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New: Live funerals on the net
Haim Levinson
Published: 12.06.06, 15:02
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1. As if theyre not making enough $$$ off the
mourners as is. Shame on you. The chilul Hashem is great enough between the chevra kadisha mafias, the tombstone mafias, etc. Have you no limits?
2. I beg your pardon?
Annie   (06.12.06)
'STARING this week'. Now that's spookey.
3. #1 Funeral mafias
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.13.06)
HOW DARE THEY maintain cemeteries and prepare the deceased for Jewish burial! What an outrage! Just shove the bodies in a big furnace and burn them, is that what you want #1?
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