‘Modesty parade’ protests gay parade
Neta Sela
Published: 16.06.06, 09:10
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1. Shofar website
Martel   (06.16.06)
Please be advised, the website referred to in this article can be found at I originally checked out, which turned out to be a website for "messianic Jews" (i.e. Christians). This website makes it pretty clear who they are, but it's certainly not what I was expecting when I tried to check out Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak's website.
2. "Shofar" Group?
Daniel ,   Australia   (06.16.06)
I guess there will be lots of blowing. In all seriousness, the gays should be allowed to have their march, as long as it is modest. However, those against it are fully entitled to protest against it peacefully.
3. Thank you Ellen
A retired Palstinian ,   The Falkand Islands   (06.16.06)
For your honesty about being gay.
4. Good for you Amnon Yitzchak
Avraham ,   Tekoa   (06.16.06)
Jerusalem is a holy city! The gays can have a million parades, it wont make them anything more then perverts.
5. Modesty
sk ,   USA   (06.16.06)
Hey, I'm all for modesty in Jerusalem, and I'm all for freedom of speech and assembly. However, this march has nothing to do with "modesty." It has everything to do with vileness and hatred. I have nothing but scorn for the "rabbi" Amnon Yitzhak. I guess he was one of the "rabbis" who sold out Orange Israel for a pound of flesh (i.e. more welfare for the haredim). Damn him.
6. gays modest?
josh ,   jerusalem   (06.16.06)
if gays were modest would they have ever dreamed of exposing themselves to the normal heterosexual world? let them have their parade, but we should all petition the high court for a pedophile pride day also. they also have a right to show their preferances.
7. Liberal terror
Gordon Shifman ,   Shoham, Israel   (06.16.06)
So what's wrong with a demonstration againt the current trend of highly coercive liberal terror?
8. Kol HaKavod to Amnon Yitzchak!!!
AB ,   The Rock   (06.16.06)
In the name of 'democracy' all kinds of decadence becomes acceptable. The depths to which society is sinking is beyond belief.
9. SK
Abe   (06.16.06)
Fools like you are rare. How dare you shoot off your mouth when you have no idea what you are talking about. Harav Amnon Yitzchak spoke out against the dissengagement many times and even met with a group of youth from Gush Katif to try and encourage them. Speaking evil about a Holy man is a great sin. He has saved the lives of many, and given people hope. Don't judge a man by what the left wing secular media says about him. Untill you learn how to behave, do us all a favor and shoot your computer
10. #5
josh ,   jerusalem   (06.16.06)
amnon yitzchak is the last person to ask for governmental money for charaidim. he is also a no go with the orange deal. i agree with the rest of what you wrote. well said!
11. re.#10
josh ,   jerusalem   (06.16.06)
i take back what i said. i misunderstood what you said. i don't agree at all to any part.
12. #11
josh ,   jerusalem   (06.16.06)
ive thought about it again and would like to return to my original position. thanks and wishing everyone a very merry shabbat shalom ;-)
13. I don't understand
Jew ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.06)
What's the point of having it several days before? When you go out to war against an enemy, you go head to head. And what is this about a paltry 20,000?? There were nearly 600,000 just from the hareidi community in Eretz Yisrael standing against the HJC a few years ago. What we need is 600,000 men PLUS women and children from among the ENTIRE observant community (including traditional Jews) to face down this assault against Jerusalem.
14. avrom, oops amnon yitzchak yaakov
Modest???LOL . Will the new law on 'loud' ( such as decibels in wedding halls etc) be put into practice when this one starts his routine? Run for cover, if not. Hell fire and brimstone for all sinners.i.e. all those of us who dont agree with what he preaches and threatens.
15. At least someone is doing something
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.06)
Somebody has to stop this! Its not fair to have a parade in a town that will upset hundeds of thousands of its residents. Pure insanity. What has become of us?
