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Storm: They hurt Rabbi Nachman
Neta Sela
Published: 16.06.06, 17:02
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1. honor shmonor
hanina ,   usa   (06.16.06)
oh really, Let's grow up boys. make nice and start over. If you have so much energy, go take your kids to the park.
2. Civic activity
Joy Springreen   (06.16.06)
will make you forget such small self-dividing trivialities.
3. Hassidim
Allan ,   Delray Beach, FLA   (06.16.06)
Nothing but a bunch of self serving parasites. Get rid of them all, I say.
4. religious disputes-sad if not so comical
avramele   (06.16.06)
In politics it is democratic fairness to have no holds barred debates... you give and you take...heat and vitriol are the stuff of real world decision making... however in the religious world the disputes are sickening -- who really knows what divine will is and from whence a teacher, scholar, or spiritual leader gained his (too seldom her) inspiration. Human beings should have a little humility and tolerance on such matters.... it is all TEKU! elu v'elu... gom zeh l'shaim shamayin... Whatever! shabbat shalom
5. YNet's daily haredi bash
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.16.06)
Right on time!
6. Insult a Muslim "saint"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.17.06)
Insult a Muslim "saint" and the Muslims will cut off heads. Insult a Rebbe, it's frontpage news for YNet! No fear of beheadings, kidnappings, bombings and other SOP of the Mohammedan persuasion.
7. Anti muslim obsession!! #6
Shai ,   T-A   (06.17.06)
An article about our dear jewish fanatics and one american uses the opportunity to attack the moslems!! It is pathological!
8. All I can say about this is...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.17.06)
..Habad has stopped running it's mitzvah mobile between 2-5 and after 9 p.m. but those stoned out Brelav boys don't care who they wake up or at what time!
9. tolerance in tsfat -2 jews 3 opinions
johanna ,   tsfat   (06.17.06)
here in tsfat we try and get on with everyone...secular and religious, hassidim and mitnagdim, ashkanzim and sefardim and so on. remember when you have 2 jews you have 3 opinions (at least!!) the population of tsfatis 25,000 approx.. so you work out the maths! apart from the breslav community there are also a lot (to put it mildly) of chabadniks.. most of whom are very messianic...which i think is more of a problem to judaism as a whole, than whether rabbi nachman suffered from mental illness. if he did it does not necessarily detract from his writings, if anything it may have helped him understand things better. they say that genius and madness are closely related... so who knows. in any case it sounds like a storm in a teacup. people who are newly religious often become quite extreme in their beliefs until they learn more and balance out things. if however they only have potted versions in booklet form, of things that require greater understanding, they are not going to get the opportunity to learn more and develop a deeper understaning of judaism and its texts. its a bit like trying to learn about kabbala from a "teach yourself kabbala" book in english. you are bound to miss something in the translation i don't know if the rabbi concerned was taken out of contex, but it wouldn't suprise me. in any case tsfat is known for its tolerance and understanding of the others point of view, so i am sure that this situation will sort itself out, and tsfat will continue to be a great place to live.
10. Dorothy - 1st of all its between 2 and 4 - Second of all
its the most archaic and idiotic law thats still on the books here. Most people are at work at this time and anyone who works crazy shifts should have the right to peace and quiet at any hour of the day. Noise sucks no matter at what hour it's overdone.
11. Allan in Delray Beach
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.18.06)
I've been following your talkbacks. "Kill them all." What a "tolerant" fellow you are! Not. I'm glad I don't know you.
12. #3 - Allan
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.18.06)
"Nothing but a bunch of self serving parasites. Get rid of them all, I say." Funny, Alan, on another thread concerning gays you said: "This attitude is repugnant and un-jewish. Where is the tolerance and love our scared Torah teaches? Is there no place in your hearts to accept others who may be different than you. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME! " I take it, your version of tolerance only applies to those YOU want to be tolerant of... How un-Jewish of you...Shame, Shame, Shame...
13. #7 Listen up
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.18.06)
You list all the kidnappings and beheadings carried out by Hasidic Jews over alleged "insults" and then we can discuss "pathological" anti-Moslem obsession. Until then, STFU mi amigo
14. Na Nach Nachma Nachman!
Abraham ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.19.06)
People have opposed the Breslav for so long, and they are often the one's that could benefit from Rabbi Nachman's teaching the most. Teachings that say don't be angry, don't be sad, despair does not exist. I'm going to throw my weight behind Breslav on this one.
15. Storm: They hurt Rabbi Nachman
limor ,   israel   (06.19.06)
aren' t there enough wars? can't we have some inner peace atleast? why all this fighting and name bashing? does it help you?
