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Sephardim? Not in this neighborhood
Haim Levinson
Published: 19.06.06, 09:23
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1. why was the second temple destroyed again?
Lauren ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (06.19.06)
These "Haredim" represent a complet perversion of Judaism. They dress like the Catholic Polish elite of 300 years ago. They bring shame to all of us and if we really care about being Jews, we need to put a stop to this right away.
2. A good example of how yall think
John ,   US   (06.19.06)
You Jews are living in the dark ages.
3. disgusting and disgraceful. these people need to be stopped.
yonatan ,   nyc   (06.19.06)
these ashkenazi haredim are an embarassment to all jews and to medinat yisrael. they don't serve, they don't work, and they're discriminating racist ways are appalling. sorry if this sounds like i'm bashing all datim, in fact what i said should really be seen as the opposite, it just bothers me so much that a small minority like this can get away with acting this way. they are truly pathetic and something needs to be done to stop them.
4. In other times...
hiram al masry ,   tel aviv   (06.19.06)
some other men were selecting who had rights and who had not based on their " cultural heritage" and their " religious beliefs " I am sure the wise of you will read between the lines !
5. askenazims
av ,   london   (06.19.06)
this lot are not jewish at all they are not semites they are from eastern europe .also all jewish laws are sepharades .zohar .kabalah. soulhan haroch . and all great rabai are sepharades .so please stop this racist europeen abusing our religion
6. Looks like these ashkenazim have already...
Drew ,   Tucson, USA   (06.19.06)
decreased their own spiritual level with all of this horrible sinat chinam. My father is from Iran- does that make me less of a Jew, or less of a spiritual person? This community should be disbanded. what a disgusting thing they're doing.
7. King David would lauth...
Dani ,   Ra'anana - Israel   (06.19.06)
..about how you dress, if he wouldn't be ashame of how you behave!!! You have nothing to do with the jewish people... Shame on you!
8. Disgusting bunch of losers
JENNY   (06.19.06)
Just what we need, more people trying to cause divisions within our nation.
9. Loathsome people
Talula ,   Israel   (06.19.06)
It's just not possible to hate these people any more than I do already. Sanctimonious money grabbing misfits, the lot of them. I'd much rather live among Sephardim than that lot. ANY DAY!!!!
10. Well, here's something...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.06)
...that Shas can't blame Mapai for!
11. it's why I became a chiloni
Eyal ,   Tlv   (06.19.06)
Tired of the farce; the double standards; the inwardness; the racism; the hatred from those who are meant to be our spiritual guides...
12. To No. 2, John
NYC Girl   (06.19.06)
No, John. That's not how "y'all" think. They're a very small minority of the population and in no way represent the average Israeli. Frankly, I find them disgusting, but no more so than I find racists disgusting.
13. re: disgusting
guttmech ,   beit shemesh   (06.19.06)
Yonotan what do you know about whats going on here and why probably nothing
14. Put a quick end to this nonsense!!!!
Ram ,   London   (06.19.06)
15. #2
David ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.06)
All Jews are hassidic ashkenazim? I'd rather be living in a Jewish dark ages than your deluded throwback views that come from 1950's America. We were writing the books that shaped your nation while your ancestors were still smearing themselves with feces and running naked after game in the wilds. Go pick lice of your mate and learn to think before commenting on our problems with a minority segment of our society.
16. What's a chiloni?
Tanya ,   USA   (06.19.06)
17. They bought 11 months of pain on their death. Jews are not
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (06.19.06)
expected to be perfect, that why we have Yom Kippur. These absurd rule makers need a Yom Kippur every month. This is not Judaism, this is an attempt at Judaism gone very, very wrong. May they understand the misery they have created soon and ask to be forgiven.
18. John (No. 2) is right
Alissa ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.06)
19. Who really wants to live in Kiryat Sefer?
Gerd ,   Germany   (06.19.06)
20. Jews undoing history!
Nikos ,   Greece   (06.19.06)
If you are racist against your each other, what should we expect your behaviour toward the poor Arab population, Palestiniains, whom have been living on this land since the times of Canaanites and Phonecia!
