Annan retracts remarks on IDF's Gaza blast probe
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 15.06.06, 20:35
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1. Finding an explosives device on the beach is strange
alen   (06.15.06)
Yes. Usually they are found in buses and restaurants
2. Kofi, has your son found another fraud ?
3. Anna is biased and anti-semite
Sabientje ,   Weston, USA   (06.15.06)
We all know Annan'a position when it comes to Israel. I guess his Arab friends paid a lot of oil money to clear his name after it was discovered how much profit his son made from the "Oil for Food Program" See the link and you be the judge of this man's lack of ethics.
4.  Marc Garlasco
Jon C. ,   Minneapolis, MN   (06.15.06)
Ever article I read about this matter quotes Marc Garlasco, he is a known Palestinian sympathizer who works for the very biased Human Rights Watch, an organization quick to renounce Israeli's action but with little response to the daily barrage of Kassam rockets.
5. Annan needs to retract his brain.
Yonatan ,   USA   (06.15.06)
6. Annan
Allan ,   Delray Beach, FLA   (06.15.06)
My comment from yesterday stands. Annan is a hypocrite and the UN is a joke.
7. Before getting too upbeat on Marc's report
Steve ,   USA   (06.15.06)
B"H "Bio of Human Rights Watch's Mark Garlasco. ... Marc Garlasco is the senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch (HRW ..." From Marc's bio ( ), "Before coming to HRW, Marc spent seven years in the Pentagon as a senior intelligence analyst covering Iraq." That would make those claims of intelligence failures in identifying WMD's seem to go in that department. It is not to say that Marc's work is bad. I just have no idea what his report is and I cannot speculate that it actually contains facts without seeing its contents.
8. Did we 'hear' an apology?????????
Ram ,   London   (06.15.06)
9. annan: think before inserting foot into mouth
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.15.06)
kofi, i know your first reaction is to blame israel, but you'll appear much smarter than you are if you remain silent on these things.
10. Annan's son
Sabientje   (06.15.06)
Who know how many other "secret deals" Annan's relatives and offspring and himself have in the back burner.
11. his done nothing for the .un.
eric ,   israel   (06.15.06)
he has not a clue how too run the.un.why the hell dont they sack the man,
12. #1 Nothing strange
Anthony David Marks ,   Tel Aviv   (06.15.06)
#1 There is nothing strange about planting mines, or other such explosive devices, in the sand to stop Israeli commandos from coming ashore. Such practices are done all other the world.
13. It makes total sense.
Cynic ,   USA   (06.15.06)
Shortly before the beach incident, Israel reported that a naval commando unit had entered Gaza and killed a Qassam squad. It makes total sense that the Pals would bury mines on the beach to defend agaist future actions of the navy.
14. I was just responding to media reports!
ARC   (06.15.06)
Annan, along with the rest of the passive Israel bashers, always, ALWAYS check the facts when reporting about 'Islamists' and even ignore facts that would prejudice the wider Islamic community. Sometimes even NOT reporting (like Qassam rocket attacks that happen...EVERYDAY!), just to avoid making these people feel upset and made out to be terrorists (who would be so callous to even think that?!?!?) But when it comes to big bad Israel, even heresay is enough to send the entire Israel-hating world into a tizzy. You wanted signs of anti-Israeli/anti-semitic feeling? You got it. Annan had to retract only because his statements made him look like an ass. Secretary-General of the UN cannot be THAT obviously against a country. The BBC is unhinged though, they have put Israel not responsible in quotation marks (implying this isnt true) and quote the Human Rights Watch guy who is refuting Israel's report and laying blame at their feet exclusively (based on what, and with what expertise? None!) Nothing short of Haniyeh himself admitting in every language, broadcast on every channel could Israel even begin of thinking of exonerating itself. I bet even then it will be 'a zionist conspiracy'. Just another day in the biased press
15. Guilty as hell
Sheikh Ahmed of Jafa ,   Jafa, Palestine   (06.15.06)
Israel murdered the Palestinians on the beach as it did so many times before. Israel was built on the corpses of tens of thousands of innocent palestinians and continue its genocide against moslem and palestinian people.
16. Kofi Annan
Sandra ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.15.06)
So, he was responding to "media speculation"!! What kind of a so called responsible person is this, to make such an incredibly stupid remark? The Secretary General of the UN, no less. Mind you, The UN is a total shambles that needs to be disbanded, and a complete waste of tax payers money. There's a very fitting quote from the film "A Fish Called Wanda", my dress has a higher IQ than you, Mr. Annan.
17. Does koofi wipe his mouth with toilet paper
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.15.06)
after he speaks? What kind of expert is garlic-assco?I hope they do not let this filth enter and leave gaza thru Israel.We have enough of a pollution problem as is.
18. #15..Ahmed Al Falafel
DR ,   Florida, USA   (06.15.06)
What about Palestinians killing each other all the time...nothing to say about that??? Do you know the meaning of Genocide? It is what Arabs want to do to the Jewish people...Palestinians are growing in numbers all the genocide!!! Get it moron???? All you do is regurgitate nonsense and hope people will feel sorry for you...not gonna happen. You people need to stop whining and start to learn how to read and write and be productive...somthing Palestinians know nothing about.
19. annan
ely ,   usa   (06.15.06)
20. Can a shell cause a crater
James ,   London UK   (06.15.06)
If it explodes mid air?
21. genocide? Sheik?
Yehu Ben Zohar ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.15.06)
Sheik, if Israel was intent on genocide you wouldn't be here. If you want to see genocide to Darfur where the Arab moslems have killed over 300,000 black moslems and non moslems. Arabs know how to do genocide, Jews don't. so SHUT IT!
22. Sheikh Ahmed of Jafa , Jafa, Palestine
as your name proves, sheikh Ahmad, you should go home to Riad stop occupying Jafo
23. Anan is hardcore Zionest..
Chris ,   Boulder, CO   (06.15.06)
His boss - USA - shut his mouth and ordered him to retract his comments. Shame on you Anan..Shame on you USA... The truth shall prevail.
24. Anan: Simply, shut up!
Coffee Mate ,   Nestle'   (06.15.06)
Israel is guitly to the core. It should learn from its mistakes rather than indemnified from them... Palestinians should be treated with dignity and respect rather than killed left and right. They should be granted their freedom and the right for self-determination.
25. Anan: SHUT UP!!
Coffee Mate ,   Nestle'   (06.15.06)
Israel is guitly to the core. It should learn from its mistakes rather than indemnified from them... Palestinians should be treated with dignity and respect rather than killed left and right. They should be granted their freedom and the right for self-determination.
26. #15. Yeah right!
Ram ,   London   (06.16.06)
And, 60 million years ago Israel exterminated all the dinosaurs on Earth. And when you go to Gaza and the West Bank they throw flowers at you. If you happen to be in neighbouring Israel and are unable to visit them, they take the trouble to send you flowers anyway. Are you really in Jaffa? (Pay attention to the right spelling!) If so why not in friendly Gaza?
27. Annan retracts remarks on IDF's Gaza blast probe? Retract? D
Sanjay ,   Saudi Arabia   (06.16.06)
How come a UN General secrectary could jump into a stupid comment before acquiring all reports of both sides? How come he can present for UN that personally criticsize a member country? Let him loose asap.
28. Anan and his son are more strange.
Alan ,   SA   (06.16.06)
29. #23
Ram ,   London   (06.16.06)
Truth = Facts, not the rubbish that Anan spewed out in order to appease those who line his pockets.
30. DR you hate pals more than Hamas hate jews
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