Peretz: IDF not involved in Gaza beach blast
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 13.06.06, 20:26
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1. Israel continues to lie...
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.13.06)
'a former Pentagon analyst, sent by a US human rights group to investigate the deaths, said the military has ignored evidence that leaves little doubt the family was killed by a stray Israeli shell that Israel admits is unaccounted for.'
2. Wow, Ellen Prescott defending Israel !
Benjamin ,   TA Israel   (06.13.06)
"stray shell" - so if it was Israeli shell it was not intentional.
3. Arab Islamist terrorists' explosives
Brod ,   USA   (06.13.06)
It is a well known fact that the Arab Islamist terrorist savages have been planting explosives all over their place. They would also expose their civilians and children in the war zones or line of fire. Killing their own people by their explosives is part of their tactic to 'cry baby' for the world to show them sympathy. What evil mindset! To help stamp out Islamist terrorisms, the world should not show sympathy for the savages.
4. I hope to read an apologize from several stupid people that
a ,   ra'anana   (06.13.06)
talk against IDF here yesterday.
5. Shoddy workmanship, Ellen
Mike ,   Atlanta, GA   (06.13.06)
A professor that does not provide her sources? Typical. A new book by Robert Irwin discusses the many factual inaccuracies peppered throughout Edward Said's work. By extension, I expect this applies to yours as well.
6. arab networks
the arab networks have started to report that it may have been a landmine.
7. Hey ellen
Michelle   (06.13.06)
You old windbag...go to the following site and check out how your precious palestinians LIE!!!!!
8. Pathetic Ellen so anti Semitic, cant see reality
Lemar ,   UK   (06.13.06)
No use saying these things just because it suites you. Look at your pathetic self in the mirror
9. Ellen continues to lie.
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (06.13.06)
On CNN that analyst said the source of the blast, whether it Israeli or Palestinian cannot be determined. He also said nothing about Israel avoiding evidences; rather he is looking forwards to share his finding with the Israeli finding.
10. lsraeL must sue paLS state and hamas
11. Dearest Ellen,
nb ,   london, uk   (06.13.06)
Charity begins at home!!
12. Re #1, seems like heresay to me
Steve ,   USA   (06.13.06)
B"H Ellen, I am open to facts. Let us see what testimony we have from you: 'a former Pentagon analyst, sent by a US human rights group to investigate the deaths, said the military has ignored evidence that leaves little doubt the family was killed by a stray Israeli shell that Israel admits is unaccounted for.' In any United States court, this would be called heresay. You do not mention the name of any person, you speak for him, and you speak for Israel without original quotes or even the name of any specific individual. I'll toss it out in this court of press. These references of yours are entirely inadequate for a system of justice and that peace founded on justice.
13. don't apologize to terrorists and their gang
14. The Arab victims of Hamas demand justice
Steve ,   USA   (06.13.06)
B"H It seems that an Arab relative is upset that Israel is not inside the territory blocked off in Gaza. The removal of Jews did nothing to preserve justice, because now the Army is not sending investigators to the scene. This disengagement can be called a dis-aster, even from the Arab perspective quoted below. Without a police force collecting evidence in these sorts of cases, it is almost like Israel cares about as much as Hamas about the truth; but Israel did at least take an accounting of every single shell according to Peretz's statement, which shows at least some sort of consideration for the outcome. I recommend Peretz send her a letter with an offer to send an investigor to look more closely into the facts, on approval of the relevant authorities in the area. Perhaps he can also offer her the opportunity to review the relevant evidence with a representative of his. That would be considerate, given that IDF has concluded it did not fire the shell that caused the death. Perhaps additional testimoney might be obtained to nail down exactly what happened. This is the price of the Hamas occupation of Gaza. Even the relatives of the victims are demanding justice, and there is none satisfactory to be found with the current Hamas regime. Quote: Palestinian: How can IDF reach conclusions without entering Gaza? Salah Ralia, the aunt of the Palestinian child girl whose family was killed in the explosion on the Gaza beach, said that the IDF committee investigating the incident will have a hard time finding the truth. "The committee has a very serious problem because it can't enter Gaza and do serious research. How can they reach conclusions without entering Gaza and listening to witnesses?" He said. (Roee Nahmias)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.13.06)
Muslim human bomb killers slaughtered such huge numbers of Jewish innocents, the IDF were forced to search for the terrorists in Jenin. 52 Islamists were killed by the IDF. The PA falsely reported to world media that the IDF had killed 1,500 PA Muslims. The anti-Jew world media did not concern themselves to investigate if the false, venomous, slanderous, Jew-hating Jenin report was true. Israel was blasted and condemned around the world. Once again, with the full cooperation of a Jew-hostile world media, the Islamists scored a victory based totally on lies and deception-taqiyya.
16. Two days ago I posted
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.13.06)
"This was neither a stray 155mm nor a Palestinian working accident, work the rest out for yourselves". Have you worked it out yet.? Phase one, determine it was not IDF. Phase two is now under way, uncover those who perpetrated this crime DELIBERATELY and deliver them to their Palestinian brothers for justice. The Palestinian terrorists are discipiles of the devil.
18. I refuse to believe it.
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.13.06)
19. for Ellen
a ,   ra'anana   (06.13.06),7340,L-3260996,00.html
20. muHAMedans killing muHAMedans
Arie   (06.13.06)
a daily event. Just read any headline from Egypt Gaza and lebanon to syria iraq and iran
21. Why would the IDF start lying now???
Yonatan ,   USA   (06.13.06)
The IDF has always been very forthcoming about mistakes they've made. There is a clear history of it. The IDF remains an honorable military to be admired.
22. Blame?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (06.13.06)
Of course the Hamas will NEVER allow the Palestinians to take responsibility for this - but the repeated question is: Why do the shoot missiles from heavily populated areas? Is there no PA there to patrol 150 yards from a crowded beach? This blood is on the hands of those who were launching missiles in Israel.
23. To #18
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (06.13.06)
Ellen, you refuse to believe it as your bloodthirsty and criminal ancesters refused to believe that Jews were human being. Ellen is a bloodthirsty monster.
24. 17
if you are so worked up why don't you write into ynet and complain?
25. What a surprise?
Adam ,   Falasteen   (06.13.06)
I believe you "IDF" "IDF" inquiry against "IDF" will not come with any thing else. When did the “IDF” say "We are sorry we did it"? Plus people on this board have been cheering up for the killings including "IDF" and saying it is a missile launching crew up until the whole world saw the cruelty of the incident. Then the "creditable" "IDF" inquiry came up. From now on, People should rely on the “IDF” for the truth.
26. Israel was built on terror!
Palestinian   (06.13.06)
27. BBC World News
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.13.06)
An expert working for the Human Rights Watch said the Palestinians' injuries were not consistent with a blast taking place beneath them. "It has been suggested by some that the family was killed by a land mine, and this is patently not the case," Mark Garlasco said. "All of the evidence is pointing to a 155mm shell as having killed and injured the Palestinians here on the beach," he said. "My assessment [is] that it's likely that this was incoming artillery fire that landed on the beach and was fired by the Israelis from the north of Gaza."
28. Ellen Prscott, #27
OHHHH, an expert from the human rights watch on the BBC........ they must be right, because the jews are always wrong, just ask ellen.
29. Of Course it wasnt IDF....any more
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (06.13.06)
that it wasnt the IDF that arrange the Slaughter of Palestinians in Beruit 82.
30. Arabs and leftists I know this is hard, but try it just once
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (06.13.06)
Recognize the truth.
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