World Cup: Jews demonstrate against Iran regime
Rotem Grossman
Published: 11.06.06, 20:35
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1. Mexico 3 Iran 1
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (06.11.06)
Thank you, Mexico.
2. Viva Mexico !!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (06.11.06)
4. Israeli Demonstration
helena mikas ,   Berlin   (06.11.06)
Fine , these people have had their say and were allowed it . That is democracy. Germany has decided what Germany will allow and who it will permit entry to . It is the right of Germany . When oh when will Isarel allow such demonstrations against their terrible treatment of the Palestinians ? When will they allow atom inspectors in their land or even be requested to ? Answer .... as like as not never . I am not a German , but have lived here for 19 years . I admire the calm way they handle such matters and in the face of never ending critiscism . Israel should put its own house in order. If they want respect all round let us see them show some to other countries . The comment made was a silly one ..... Best ignored ...This world has enough international incidents without making them for every comment .
5. How lame is cheering against the iranian soccer team, #1, 2?
6. their terrible treatment of the Palestinians ?
leftie demonstration happen all the time in Israel, you read too little newspapers. Furthermore Palestinans are not at all badly treated. Maybe you come over here and inform yourself before spreading crap.
7. # 4 jewish demonstration
yoel ,   switzerland   (06.12.06)
.... and not "israeli demonstration" ! Jews are not only israeli passport carriers, but can sometime hold the german one. As german citzens, they have the right to make comment on their government's policy. As foreigner in Germany you don't have the legitimity to do so! Full stop! I'm so curious to know from where you are concerned by this situation: muslim? married to muslim? sensitive to pals or jews hater?
8. #5 The Iranian defence is abit more lame than that.
9. lucky mexico
nooshin ,   toronto,canada   (06.12.06)
iran's team played an incredible game in the first half..mexico just got lucky with two back-to-back goals!
10. Helena, don't flaunt your idiocy.
Tahl ,   Israel   (06.12.06)
Who the hell are you to lecture to Israel about "terrible treatment of the Palestinians"?... Who on earth, has elevated you to such moral highgrounds, to allow yourself to make such holier-than-thou criticism? What the hell do you know about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? The chewed-out, one-sided material given to you by your German TV? The hideous anti-Israel incitements by the Arabs all over Europe? Or perhaps the posts of such deranged leftist fanatics in here, such as Ellen Whatsheruglyface? You don't know sh*t! Have you lived in Gaza, and seen all the endless qassam rocket barrages launched at innocent Israeli civilians in Sderot? And how Israel ONLY retaliates against terrorists, who always delibarately hide behind human shield, especially children? Have you lived in Jerusalem, Natanya or Hadera, during the countless homicide bombings, seen the gruesome bodies, in buses, cafes, even in the university I attended? As a matter of fact, the Palestinians live much better in Israel than in any other Arab country. Can you imagine them rioting like this (let alone blowing themselves, killing civilians...) in Syria, Lybia or Saudi Arabia? Trust me, you don't want to know. As for Mr. Evil wanting to visit your country, it's hardly surprising that his only supporters there are neo-nazis. Of this we say, tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are. These two sorts of cretins deserve each other. Indeed Germany is a democracy, but should a democracy give credence to such inflammatory speech about wanting to wipe out an entire country?? And certainly Germany, with its own hideous history with Jews, of all countries! If you discount such incitement as "a silly comment... best ignored..." - it means you're either very forgiving about offending the feelings, legitimacy, and safety of Jews, or simply a bleeding-heart liberal with your head deep in the sand, too dumb to realize that after Israel's turn, it would be the whole western world on Mr. Evil's agenda. I don't know which one of these options is worse. I advise you that before you write another one of your simplistic posts in here, you do your homework well, and gain a better perspective.
11. Irranians beaten by busboys, waiters and floor moppers. OY!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (06.12.06)
12. # 10 You say it how it is, Good for you!
AS ,   South Africa   (06.12.06)
13. # 4 Helena
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.12.06)
Permit me to enlighten you dear lady. The Palestinians, the Arabs, have more evil in their ideaology than hitler,geobels and eichman( no capitals intended ) ever dreamt about. The only difference is the scale. On "qauntity" the Third Reich was tops, on "quality" the Arabs beat them hands down. Israel is holding the fort for you my dear. The problem is that you and most Europeans are either in denial or just do not understand.
