Annan, US expert doubt Gaza beach blast findings
Published: 14.06.06, 08:40
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31. Don't do this YNET we expect better from you.
k ,   england   (06.14.06)
AVINU   (06.14.06)
Yeah ,Ellen Prescott is barking first ! I wander Ellen do you sleep any minute in 24 hrs or because you hate Jews so much you are 7/ 24 ready to bark ??
33. annan is a fool,ellen is a fool.
eric ,   israel   (06.14.06)
kofi(monkey in hebrew)annan is a fool.His done nothing for the.UN.His done less for africa.KOFI say something about terroist bombing of Israel...........
34. kofi anan...nothing
kofi annan ,   USA   (06.14.06)
but a schmuck / jackass hiding behing slavery
35. Israel kills palestine every day
WAEL ,   kuwait   (06.14.06)
SO what 7 people died on the beach !! only 7 why not 10 or 20 or 50 !.ANAN is stupid is a fool is arab lover oH my god we need help we are being attacked by palestinian troops and airstrikes and tanks !! u guys makes me laugh ! u r the stronger part u have the airplanes and tanks and amercan weapons! not us,,,,, israel kills paletinian every day in away or another ,israel shoot arrest humilate palestinian all the time making their life harder and imposible,
36. 29# why dont you bomb London again
eric ,   israel   (06.14.06)
you people enjoy bombing ,killing,you people enjoy that kind of thing .We are not perfect,but one thing for sure we are not like you ,and thats were we are lucky.
37. I also
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.14.06)
have my doubts as to whether you are suitable for the position you fill. How dare you accuse the Israeli Government of lying. You have been and are useless.
38. I still sleep at night
Yosef ,   Israel   (06.14.06)
I for one am not going to loose any sleep over the death of our Arab enemy. However their deaths occured. And I certainly don't care what some old men from the UN and "Human Rights Watch" think.
39. Plausible? More like PROBABLE
Daniel ,   Washington DC USA   (06.14.06)
Koffi Annanan tells an Arab news service, "The Israeli claim that the beach blast was caused by an explosive charge at the site sounds strange to me. I don't believe it is plausible that the Palestinians planted charges in a place where civilians often spend their time." I have to ask why not? They send their children into Israel wrapped in bomb jackets. This would not be "plausible" were it any other culture; but here we are dealing with people who have ZERO respect for human life. They would rather send children out to blow themselves up, hide terrorists among women and children and thencry foul when these people die. How can Annan expect Israel to "respect international law and human life." when the Arabs attacking them have no such conviction?
40. Gaza Beach Findings
Aliza ,   USA   (06.14.06)
What would expect of the UN? They hate Jews, Israel and cannot wait till we all disapear. They never say anything when Jews are bombed and killed tho. notice that
41. 1Ellen Prescott: The truth is NOT the UN-NGO
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.14.06)
But it fits your agenda
42. Ynet spreads A Rumor. Facts different
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.14.06)
43. 5 USA: The truth? Since when NO experts become experts in
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.14.06)
armunitions - andexperts in war fare please start to use your brains Readsome interesting facts from real investigators
44. 17 Palestinian; Keep on dreaming he's NO expert
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.14.06)
just another UN NGO - who wants to make news but is irrelevant
45. 29 nehad ismailc: Do I detect HATE - think about reality OK
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.14.06)
46. UN a ultimate BORDELO of humanity what is expected from them
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (06.14.06)
But to spread a communicable disease .. why Inet is trying to spread it? Predecessor of U.N. was “The League Of Nations” it had exactly the very same “moral” equivalent of Hamburg red district bordello then. So war in Ethiopia, Czechoslovakia, Albania went “unnoticed” by them. Did “League of Nations” had a just a “bias” then or the “ladies of the house” had to do what was their job to prostitute their “positions” on current challenges. Today is not just a question of their “bias” – JOB, but rather vast majority of its members would not qualify even as civilized-organized society, but rather they are just ongoing tyrannies, which would never be solution to any issue but are rather root of all issues we are facing or we will face in future. So collective body of U.N. is the main problem of the whole humanity. There has to be qualification for membership based not on the MOB “mentality” but on matter of JUSTICE, DEMOCRATICAL PRINCIPLES of FREEDOM AND RESPECT OF ITS SUBJECTS.. No tyrants, thugs, or common criminals should sit in the JURY of the world. Anan is just another “madam” of the “house” so watch it what you “get” from him, and if you “got it” try not to SPREAD IT! As for the question of the “expert’s” OPPINION of the “Peace” Movement it is just a partisan lobby dedicated to destruction of the “Zionist entity”. This peace movement has Orwellian irony to it.. like calling the Gestapo the “Ministry of Brotherly Love”. Peace movement has nothing to do with peace and everything to do with PROPAGANDA – lobbying to further their own agenda in the world’s arena. They are nothing but a contemptible creatures hired to corrupt the world’s opinion on the most critical issue the humanity faces such as the World’s PEACE. In my humble opinion they are a “movement” something like a moral equivalent to the bowl movement, and anything that come from them is just the ugly stench of abominations they leave behind. So if one of their member just “melted” a peace of himself.. please leave it don’t touch it.. it is nasty!
