana
Rami ,   Rananna   (06.11.06)
Another screwed up jewish girl full of s__t. Poor Dana. She needs help. Didnt Daddy love you enough ?
63. How many children ...
Huang Li ,   Rehovot   (06.11.06)
... will Olmert's daughter and all her Israel-bashing friends have? How many children does the average traditional-Jewish mother have? How many children does the average ultra-orthodox mother have? If you want to know what Israel will look like in fifty years from now, go to a large maternity hospital in any place in Israel and count.
64. congrtulations Halutz. Continue to fight the PLO Amalek!
Yehuda Maccabbee ,   Modi'in   (06.11.06)
65. Hope she protests for the Jewish Victims as well
Annie ,   Ofarim, Israel   (06.11.06)
But, I guess that's too much to ask for. It's always tragic when civilians/children die. It's not supposed to happen. But, we're in a war that was imposed on us by the Palestinians. In a war, people die. The Palestinians want to murder my children, my family, me and my people. In contrast, the civilian deaths on their side are because my country is defending itself. Dana Olmert, shame on you.
66. #13 "I hope Mr Olmert...
Kevo ,   Miami, USA   (06.11.06)
...spanks his daughter Live on Channel 10." Kinky!
67. Ms Olmert
Ben ,   Givatiam   (06.11.06)
Dana, and the rest of the protesters need to realize, that if the suicide bombings start up again, they will also be targets. Unless they (Dana and the protesters) are friends of the bombers. If the intifada prevails, Dana, her protester friends, and her family will all be victims. Dana and her friends need to think.
68. The Anit-Israel Olmerts..
marya ,   sacramento   (06.11.06)
Daddy Olmert love to transfer Jews Mama Olmert harangues the IDF at checkpoints with her broomstick and pointy hat... Dana Olmert takes to the streets to distance herself from the dirty Jews And both sons run, run, run away from Israel lest they be made to fight for that sh*tty little State...
69. Dana and Ellen Prescott
marya ,   sacramento usa   (06.11.06)
Should get in line for their burka and FGM.... both are meaningless twaddle
70. Dana Olmert good done!
Hanzala ,   Austria   (06.11.06)
I appreciate realy what you have done...It is a pity that there no much people in IL like you...
71. Idiots
Israeli ,   Raanana   (06.11.06)
Idiots... not because of what they are fighting for.... Idiots for them not to understand that all Israel, IDF is fighting for this!!! That we are the GOOD ones here!!! Idiots because they want to protest... and that's it!!! The PALESTNIANS are responsible for every civil killing since we LEFT Gaza... your idiots!!!! Wake up! Idiots!!!
72. Very Apalled.
apalled citizenry ,   new york usa   (06.11.06)
how can palestinians protest against terrorists? you can demonstrate against a government though.
73. Isreali Idiots
what an idiot!
74.  GOOD For Her
j.c.   (06.11.06)
iSRAELI jEWS Always try to play the victim... Wven AFTER using terrorism and massacres, ethnically cleansed OVER 800,000 Palestinians from their businesses, homes and lands AND STEALING ALL their bank accounts... .... The number of Palestinian victims are THREE TIMES THE number of jEWS killed .... .... iSRAEL has Demolished THOUSANDS of Palestinian homes... Palestine has demolished ZERO iSRAELI homes... jEWS CONSTANTLY play the victim even as they systematically destroy Palestine... and they have practiced terrorism from the very beginning ... ... SO, get REAL... Your victim playing role is just a ruse to gain sympathy...
75. Richard Itchings# 32
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.11.06)
Shut up! You are the same incult,low educated creature comming from the lowest ranks of your society,as SOME of your brits coleagues hanging out in here!
76. Yes, poor Israel
Rich ,   NJ, USA   (06.11.06)
To suffer form the guilt of "accidentally" kiling these Palestineans, accidentally killing 4,000 other Palestineans, wounding 41,000 Palestineans, illegally occupying Palestinean land for 39 years, violating 65+ UN sanctions, spying on the US, strong arming and corrupting US politicians, building a wall on Palestinean land, siezing Palestinean resouces, destroying thousands of homes, and jeopardizing world peace through these acts. It is justified though because unlike Iraels actions, the killing of 1000 Israelis by Palestineans in defense of their homeland was not accidental. And Dana should be ashamed?