16. Nachman controversy
steve ,   london england   (06.19.06)
Quoting directly from the Ynet article: The Or HaYakar rabbi explained to Ynet the reasoning behind the attack on Rabbi Nachman. “There is the paved road which is clear: Torah study and other paths that have been accepted for years. But all of the sudden, this type of awakening? Seclusion, less learning, and once it starts, it becomes more extreme. The student no longer carries standard religious texts but only one of Rabbi Nachman’s works. This is not the paved road that the head of the Yeshiva and his teachers received. Each person does what they want in their own homes, but either you are here and continue in the path or you are not here.” Does everybody asks his or her self the question, 'Who is the ‘the Way, the Light and the Truth?’. Would such a question most often relate to one in the context of a marriage partner or a spiritual guide? The world has one Sovereign and each human being has to interpret whatever he or she encounters in life. The Or HaYakar rabbi is concerned that people see more recent spiritual thought and hermeneutic literature in their real context. This means one has to begin with Bereshiet and then let one’s eyes tread the pages of Torah and Tanak before embracing their progeny. I believe you have to see the first works as the real context, the real Brit Milah, and I believe that if you see the real context one’s mind’s eye is better able to see the spiritual and hermeneutic value in more recent compositions and publications of Jewish religious writings such as those of Rabbi Nachman. There was a beginning in Israelite literature that had its source in human thought. We must not allow the power of the printed word to usurp the authority of human thought for to let that happen devalues the printed word and subjugates the world to mythology. There was a beginning but the creation of the world is not over yet. It is the joy of Jewish people everywhere to know that where it written ‘chosen people’ it means we are co-workers with GOD in the act of articulating the creation of a world fit for human beings to live in. Only when this world arrives will the work of Creation be complete. The name of our capital city is testament to such belief in our participation in the complete architecture of a free world and if you cast your eyes in that direction now you shall see some profound thinkers are gathering there to talk about the real context of our lives and our Jewish faith in practice. Many people need many teachers. Teachers need to be seen as well as heard. Does everybody asks his or her self the question, 'Who is the ‘the Way, the Light and the Truth?’. Each one comes to this question with different knowledge and different experience. It will always be so. Because human beings are not machines that can be programmed with knowledge and experience. La’med … learn, study; become accustomed to … When the world is created everyone shall have Universal Human Rights and be at liberty and be free to read and write. Omen ve Amen
17. #12, 13
Allan ,   Delray Beach, FLA   (06.19.06)
You 2 are nothing but a couple of elitist orthodox hypocrites. You don't take criticism very and you certainly don't like it when someone points our your shortcomings. You were 2 the most vocal posters against the parade under the guise that It offends religious sensibilities. Well, you can take your sensibilities and shove them where the sun doesn't shine. Jerusalem belongs to every jew not only to the orthodox. If you don't like the parade don't attend it. I admit, I don't like orthodox and what they stand for. If that makes me racist, so be it. At least I'm upfront about it. You 2 on the other hand hide behind you pious facade. Screw you both!
18. #17
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.06)
"You 2 are nothing but a couple of elitist orthodox hypocrites." You were the one attacking me for not being tolerent and THEN you call the Orthodox 'parasites' and say 'get rid of them all'... Who's being a hypocrite? "You don't take criticism very and you certainly don't like it when someone points our your shortcomings" You never gave criticism. You attacked. "Well, you can take your sensibilities and shove them where the sun doesn't shine." Not very sensitive of you The difference between you and me Allan, is simple. I have debated based off of Jewish beliefs over the past 3300 years. I have not called anybody names or insulted anybody. You on the other hand, as your last post admits, have made personal attacks, broadstroking whole groups at once, andinsulting others at whim. The other difference between you and me, is unlike you, I live in Jerusalem. I work hard to live here instead of nice and confortable America. I care on what goes on here. This is my capital. Yours is Washington DC. Of course, if you're willing to be more open-minded about people who practice Judaism for the past 3300 years, and you wish to give up some comforts in life... well, you're more than welcome to join. But in the meantime... work on your anger. It doesn't suit you well nor help you in your case...
19. #17
RW ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.06)
"Jerusalem belongs to every jew" According to what, Allan? You've said that you don't believe in halacha nor the Talmud, which are integral parts of Judaism. You also don't seem to hold by the Written Torah, since it condemns homosexual behaviour... according to what, do you have piece of Jerusalem?
20. Horrifying Leshon Hara against a Blessed Tzaddik
Even Veyahalom ,   Tzfat, Israel   (06.20.06)
This horrifying act of leshon hara, certainly noted by HaShem, represents a very sad moment for all of the Jewish people. Rabbi Nachman is one of our greatest Tzaddikim and his stories and teachings glorify HaShem. Simple as that. Under a Torah government Eretz Yisrael would not be defiled by such behavior. The offender would be deported. I fear that HaShem, seeing the meanness to which Israel has devolved, is deciding to withdraw His support of us. Everyone needs to read the Torah portion of the week and pray that the Korachs among us are swallowed up by the earth. Moshe Rabeinu said, Listen, please. We all need to pray more and study more and listen please to ourselves before we engage in leshon hara. We can do better. Our declining standard of behavior is noted by our enemies, and saps our strength as the good true righteous people of HaShem. Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai is right, in the Ethics of the Fathers, when he says that Jewish men should talk to each other about Torah. Some would add, and nothing else, lest leshon hara raise up its ugly ugly head. Blessed are You, HaShem, who in His great mercy lifts His people from chaos. Amen. May all the people of Tzfat come together and elevate themselves above this ugly horrifying leshon hara and demonstrate to HaShem that we hate evil and love good. Amen.
21. #20 A voice crying in the wilderness
Moe Chile ,   London, Canada   (06.20.06)
May G-d bless you Even as you speak truth and shine His light for all to see! Shalom aleichem
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