Nobel Prize winner salutes snubbing soldier
Efrat Weiss
Published: 13.06.06, 22:43
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1. Standing Up To Olmert's Evil Plans
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (06.13.06)
This ceremony gives me hope that the lunatics running the State will be challenged and thwarted if necessary. It is unfathomable that a 'leader' brazenly states, "we are tired of winning, we are tired of fighting..", and in Britain today stated, "I am not doing things out of zionism, I am willing to give alot to the Pals without anything in return", will go unchallenged. He is on a national suicide mission. Are there any other reasons needed to stop this man's plans from coming to fuition?
2. Who else was it?....
Meir Moses   (06.13.06)
That equated Jews with "Bolshevists"?
3. rewarding news: upRIGHT jews honoring upRIGHT soldier
gabriela ben ari   (06.13.06)
4. #2 Jews and Bolshevists
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.13.06)
He is not equating Jews with Bolshevists. He is equating Leftists with Bolshevists.
5. Yisrael Aumann should stick to what he knows
Daniel ,   North Tel Aviv   (06.13.06)
Yisrael Aumann may know one or two things about economics but he knows nothing about how to solve a conflict. He is somebody who has been hanging around too long with extreme right-wing jewish fundamentalists who are exploiting him for their propaganda. I don't fail to notice that among the so many scientists and even the many hundreds of noble prize winners, he is the odd one out. The others, including many jews, are secular persons who turned their back to the fables and superstitions of religion. He, on the other hand, closes his eyes to the truth and prefer to see the myths only. Only secular values will save Israel. If history is to teach us anything it is that "god" never steps to help the jews when they need him (as 6 milllions jews can testify), so much for being the chosen people, I wonder what would have happened to us if we weren't chosen, I am too scared to even imagine.
6. Israel's Idol worshipers vs. Hananel Dayan
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.13.06)
Hananel refuses to bow to the Idol worshipers. The Jews of America and Israel have put all their hope and trust and faith in America and it's emperor, their latest false messiah. They prostrate themselves before their god of choice and do all he demands of them even cutting off choice appendages. They are so loyal to this false idol that they cannot bring themselves to ever say no, enough. This is the lowest and basest evil and blasphemy they preform against the God of Avraham. In return Israel is betrayed by their false messiah ,and yet like loyal slaves headed for slaughter, they continue to worship and pray for for any help the man of power can deliver, They seek salvation from the one who dissect's their land in stages as an offering to the Islamic god of crude oil. They remain loyal to the one who throws them out of their land and momes for his dream ,his vision Road Map of rewarding Palestinin terrorism with Jewish land. The level of betrayal by the Jewish people of their God in deference to the cowboy from Texas and his failed agenda is breathtaking and astounding. Israel's death sentence, the Road Map is religiously obeyed by the blind Jews while the Holy One of Israel is ignored.This will not continue much longer. Israel's God in His love and mercy will put an end to the suicidal path His people have embarked upon. He will remove this idol from the midst of Israel.
7. name calling the last refuge of the frustrated and powerless
avramele   (06.13.06)
enough name calling please... all leftists are not bolsheviks, all rightists are not fascists and all setters or IDF (pick your target) are not murderers. We are engaged in a mighty debate with both sides arguing for the sake of heaven. the stakes are high and history is a merciless judge.
8. "The People"
David Garth ,   Yerushalayim   (06.14.06)
How do they keep talking about "the people???" The people voted and they lost. There's no "deep rift between the people and the army." They are totally delusional. Between these nuts and Hamas we have our work cut out for us.
9. these people are worth nothing
total egos trying to provoke the state. useless human beings.
10. worth nothing you say?
Yisraeli   (06.14.06)
Israel will be saved by these very people who have faith not just in an unseen God but in themselves. They are the future, the 'bolsheviks' have had theyre day and acheived much but now its time for them to dissipate as they are void of any ideology or beliefs and only bring about the extinction of all their forbearers works.
11. Marcel says the truth
Shoshana ,   Nokem   (06.14.06)
Marcel tells it like it really is. No one can argue his point.
12. Aumann
Jerry ,   USA   (06.14.06)
Aumann may have made major contributions to economics, but he did so through his field of expertise - conflict. The insights of game theory are at such a fundamental level that no talkback can touch his level of knowledge. It is the failure to apply principles that he has managed to explicate that will wreck havoc on left and right and the State and the Jews and the West and the Arab Nation. Go google "aumann and game theory" and then talk about his attachment to myth and a god that does not help. God is not an explanation for everything, but neither is God irrelevant - particularly if the world wishes to survive its own stupid limitations.