47. What about Palestinian Arabs respecting Intl Law
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.14.06)
Mr. Annan When will YOU have resolutions against Terrorists constant attacking Israel for over 77 years Example: Hebron Massacre of Jews
48. Annan will support anyone that gives his son money
Arie   (06.14.06)
49. Adolf Annan-the best UN head kickbacks can buy
Arie   (06.14.06)
In reviewing annan's track record, his love of democracy freedom and Jews in particular is not very apparent: He received kickbacks from saddam hussein and then went ballistoc that the US Congress demanded an investigation He supports the demand that terror states like syria and sudan lead the UN "Human Rights" Commission He is always at the forefront of attacks on Jews and Israel Of course, if we provided him the kickbacks the muHAMedans do, he'd probably change his mind
50. "EXPERT"?? Israeli Navy is using OTO Melara 76mm not 155 mm
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (06.14.06)
It is the renown weapon for precission and naval gyro-stabilising targeting system. It can under heavy waters (huge waves) lob BURSTS of 80 rounds per minute in the targets 10 miles away at the targets size 1mX1m. Israel did not use "burst" it used few rounds one after another from distance less than 5miles away on the relativelly calm waters, so it is not the NAVY to be blamed. PAL's EVIL CREATIVITY in utilising its own population for propaganda "gains" is RENOWN... to INFAMY. As well "experts" that are working for them!
51. # 46
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.14.06)
and Anann is the head Mama with 22 Arab countries as pimps.
52. Thank you Koofi anal
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.14.06)
This bum does not believe that the palestinians would plant explosives where civilians are.What the hell have they be doing in Israel for years?How about the palis respecting our lives?What about condemning the palis for all the murder bombings and kassams? As for that pentagon anal-yst.Did you examine the shrapnel from the explosion? Just another antisemite.
53. 35# They ask for it soo they get it
eric ,   israel   (06.14.06)
If they asked for peace they would get it.Arabs like too shoot themselves in the foot,and thats a pity ..........
54. what are human rights??!!
lynne   (06.14.06)
I know that what your goverment does is very very shameful.. I understand your denial... I wouldn't be surprised if Human rights watch and the UN mean nothing to you since human lives mean nothing to you in the first place.. Israel does not need to raid this family so that the world realizes that it is a state based on terrorism..
55. Google Marc Garlasco
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.14.06)
Just Google up Marc Garlasco you will see how far out there he is, he is a shill for Islamists and a hater of all things Israeli and American. "Human Rights Watch" is as trustworthy in this regard as their comrades and compadres of ISM. Shame on YNet for sucking up this scheiss.