21. # 12 NYC girl
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.19.06)
Yes indeed a small proportion, but a very big problem. First of all they are disgusting, particularly in the subject matter. Secondly, I offer you a thought for the day. The former "Chief Rabbi", Lau, is a candidate for the position of President of Israel. Should this travesty occur the following will be reality. A) A President who represents a small minority ( your words ) of the people. B) A President who would refuse to shake the hand of any woman at any official ceremony that he would be obliged to preside over. Fifty percent of Am Yisrael are "unclean". The first is bad, the second is unacceptable.
22. to 16
ariel ,   zurich, switzerland   (06.19.06)
"chiloni" -it's mean non reiligon and in his case he neant that once he was part of the ultra-orthdox sector.. and by the way this is not a word in english-that is in hebrew which wrote in latin-english letters..
23. John #2
ash ,   gush etzion   (06.19.06)
So all Jews are something because of a tiny percentage. So using that same model may I summise that all Americans are illiterate because an American can not say or write "You all"?? It is ridiculous to tarnish millions of people because of the actions of no more than a handful of people. Are all Americans murderers because of the Manson Family? Are all Americans racist because of the Ku Klux Klan? In addition to this there are many areas of America which are white or balck only. Now I know this is not an official policy but it happens nonetheless. Does this mean America is living in the dark areas because there are so many ghettos? I await your 'enlightened' response...
24. To 16# and 12#
#16 chiloni: secular: person who does not abide by his religious dictum. #!2 Chief Rabbi Lau is anything but haredi, i dont know how many lectures of him did you attend to claim such stupidity. Or do you judge people by the color of garments only?And he is entitled to live Jewishly too. Men don't shake women's hands. A matter of modesty and nothing to do with impurity...such ignorance some Jews need to have....
25. Maths is not my strong point but...35% against 65%....hmmmmm
kate ,   england   (06.19.06)
26. #11 - Why run?
Adam Shapiro ,   South Africa   (06.19.06)
#11 - If this article is true then I can completely understand why someone would be disgusted with this behaviour - I am! However, to brand all Orthodox people like this and to say that that is the reason you became chiloni is also ridiculous. Why run from the problem instead of trying to find your own derech within Torah and just ignoring these kinds of people. I am of both Sephardi and Ashkenazi origins and Orthodox. If indeed this article is true, then these people (in Kiryat Sefer) need to catch a wake up call. On the other hand, don't believe everything you read in the news.
27. Typical Israeli..
Mo ,   TA, IL   (06.19.06)
Why not build a fence around that place and keep the rest out like the one segregating the Palestinians?! We reached an irreversible point of disgrace in our modern History.. Jews came over to build their ideal world in Israel. Look where we are now..
28. Religion
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.19.06)
in all its manifestations is one of man's lesser inventions, it is a nonsense based on nothing, unsuitable to the mind of a mature individual. It is the triumph of light over dark, the triumph of stupidity over reason. A person living under the yoke of religion is not free to think, he is a vassal of the constrictions that he has placed upon himself. That one human should reject another, one Jew reject another, because his pathway to "God" is not the same as his, is the living proof of both darkness and stupidity. The purpose of religion, so it seems to me, is to stop or impede progress. How else can I interpret the fact that people wish to live in the past, respecting the laws of a society that existed thousands of years ago, and attempting to force them on others by coercion and political blackmail. Only a person free, as a bird on the wing, can soar to the same heights as a bird. Shame on any person who rejects his fellow man for the reasons stated in this article. He is not worthy of the appellation, human being.
29. Bulldoze the sty!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.19.06)
It is a shame that such a place excists.Let us get rid of this place and the things that live there. They have no place in a Jewish country.They have no place in our religion.They move into our neighborhoods and go around like missionaries.They try to steal our children to their paganism,it is not Judaism they practice.
30. #24 - Lau is more fundamentalist than most people realise
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.06)
Read his rabbinical decisions. He has very good pr people whose job it is is to make him look moderate.
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