13. Professor Aumann knows what he's talking about
Jenny   (06.14.06)
Dayan did nothing wrong by refusing to shake Halutz's hand. Why is it every leftist is allowed free speech and meetings with terrorists and nothing happens to them?? Arab KNESSET members are allowed to meet with enemy entities and nothing happens?? And now a rightist refuses to shake someone's hand and gets crapped on??? THe horror! If he disobeyed an order from a superior than absolutely he should be banned from the army. But for refusing to shake someone's hand- nonsense. I am not against convergence or whatever they are calling it these days, however one should be allowed to speak against it if they so wish. This whole thing of silencing rightists is ridiculous. Some extreme elements can be dangerous but not someone like Dayan, give me a break.
14. Prof. Aumann speaks the truth!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (06.14.06)
15. #5 Daniel
Ram ,   London   (06.14.06)
Many do not and will not agree with you. In any case, leftist professors have become famous for Israel bashing in the international area. You seem to disagree with Aumann just because he is religious. You know, he is a professor in this field! What has sustained Jews through the millenia is their faith in G-d, which appears to be lacking in you judging from your post. People around the world are always looking for something to believe in whether it is bhuddism, scientology, kabbalah etc.. You have it already cut out for you through your inheritance. Judaism is not some happy clappy cult. It is a very deep and complex religion based on doing good, staying healthy in body and soul and acting positive. May I suggest you give one open minded deep look into it? With best wishes.
16. Resist the Israeli Bolshevists!!
Marya ,   Sacramento USA   (06.14.06)
Professor Auman is right! This man has a head on his shoulders. He's not a kool-aid drinkers like all the other so-called "intelligentsia." They are everywhere in Israel -- in the media and the courts and they are the ones wanting to surrender and sell Israel out to the Internationalists. Kol haKavod to you professor!
17. Daniel
marya ,   sacramento, USA   (06.14.06)
Maybe you should cease looking at the G-d the way a child looks at G-d and stop expecting Him to step in whenever you're in a jam. That's not the way it works Daniel. Being chosen doesn't mean Big Daddy steps in whenever you're up to your neck in hot water. . And get off the Professor's back. He's a smart man. Don't be angry because he's not like all those godless atheist know-it-alls at University.. Remember, it's better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
18. It seems Auman does not understand that GAME is OVER!
Palestinian   (06.14.06)
19. Eldad
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.14.06)
The Eldad idiot claims that the soldier's snub "has guaranteed his life in the world to come"...however, the idiot failed to mention was whether it will be with or without Jewish virgins
20. He's my hero
yosef ,   Israel   (06.14.06)
Hananel Dayan is a hero.
21. Response to 19. Eldad
Yosef ,   Israel   (06.14.06)
Since when do Jews blow themselves up in order to get virgins. You are confusing Jews and Muslims.
22. response to #1-- Jewish fundamentalist heaven
motti   (06.14.06)
no, in the world to come the true Jewish believers will get all the pre-packaged haredi supervised airline food they want... the rest of us will get good shwarma and shnitzel.
23. Yair Lapid's worthless opinion
ytba ,   usa   (06.25.06),7340,L-3252489,00.html Please note that none of these opinionated communists ever complained when leftist soldiers protested defending ourselves against the Placentinian savages. It is those like the Yair Lapids who deliberately brought the oslo evil upon us. They didn't do it for peace, but only to destroy our Jewish identity that they hate, and no matter what the cost in Jewish lives. That is why they will not "see" the mistake they are making, because they know it already; it is intentional!!! When will the majority of jews finally see through their lies?
24. To Daniel, #5
ytba ,   usa   (06.25.06)
"Yisrael Aumann ... knows nothing about how to solve a conflict." If you had been paying attention, you would know that everything the Israeli Left has done has been for the sake of initiating, perpetuating and increasing conflict, not "solving" it, despite the lies they tell us. Do you think the Israeli govt., doesn't know what the Arabs will do with the weapons it gives them... They know the Arabs will kill Jews with them!!!! (In the 1960's the Rebbe said that is what would happen, even before any guns were given -- so guess who knows more about what this "conflict" is really about.) Talk about knowing how to "solve" a conflict! (Oh yes, and it isn't a "conflict." It is a war by which the left wants to destroy any authentic Jewish identity, and by which the Arabs want to destroy Israel and all Jews.) "If history is to teach us anything it is that "god"(sic) never steps to help the jews(sic) when they need him(sic)" Evidently History has taught you nothing, or you would know that the very existence of Israel today is a series of Miracles. Israel's repeated defeating of our Arab enemies is inexplicable any other way, as is our very existence. But those who want to deny G-d, first deny His involvement in our affairs. "Only secular values will save Israel." If you weren't so ignorant of History, you would realize that it was a highly advanced and refined "secular" Germany that, as "6 million Jews can attest", proved just how utterly worthless even the highest of your so-called "secular values" can be. WAKE UP!
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