56. Israelis are innocent!!
lynne   (06.14.06)
4,009 Palestinians Killed and More than 44,500 Wounded by Israelis from September 2000 to February 2005, PNIC Report GAZA, Palestine, March 22, 2005 (IPC) - - Since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising (Intifada) in September 2000, through February 2005, 4,009 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli occupation forces plus 82 were unregistered due to he Israeli measures, while 44,500 others have been injured, plus 8435 received treatment on the spot, according to a report published by the Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC) of the Gaza-based State Information Service. The PNIC report mentioned that the number of killed children aged less than 18 years reached 742. 261 females, 344 security members and 817 students and teachers were also killed during the years of the Intifada. As for the killed in extrajudicial executions perpetrated by Israeli undercover units and warplanes, the number had risen to 324, as that of those died due to delays at checkpoints mounted to 130 men, women, children and elderly. Meanwhile, the frequent Israeli armed settler attacks resulted in the killing of 49 civilians, while 36 members of medical and civil defense crews, along with 9 journalists and 220 athletes lost their lives to the Israeli forces. The total wounded Palestinians reached 44500 plus 8435 received treatment in the field, as the number of students and employees who were shot and wounded by Israeli gunfire has reached 4800. As for the prisoners profile, the report explained that 7000 Palestinians are currently jailed inside Israeli prisons and concentration camps, including 644 who have been in prison prior to the outbreak of the Intifada, distributed across 24 Israeli prisons, concentration camps and detention centers. Prisoner students reached 1389, including 310 children, 196 teachers and employees of higher education ministry. 800 others sustaining chronic diseases, in addition to 126 female prisoners including 41 have been courted while 10 others were administrative detainees. The report made clear also that the total number of demolished houses throughout the abovementioned period has reached 69843 including 7438 completely destroyed including 4595 while the number of partially demolished houses was 63099, of which 22879 in the Strip. As for the educational buildings that have been damaged by the Israeli aggression, 12 institutions were damaged, including universities and schools, which have been closed under military orders. 316 schools have also been exposed to shelling, as 43 others have been turned into military outposts, the report hinted. Regarding the Israeli violations against the Palestinian agricultural sector, the report referred that the total areas of Palestinian-owned lands that have been razed by the Israeli bulldozers reached 76471 dunums, as 2054121 trees have been uprooted. 765 stores have been demolished, 765 farms and pens have been devastated, 31056 of dunums of irrigation networks have been bulldozed, and 1326 water wells have been destroyed. 899767 broilers and 350148 layers have lost, while 14749 sheep, lost as well.12131 cows lost also, while 15265 bee hives have been damaged, as 397 water wells destroyed completely and 207 Palestinian farmers-owned houses have been demolished, the report counted.
57. not finished..
lynne   (06.14.06)
The PNIC's report mentioned that the number of unemployed Palestinians has reached 287.000, rating %31.2 of the Palestinian people, as the rate of poverty across the Palestinian territories reached %67.6 according to a survey pt poverty by the Palestinian central statistics bureau Dec 2003. The Israeli occupation troop violations against the journalists reached 724 attacks, as the shelling of residential buildings has been 31473 times since October 10, 2001until October 31, 2004, the PNIC made clear. As for the Israeli checkpoints that have been placed by the occupation troops across the occupied Palestinian territories, the report numbered them to 2924. According to the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy, 413 Palestinian industrial facilities have been exposed to severe damages due to the Israeli violations. Finally, the official Palestinian report said that the Israeli occupation authorities have expropriated 214127 dunums of Palestinian-owned lands for the sake of the Apartheid Wall.
58. Of course Israel is to blame - we are Jews
David ,   Karmiel   (06.14.06)
It makes no difference whether it was our shell or missile or whatever, Israel will always be blamed in the court of public opinion. However, one might ask His Incompetence Kofie Annan the following questions and he must compelled to give the same court of opinion his answers: 1. Has Israel been killing Arabs for over 100 years? 2. Did Israel declare war on the Arabs in 1948? 3. Has Israel committed heinous terror attacks and bus bombing in Arab/Palestinian towns and cities over the last 50 plus years? 4. Has Israel ever threatened to "wipe" any Arab country off the face of the Earth and drive its people into the sea? 5. Has Israel ever massacred children in an Arab/Palestinian school? The answer to all is "No" and if that incompetent nincompoop who calls himself the UN Secretary General answers "Yes" to any of them then we will know exactly what he is. Now let us ask one question of all those critical of Israel: What would have happened in the Middle East if the Arab World had not declared war but had accepted Israel’s plea for Peace? You all know the answer, don't you? What a wonderful world is could have been and how many lives could have been saved on both sides? Today, the only victor is the warped and inhuman ideology of Islamic fanatics to whom life, be it that of a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim or anyone else, has no value.
59. Statistic of shrapnel wounds
Benjamin ,   TA Israel   (06.14.06)
"shrapnel injuries - all to the upper body - suggested that the chance of that was remote and that a 155 millimeter shell caused the explosion." Ok, I did some research. In the Balkan war, Croatia, 1991, in the Vincovci General Hospital 90% patients were injured by shell fragment. The conflict in the region was characterized by repeated heavy artillery bombardment. Wound distribution: Head 10.2% Spine 1.7% Throax 14.9% Abdomen 8.5% Pelvis 11% Arm 23% Leg 45.7% As you can see in the artillery shell blast more than 50% wounds are to lower body. No wonder, because common shell explode from hit to ground. So the fact is that Gaza blast injuries inconsistent with artllery shell shrapnel wounds. source: Cristofer G Brady An analysis of wound statistics in realtion to personal ballistic protection.
60. To lynne;
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.14.06)
I think that the palis have gotten off easy.Any normal country in the world that had terrorist bombings and missile and mortar attacks like I srael has would have killed the enemy by the thousands. It is about time for us to act like other nations and kill them till they stop and be for peace.
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