16. Democracy vs. Theocracy
Daniel ,   Washington DC USA   (06.16.06)
Israel is in the unique position of being the only truly deomcratic theocracy in the world. Therefore both views for and against World Pride have a place there. I'm very glad that there will be a "Modesty Parade." I think it will demonstrate fanatascism from a Jewish perspective. I am also glad there will be a "World Pride Parade." It will demonstrate tolerance and acceptance. There are many Jews and Gentiles who will look at both marches and judge them. I just hope the media focus will not be on the extremists in both groups but rather the centrists. The doctors, lawyers, Rabbis, students, and parents both groups will have representing them. If that is the focus then we will all see the things both groups share. I for one would like to attend both Parades and see which one is more fun and interesting. With no agenda about my own Judaism I think it would be nice to see a religious Jewish "March on Jerusalem," followed by a Gay Pride Parade. Where else in the world can both groups meet before the Temple Mount? I just wonder will G-d strike anyone with his "strong hand and outstreached arm?" Or will her sense of humour continue and she just laugh again. I hope we encounter Shechina
17. hate breeds hate
grrloz ,   Australia   (06.16.06)
Demonising anyone based upon their sexuality is akin to all other great hate crimes. It is no different to racial vilification or any other hatred based on suppositions that one human holds less worth than another. It does not take great wisdom to see the greatest failing of human kind, is its ability to justify hatred. I would have thought that the experiences of our grandparents last century should have shown us that hatred in any form is abomidable and unjustifable.
18. parade
Yisraeli   (06.16.06)
sk your mistaken about Amnon Yitzchak hes a very very special individual, former secular I believe. He is one of the few genuine orthodox Jews who does much for his people especially reaching out to secular Jews. and he cant be 'bought'. Anyway kol hakavod to what R. Amnon is doing. If I were there in Jerusalem when the sodom and gemorah parade goes on, I would stand on the curb with my back facing the parade. Now if they were to parade to an audience where 90% of people have theyre backs turned on them, maybe they will get the message.
T.R.W. ,   Israel   (06.16.06)
It seems that these days any time someone religious stands up against or for something the secular people shout "religious coercion!!!" The seculars have made what they call being "liberal" the only way to be. what this means is that anything religious is fascist and anything secular is liberal and ok. Not OK this liberalism has become its self a facistic coercive suppressive cult of secular fanatics who rule out the feelings and wants of any one different from themselves. Jerusalem is a holy city with a majority of religious Jews, Christians & Moslems. If they do not wish that this 'event' take place in their majority city, and the seculars want to do it anyway with out disscussing it and considering these feelings than this is the true coercion by the seculars who have become exactly what they despise: a cult of "secular religionists", whose 'lawsof liberalism' take the place of the ten commandments/Sha'aria and they have no tolerance for others feelings.
20. #16 - Interesting Post; #13 you are a moron
Andy   (06.16.06)
Jerusalem World Pride 2006 will be an overwhelming success. If you think homosexuality is a perversion, then don't do it. If you want to protest, then protest. think it is a form of expression of love, and thank the holy creator that our right to convene in our beloved Jerusalem is recognized by the democratic State of Israel. #13 - is no "Jew" at all, if he attempts to foment violence, brother against brother. Take to the streets if you want, but know that your view is the minority in Israel. And if you plan on attacking anybody, then be prepared to have your own head handed to you, or a long jail sentence.
21. Pride March
Teresa Fowler ,   Mesa USA   (06.16.06)
The Bible tells us that in the last days "wrong will be thought of as right, and right as wrong." The Bible is VERY clear concerning homosexuality and many other sexual sins including adultery. Freedom in Christ is not about me and my desires or pleasures, it's about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walking the way He walked. The city is big enough for both marches-but it's a shame this agenda is finally pushing itself on the 'holy city' where Jesus walked. He understands our sinful nature He just doesn't want us to stay in it. He said to, "be holy as I am holy." Both sides need to be sure that we are walking in the ways of Christ-not cramming our lifestyles or opinions down others throats. It's a shame that any of us whether heterosexual or homosexual feel that we have to flaunt our sexuality-it should be a private and personal thing.
