Egypt: Da Vinci Code based on Zionist myths
Published: 13.06.06, 20:12
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1. And if it rains, or doesn't rain, Zionists did that too.
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (06.13.06)
(A) The book is harmless fiction. It declares itself to be fiction. The author has said again and again that it is pure fiction.He NEVER presents it as fact. (B) The book has nothing to do with Zionism, so calling it Zionist myths is ludicrous rabble-rousing. (C) Egypt publishes thousands of virulently anti-Semitic books that should be banned, but apparently "insults" to Jewish traditions and insane, twisted conspiracy theories about the Jewish people are okay. Which highlights the hypocrisy of this attempt.
2. Protocols anyone?
J ,   USA   (06.14.06)
My favorite part is where minister Farouk Hosni said: "We ban any book that insults any religion... we will confiscate this book." Umm... you think he would have the same feelings about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion being distributed in Egypt, or maybe even a miniseries airing on national tv on the same topic???
3. Da Vinci Code
Michelle   (06.14.06)
This is like totally odd. Also odd is that people read the book and believe that it's all true.
4. "We ban any book that insults any religion"
Jenny   (06.14.06)
Errr except Judaism.
5. LOL
Gerd ,   Germany   (06.14.06)
6. "We ban any book that insults any religion" - really?
Tahl ,   Israel   (06.14.06)
As 2 and 4 said, what about books that offend the Jewish religion? What about the slanderous "Protocols of the Zion elderlies"? As well as countless other schoolbooks showing the Jews as filthy, ugly, war-mongering murderers, drinking Palestinian children's blood? Hypocricy at its best. And this is from a nation we have "peace" with, a nation which receives billions of dollars in aid each year from the US.
7. The book glorifies and exalts women. A problem for Arabs.
Tahl ,   Israel   (06.14.06)
The Da Vinci Code, although completely fictional, has a strong theme of exalting women, glorifying them as the originators of life, the ones responsible for the continuation of the generations, and for the harmony and completeness of the world, and that they have been historically worshipped by men, who realized how much in debt they are to women. The book strongly denounces and rightfully mocks the patriarchical societies which oppressed, suppressed, and tortured women for so long. Of course, this poses a great problem for the primitive patriarchical societies of today (some of the people there are so primitive, they even practice female circumcision). So they ban it from the stores, under the age-old, washed-up, ludicrous pretext of "zionist conspiracy". How predictable.
8. when will the racism end?
Joy Springreen   (06.14.06)
9. I can then assume ...
gm ,   south africa   (06.14.06)
you will not find a copy of the insulting book the Protocols of Zion in Egypt!!! always double-talk. It doesn't even matter that they don't keep track of what they say, because there are always so many new excuses it doesn't matter.
10. "We ban any book that insults any religion" - and the koran?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.14.06)
must have been islamic hyperbole.
11. The secret's out:DaVinci was a Mossadnick
Arie   (06.14.06)
12. Fiction vs Fact
Arie   (06.14.06)
Fiction: The DaVinci code authors OPENLY state their book is a work of FICTION FACT: The quran is a book predicated on hate and mass murder! BAN IT
13. Any book?
Eliyahu Rooff ,   Walla Walla, WA, USA   (06.14.06)
In the interests of honesty, Hosni should have said, "we ban any book that insults any religion except Judaism." The fact is, attacks on Judaism and publication of material attacking and ridiculing Judaism are a major industry in Egypt, done under the auspices of and with the bessing of the government.
14. Egypt is doing the right thing
Brod ,   USA   (06.15.06)
Egypt is doing the right thing in banning the Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci Code is BLASPHEMY. Even China is banning it. It is good to see that these countries have more respect for Christianity and Jesus Christ than those paganized christians who are peddling and promoting the devil's work in tarnishing the image of Jesus.
15. Da Vinci Code was made before Zionist
jason ,   usa   (06.15.06)
and the person who made it was Christian
16. china & egypt
A ,   Jlm, Israel   (06.22.06)
china is a communist government - and they don't want the general population to think for themselves - they even monitor and edit google search results. egypt is an arab country - that says enough - it really made me laugh when he said 'any religion' ha ha I would love to see someone held accountable for their statements - whose really paying attention?
17. Easy there Brod #14!
Dr. Rick ,   Enterprise, AL.USA   (06.26.06)
Banning books is for totalitarian regemes, Nazis and....remember the Inquisition? What kind of American are you? Show me your papers please!
18. Prince of Egypt
Zhang ,   USA   (03.10.14)
The Moses film, though a masterpiece, was also banned by Egyptian Muslims who called it another Zionist attack on Egypt, very sad, it only really differed from Qu'ranic account in that the Egyptian king was spared....
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