77. Linda Please check you facts
Rich ,   NJ, USA   (06.11.06)
Israelis killed and injured versus Palestinieans killed and injured 2000 to 2006.
78. God Gave Dana "Fairness Factor"
MajorMother ,   USA   (06.11.06)
IDF has killed Palestinians 3 to 1. The numbers speak for themselves. At what point does the killing become "ethnic cleansing"? What real Jew would support genocide of ANY peoples? What should be appalling is the fact that innocent people on holiday were killed in cold blood-on the premise of "lookin' fer terrorists" They sound like the crazed George Bush or does he sound like them?
79. Betty believes a self-loathing gay man
CaptainAmerica ,   USA   (06.11.06)
michael savage? Have you lost your mind? Read your bible-the NEW TESTAMENT-Mark, Matthew, Luke and John-the ones you right wing nuts always forget. Jesus will retch at your justifications...
80. Dana Olmert is a "real" Jew
Cadavre ,   US   (06.11.06)
Just when I thought that Judaism 'sblood had been thinned to the point that all common sense and decency had been bred out or lost in the promotion of ZIonism's "enjoy your inferiority complex, Jew, god gave it to you for a reason", I get surprised. There are Jews still on this world who have the wisdom and sense of justice their fathers had. I hope it's not a diversion. I hope Dana is for real. I hope she is as real as Racheal Corrie. I hope she's not a pretnder like Tikkun.
81. Dana Olmert
Jessica Ramer ,   Pompano Beach, FL   (06.11.06)
Too bad more Americans don't have Dana Olmert's courage. As I write this, Ramadi, Iraq seems to be on the verge of an attack. Citizens are fleeing in terror. Food, gasoline and medical supplies are running short. Nearly all Americans are silent. As much as I disapprove of the occupation of the O.T., I must admit that Israelis put Americans to shame. Go Dana!
82. 81 - It's not only because Americans are silent
Marlene ,   New York City   (06.11.06)
(although many are indifferent) it's because our damn news media does not report the facts when Americans do speak up, even when there are huge demonstrations.. I recall one right here in New York City, and practically not a word about just as others outside the Israel embassy that did never made the news. One thing I do give thumbs up to is that there are Israeli papers who do not hold back anything and they put the American media to shame.
83. Dana Olmert - definitely inspiring!
Marlene ,   New York City   (06.11.06)
Thank you for your courage and your humanity. I wish it would rub off on others, including her father, however, he's too busy bragging about the morality of the Israeli army.
84. The American Press
Jessica Ramer ,   Pompano Beach, FL   (06.12.06)
Marlene, you are right. Lots of Americans who oppose the war are routinely silenced. I once watched a network's "man in the street" interviews about after a Bush speech. Three people in a row condemned the war while the newscaster, obviously hired more for her looks than her brains, lamely said tried to change the subject and when that failed said "We have to stop now." The Israeli press *is* much better.
85. you sad people
neutral ,   oz   (06.12.06)
isnt the smart one supposed to be the one who stops the agression, i dont see israel declaring any sort of ceasefire. you hypocrites! for the rest of existence you people shall live in the fear of your children entering a bus to school and never seeing them again. good riddence
86. Adding to your comments on "self-loathing Jews" No. 6
Marlene ,   New York City   (06.12.06)
Your references to "self-loathing" Jews who are "pathologically sick" with "psychotic mad souls" are very much the same references made to psychotic mad self-hating Germans who despised what their government was doing and took a stand, many going to their deaths for it. On those grounds alone, l consider your comments a great compliment, and may many more self--loathing Jews continue to multiply.
87. so funny
The West   (06.12.06)
So funny, jews or palestinians both fail to communicate outside their religion. Both sides are equally retarded.
mohamed ,   egypt   (06.12.06)
she's on the right track
89. V.I.P. Princess Dana Olmert-Immunity
Gerd ,   Germany   (06.12.06)
90. #7
C. Hope ,   U.K.   (06.13.06)
What rubbish you talk.
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