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Should pornographer lead Jewish charity?
Rabbi Jeremy Rosen
Published: 11.06.06, 14:34
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1. YES, YES, and YES!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (06.11.06)
Pornography is a legitimate and legal business. This issue is a non-issue.
2. Serving with evil and good inclinations
Steve ,   USA   (06.11.06)
B"H If the money were not spent on charity it would go elsewhere less deserving. Every man has a mix of good and bad deeds. Be praised for the good deeds and ashamed for the bad ones. In the days of the Temple, those sins that one was ashamed of, one donated charity of animals, food, and money as recompense for the evil one was ashamed of doing.
3. Antonio...
Daniel   (06.11.06)
I hope your daughter follows your path. Would you be proud of her? No good can come out of that filthy money. Have we no shame? God created us so we could elivate ourselves higher than the level of an animal!
4. you're a rabbi like ynets gafni yms
faigel shtups ,   berlin   (06.11.06)
soon this sickening planet will be destroyed. good riddance. no more erev rav no more arabs no more eurowhoro. . bye bye
5. SOURCE of money is not the issue...
...the issue is this: yes the money comes from a crap source but would you rather that this money is used for something kosher or not kosher I think its better to use it for something kosher and if you think of it, if you use it for something kosher, although youre not stamping out the bad source of the money, you are deciding to make good use of it all the same, alternative sources should pererably be found, because its bad to encourage this sort of funding long term but to waste this money on something non kosher is even more of a waste
6. Mr Desmond is a great benefactor who has done
Raisel ,   London   (06.12.06)
much for our Community.Not withstanding the origin of his money,he has a "goldene Neshomele"when it comes to charities for our people. .£19 Million for Charity is no mean feat . I do,however,hope that he doesnt donate to any of those nasty UK Educational Bodies(University or otherwise) on account of their wicked bocott . Although I am now an elderly Jewish Lady, I must admit I do enjoy his books occasionaly as it brings back memories of what my late husband Issy and I could do before he died and I got Arthritis in almost all my Joints.When I buy one of his books ,I feel as if I am performing a Mitzvah as I know a percentage will go to Norwood.
7. Mr.Desmond
aron ,   woodmere   (06.12.06)
He is doing good now. On yom hadin We say look at us NOW. The media want to up sales. Its very sad .
8. Should pornographer lead Jewish charity?
Alan Stone ,   Portland, OR USA   (06.13.06)
Why give Richard Desmond a position? If he is giving the money (whatever the source) to get rewarded it will not help in here or in heaven.. Money doesn't commet sins only people do
9. No participation from me
Izzy ,   Baltimore, MD   (06.13.06)
If I knew that a major fundraiser of a charity is currently gaining their income from what I perceive as sinful activities (i.e., pornography, drugs, gambling), then I would not contribute to that charity. If I were a communal leader, I might raise the issue that having such a person might drive away money rather than increase it.
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