Google ‘spying’ on IDF
Dudi Goldman
Published: 11.06.06, 16:45
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1. Paranoia Strikes Deep
Protesting Too Much   (06.11.06)
What's so "top secret" about a power station? All one has to do is follow the transmission lines to their source. Or, are the transmission lines "top secret," as well?
2. The textile factory in Dimona is still blurry :)
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (06.11.06)
3. And Iran is also visible ...
Steve ,   USA   (06.11.06)
B"H I remember checking out Gaza before the uprooting. All the region was black where the Jews were not, indicating that the Jews were farming and the others had other activities on their hands. At that point I concluded it was a mistake to "take out" the farmers, because that would not aid the situation. Farmers are raising food to feed populations and have different priorities than attacking people. In otherwords I knew then that the Jews were innocent. It is a nice site to visit. One can see that the land of Israel is a different color than the bordering land. I think that it is a great tourist asset. The major powers all have access to this information so it is nothing new. It is just now that Israeli tourists can see where they want to travel. The entire United States is also it fine resolution for the most part for those who want to visit here online. See
4. Google spies on everyone...they are watching you (wave)
DPC ,   England, UK   (06.11.06)
5. It's Anti-Semitism!!!
David ,   Yerushalayim   (06.11.06)
6. What does Israel have to hide?
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.11.06)
I suggest everybody watch the eye-opening documentary by the BBC 'Israel's Secret Weapon.' It was most frightening, yet enlightening.
DEBRA ,   USA   (06.11.06)
8. Who cares...
NP ,   Israel   (06.11.06)
It's not like Iran uses google earth to get our bases pictures. They use russian sattlites. Or, they can just buy pictures if they wish. Much more detailed than google earth. The threat is Iran, not google.
9. it's great, I saw my house
10. RE:What does Israel have to hide?
For someone with a lot of education you sure don't think very critically. How about roads that lead to water supplies for a population? Or where the gate is without guards at a Power plant? What about where gas or oil line heads are? Or even where anti-aircraft installations are? Does the army base we cannot see from this or that road, have a gate somewhere? It would be nice that some things remain obscure to prying eyes. Why? because SATAN is real and has captured the hearts of many. Silly, if Israel has NUKES they ain't going to be where someone could get to them. and so what if they do? God is their Judge not you...
11. Re #10, not THAT high a resolution
Steve ,   USA   (06.11.06)
B"H For the pictures of the United States, one can see individual streets. The pictures of Israel on the other hand are much lower resolution than that. Complexes of houses take up a pixel or two on the current Israeli "hi-res" pictures. The other thing to note is that these pictures are not recent, but were taken some time back (you can still see the Jewish settlements from before the uprooting with some green pixels). No serious military would use this footage, which is grade C compared to the A grade stuff. A local street map is cheaper and more detailed for those who want access. For the tourist, though, it is kind of nice to view some places on the cheap.
12. No Big Deal
Menachem ,   Bet Shemesh   (06.11.06)
These pictures are at least two years old. My house, which I've already been living in for a year, is just a slab in these pics. Also, the resolution is definitely not the same as the US.
13. 6 Ellen Is again showing her brains are in her A$$$
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.11.06)
14. Anywhere that governments have secret stuff...
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (06.12.06)
They need to clear it with Google. (LOL) So google can haze out those areas. (hehe) So that everyone knows exactly where those areas are. (ROFL) Perhaps instead of leaving their secret stuff out in broad daylight everyone should just move all of their secret stuff underground or inside. It's sort of like common decency. It's like...PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!! (stops now before his side breaks open from laughing too hard)
15. Ellen Switzerland and the UK have plenty of sites They Hide
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.12.06)
now what do you think why they hide them ? I think the closest you ever got to any PolyTech or University is cleaning the toilletts from Crap
17. Google should be shut down
Dale ,   USA   (06.12.06)
Google is anti-American and extreme radical left winger globalists. (Remember, it's not about anything but more consumers). It should be shut down immediately. Unfortunately, they are in goose step with our ball - less government.
18. 16 Rustum: The Laughing stock who complains
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.12.06)
about ....unmitigated rudeness .... But uses in turn foul language - Now tell us how rude is that ? You have the brains of a midget
19. To #1 Terrorism strikes deeper than paranoia
So when Al Quaida and the like target your house, we'll remind you how paranoid YOU are. Deal?
20. spying on what?
Aharon Eviatar ,   Hofit, Israel   (06.12.06)
Nothing new in this. Just go to the Web site of the Federation of American Scientists,, search for Israel and you will get everyihing you want to know about WMD, missiles on submarines and all the stuff that some fool thinks is secret.
21. good,look and be scared
suva fiji   (06.13.06)
just take a look at what can strike you ,you primitive crazy jihad worriers
22. What does Israel have to hide?
Richard Burgess ,   Edgewater FL   (06.14.06)
I just don't understand how or why so many hateful anti-semites settled in NH. Israel has no more or no less than we hide on any given day. Same with your buiddies in Russia and Cuba... samo samo... wake up! You are falling and you can't get up!
23. Google
Richard Burgess ,   Edgewater FL   (06.14.06)
Globalism is for those who think we can live comfortably with animals. It may be that they are so young and naive that they still think foolish thoughts like "the UN can (and wants to) protect and help all of us." The UN can't even change its own diaper without getting covered in its own fecal matter... Maybe they just can't read (the UNs own pitiful reports on their inactions). Bush is the scary one... Super highway my arse.
24. #17
Jebus   (06.16.06)
You are a strange little man. Are you some sort of anti-business commie? Plz go back to Mother Russia Dale, where you and your ilks belong.
25. Go Google!
mecha monkey-bunny ,   SF, California   (06.16.06)
Go Google! Elimate the paranoia and secrecy of the military industry with openess and freedom of information! The internet is going to transform the entire world into one free place! Go, internet, go!!
26. Which Users Demanded Higher Res?
Gary ,   New York,USA   (06.16.06)
Israeli users that demanded higher res shots are probably not Israelis. They are probably Arabs living in Israel who would like to inflict harm on those sites.
27. When will humans ever grow up?
David Wolf ,   Sofia, Bulgaia   (06.16.06)
In this era of globalization and informazation I have been hoping the military would become less essential, yet arms sellers and factories lead governments by the nose rings. We are all doomed, to stupidity. /0 Divide By Zero
28. Google is meeting their requirements
O R Black ,   Meridian USA   (06.16.06)
"images of Israel with resolution higher than 2 meters per pixel are barred from sale." "The current resolution is two meters per pixel and it allows for a detailed view of the ground." Would someone please make up their mind?
29. Google ‘spying’
jhrhz   (06.16.06)
I hope they don’t give away the location of the building we control the world from.
30. Israeli details mapped
aurizon ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.17.06)
10 years ago you could buy on the open market Satellite maps made by the USSR for all parts of the earth to less than 1/2 meter resolution. Includes Israel. The enemies of Israel have the best maps the Soviet Satellites can provide, 1/20th meter resolution. I suspect any hamas cell can get this readily enough Let her friends and her people have better resolution.
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