22. what fun
sam ,   USA   (06.16.06)
A gay parade in Jerusalem? Oh that’s going to be a lot of fun! I can see it now … the gay parade is now walking up Yofo street and oh look tables, chairs, cinder blocks, eggs tomatoes, and garbage are flying from the roof tops. Dumpsters are on fire all over the place and people are getting beaten up. Yay! What fun is that going to be …. Having a gay pride parade in Jerusalem is like sitting in a hungry lions den.
23. to #6
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (06.16.06)
And if Jews had any modesty they'd never have left the stetls to dazzle their goyishe counterparts. Remember the days when Jews could only enter cities through gates reserved for animals? Around 15-16th centuries at Rosenthaler Tor. When you speak against gays in this way, you speak against your own history.
24. Doublestandards
rob ,   nyc   (06.16.06)
marches sometimes should not go ahead if it inflames the majority of people living in an area. Should Protestants march through catholic areas in Northern Island. Should kahane march through Arab areas of Jaffa. It seems that liberalism and respect for peoples rights are of upmost importance. In SIrael. Although they are sometimes "selective" in inforcing it
25. Stand Fast
John ,   St. Paul, MN USA   (06.16.06)
Just a note to encourage observant Jews, Muslims, and Christians to stand fast agains the "pride" marches in Jerusalem. In the years to come when your communities are not bullied by a small minority focused on its own indulgences you will be grateful. Learn that lesson now from all the places in the Western World where "tolerance" is used as a tool to crush dissent from the new "gay orthodoxy" with all of the resulting social, spiritual, and physical maladies that follow.
26. It is time for Repentance
Brod ,   USA   (06.16.06)
This move is good. It is time for repentance. The GOD of the Jewish people who is also the GOD of the Holy Bible and the Creator of the Heavens and the Universe will be pleased to see His people turning to Him. When Israel turns to her GOD for help, no enemies can prevail against her.
27. Gay March
DT ,   Auburn USA   (06.16.06)
Daniel, have you ever seen the Gay march? It is anything but modest. It's perverted, filthy and offensive in every way. No one on earth should have the right to this kind of behavior anywhere, especailly in Jerusalem. With 'rights' comes responsibility to God and to each other to not offend, not pervert, not harm and not corrupt. The gay movement and it's activities show no respect for anyone, clearly including themselves. If they did, the march would not take place.
28. No World Pride
A Gentile ,   USA   (06.16.06)
Ever seen a gay pride parade? Half naked men parade down the street, flaunting themselves. They dress as Christian religious figures so they can mock them. Their parades are nothing but raw perversion. The purpose for choosing Jerusalem is denigrate and desecrate the Holy City of G-d. It has nothing to do with tolerance. If homosexuals plan to desecrate G-d's city, don't be surprised if He doesn't desecrate one of yours.
29. All Kinds of Modesty
The Golem ,   Los Angeles USA   (06.16.06)
There is more than one kind of modesty and R. Amnon seems, from the article, to be lacking in intellectual modesty. I fail to see how it is "modest" for posters to spew the most vile hatred towards us gay people because you want to control us. We, too, are children of Ha-Shem, made in the Divine Image and we too, will claim our place in the World, in the Jewish people and in Ha-Shem's love. It is time to understand Leviticus 18:22 in a new way, as our tradition haqs done so often and so brilliantly before, and for EVERYONE to learn a little modesty. There is enough Chutzpah in the world.
30. My gay little speech
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.16.06)
"Tolerance" means looking the other way and ignoring somebody who does something you don't like. Don't bother him, just leave him alone. "Tolerance" does NOT mean that you have to applaud and celebrate other people doing stuff you don't like or else be called "intolerant" "bigot" "nazi" and other bad stuff. People who really don't enjoy gay behavior should not be criminalized and sent to reeducation camps and forced to fingerpaint rainbows at gunpoint. JUST LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE, OK?
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