Sderot family complains about traumatized parrot
Matan Tzuri
Published: 19.06.06, 22:56
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1. At least ...
Steve ,   USA   (06.19.06)
B"H At least ... cookie has a cure from searing! Finally, a solution! But maybe that other bird that had trauma in his home could move in to be cookie's friend. Finally, we have a solution for Zarif's parrot! (See,7340,L-3258450,00.html ) But when is the point that the animal rights groups will cry that this is creul and unusual punishment for Zarif's parrot to get cured of its cursing, but to ignore that the residents are under the same conditions! I actually expect a talkback on that point fairly soon.
2. Distressed parrot
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.19.06)
It will learn to mimic the sirens. Put its perch in the bathroom where it will mimic a flushing toilet all day long.
3. YNET's investigative journalism at it's best
4. Cookie would be a better spokesman for Israel than Gissin
5. Not another parrot story please! Hope beit din stays out!
gabriela ben ari   (06.19.06)
honesly, poor thing
6. if the palis show distressed kids, israel must show animals
idf pr   (06.20.06)
people like animals-they'll go awww when they see this on the bbc.
7. send cookie to peretz!
stephane ,   france   (06.20.06)
if you put cookie the parrot at peretz house;he will drive peretz so crazy by repeting all day long "red dawn",that thanks to cookie,maybe that finally peretz will decide to do something to defend sderot.
8. Is he red of distress?
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.20.06)
9. only parrots do they worry about
jerusalem ,   israel   (06.20.06)
They only care about parrots but people who are always injured nobody cares about
10. Most are missing the point
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (06.20.06)
I think some of you have gotten too callous and cynical. This is not just a silly "parrot story". It demonstrates that the hate-inspired shelling of Israeli territory, after Gaza has been emptied of Jews and Israelis affects not only those living on the border, including their children. It affects as well the most innocent of G'd's creatures, who can least understand what is happening.
11. Cookie for PM
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.20.06)
Everyone else is for the birds
12. Of Parrots and Talkbacks
Anthony David Marks ,   Tel Aviv   (06.20.06)
Sometimes animals and birds respond much faster to difficult situations than do humans. Take the expression 'like taking canaries to the coal mines' (to test the air quality). In a figurative sense, the situation of the Jews has been used in this context. They are like an early warning system for the general population. How appropriate that we now have a parrot the subject of a talkback!
13. Smart parrots
Gordon Shifman ,   Shoham, Israel   (06.20.06)
Nothing new: I remember the story from the Gulf War, when a parrot (in Haifa I think it was) learned to squawk the "Nachash Tzefa" code used to warn of an impedning missile attack - much to the alarm of his owners.
14. I think polly wants a cracker
Daniel ,   Australia   (06.20.06)
15. Cookie for DM!
Gerd ,   Germany   (06.20.06)
16. Red Dawn Parrot
Jay Stang ,   Houston, Texas   (06.21.06)
This is what happens when you elect Ehud Olmert to be Prime Minister. You might as well have elected Yasser Arafat to be PM. Israel made its bed, now it must lie in it.
17. Einstien the Parrot.WVX
Wazo ,   Canada   (06.23.06)
Re: 'Out of the mouths of birds' : Check out this bright bird that Dawn sent across to help teach my bird a couple of tricks. In "The Parrot that Owns Me" (by ornithologist Joanna Burger) there is a documented case of a parrot left for surgery that piped up: "I'm sorry. Please take me home. I love you. Don't leave me here!" (if I'm not mistaken, or some such). Not to imagine that a creature that can survive to a hundert und zwanzig in the wild without medical care would be bound not to gather a bit of sechel about what s/he's saying! The devotion and loyalty and sensitivity of avian species are used to describe Israel's relationship with the Creator, nu? More parrot stories, please. What was the outcome in the Zarif case - was it true?
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