14. To Israelis angry about world perception of Israel
An American   (06.12.06)
Please do not claim that others do not have the 'right' to criticize the Israeli government's treatment of Palestinians. That is rather ridiculous because everyone already is doing so. "You havn't been there, you don't know!" is a childish argument as well. Rather, please find a better approach in explaining why the government of Israel sees fit to enduce political, legal, and economic discrimination against Palestinians and Arab-Israelis. It is hard to argue against that when they aren't allowed to buy homes and live in certain neighborhoods and their children aren't allowed to go to school... Screeching holier than thou does not address the issue in hand. If you want sympathy, I would suggest not reducing peoples freedoms in the name of security... i know that will make most of you laugh considering where I am from... but trust me that I am not a supporter of such practices by the US government either. Regards, from your not much liked by the rest of the world ally, an American.
15. To #14. How does the saying go?
Shlomo Silverstein ,   Maale Adumim,Israel   (06.12.06)
With friends like you...
16. #11
sabientje ,   weston usa   (06.12.06)
How dare you insult Mexicans by denigrading them like that. That's what causes hate for jews
17. #16 You come to LA and live with them, take them with you.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (06.12.06)
18. 4 helena mikas: Don't post rubbish before you know facts
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.12.06)
You obviously have never been to Israel - never follow REAL news Israel has demos all the time - and all kinds - Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East next time check out what Arab countries or the PA territories have Also - there are German Jews - that have a right to demostrate in Germany - or do you think Germany again should ban Jews from their democratic rights ? As over 60 years ago ........ Why do you come to this website and by the way ... one wonders who sends you here Are you one of those who loves to bash Jews - is that it ?
19. 4 Helena learn FACTS about the Arabs, the PA
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.12.06)
Palestinian Arab children and their teachings Ask for Death: The Ultimate Child Abuse by Arabs of their children: History in A Nutshell since you have NO clue: The Pipe Line of Hatre - you are part of: Israeli children and families suffer as well: When the Palestinians say "End of occupation", What do they really mean? A Solution for the Middle East
20. 14 An American: get a Name then we talk again Facts OK
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.12.06)
now educate yourself before you post rubbish
21. Re #14
Daniel ,   Australia   (06.12.06)
Obviously another simple-minded American lefty-liberal, who has no grasp of the situation in Israel. I'll try and explain it in a simple manner for you, because you obviously don't catch on too quickly. Firstly, Arab-Israelis have it good. If you come to Israel and check out their neighbourhoods you will see that most of their houses are 5 times the size of any shitbox in Tel Aviv. So don't gimme this crap about them being discriminated against. Arab-Israelis can live where they want if they can afford it and their children are allowed to go to school. I don't know where you are getting this crap from. Palestinians on the other hand are not Israel's problem. Whatever hardships they face have occured due to their own doings. Why the hell should Israel open its borders to them and let them work if every time they do this, a cafe or bus gets blown up. Sure cheap labour is good for israeli firms, but if security is comprimised, then forget about it. And in relation to your "you havent been there, you dont know" is "childish" argument...i would beg to differ. Actually visit the country before you make stupid assumptions like helena. It seems that every single person in Israel is protesting about something these days. What a stupid comment to make.
22. #11
Jane   (06.12.06)
Really tasteless and bigoted response, Bunny.
23. Jewish Demonstration during World Cup
helena mikas ,   berlin germany   (06.25.06)
Well , well I certainly hit some raw nerves .How painful truth can be .Or how annoying when another doesn't agree with a dictate . 1st -I am not a dear lady to some man who does not know me .Such talk is patronizing. 2nd NO ,I am not married to a Muslim nor am I one . I am a practising Christian .Have had two Jewish boyfriends in my life . ( just for the record ) 3rd .I have been in Israel many times and have seen the misery . 4th For the record --I am neither a leftie nor an American . 5th I may not have German citizen ship but as a European do have the right to demonstrate . How do I know ? Because I have . You see another fact . I am accused of being simplistic . This is fine by be . Simple answers with common sense often work . The continued tit for tat between certain governments is certainly far from productive . Re doing my homework and getting facts straight . The Palestinaians had their land taken from them by the British . it was then given to Jewish settlers . Archived film footage of this was shown on BBC world service . I did not dream it . The fence built by israel is rather akin to the wall built by the DDR. They too quoted security as a reason . Palestinians are by no means well treated .Second and third class citizens is their status . What am I doing looking at such news ? asks one indiviidual . Why ever not .... it is a free world ( well almost ) and I have a right to read ,make comment and express my point of view . I still maintain Germany made the right descision and as we have seen there was no escalation .. A good lesson to learn by . PS I do not spread "manure " in any form . Nor in discussion take to accusing the one with a differing view of doing such .So the contributor of that piece please atke note . It spoils your arguement .
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