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Jihadist site: Soccer is against Islam
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 21.06.06, 12:54
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1. What's next...?
Edu ,   Hzya, IL   (06.21.06)
To smile, to go to the cinema, to play music, to feel good, etc, etc,......?
2. Ole, ole, ole, ole...
John ,   Jerusalem   (06.21.06)
3. To Edu: Yes, that's exactly what they don't want
Efi ,   Tel Aviv   (06.21.06)
All of the things would be banned if these fascists ever got their way.
4. whatever is good, islam is against it
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.21.06)
what is islam for? try suicide murder, honor killings, vigilante justice, taliban dictatorship, and so on. religion of peace, you know.
5. They do have a good point
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (06.21.06)
Football-mania has reached catastrophic heights. People are quitting their jobs to go to Germany. I see English flags everwhere I look. People are even getting huge tattoos all over their bodies in support of England at the world cup. It has become diabolically pathetic. This football craze is tribalistic and primitive. Going to a FIFA football game does nothing but contribute to a corrupt organisation. It's such a shame that people are spending so much of their lives devoted to a GAME, whilst there are so many other more worthwhile things to do.
6. Thanks for sharing. But to late: S Arabia already played...
Gerd ,   Deutschland   (06.21.06)
7. :)
Crazy Rabbit ,   Some Field   (06.21.06)
LoL, this guy is soooo funny, I am surprised that some are taking him seriously. This guy belongs in the loony bin
8. #5
tasc   (06.21.06)
Of course, Ellen. Why to play when it's time to raise suicide bombers and get ready belts. It's just a shame to waste time, which could be spent so fruitfully.
9. #5 - To Ellen
C K Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (06.21.06)
Such Muslim extremists also advocate the killing of infidels (i.e. non-Mulsims like you and me) if they do not convert. I suppose that is also a good point???
10.  #5
That's why that sweet guy from Ghana waived the ISRAEL flag. He didn't want to upset you with yet another unionjack. Such thoughtfulness. The solution is many more blue and white flags of Israel in place of the hundreds that upset you so much. It can be arranged, sweetness. BTW Are you loyal to anyone or anything ma'am except to yourself?
11. 5 - "tribalistic and primitive"? "a corrupt organisation"?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.21.06)
you perfectly describe the palestinian and their leadership because: the palestinian cause "has reached catastrophic heights". and also that "People are even getting huge" bombs strapped "all over their bodies in support of" it. helping them financially and politically "does nothing but contribute to a corrupt organisation". and "It's such a shame that people are spending so much of their lives devoted to" it "whilst there are so many other more worthwhile things to do", like at least building ONE hospital for themselves. as you say, it's "diabolically pathetic". but if you say that about football and not the palestinians, you are the one who has a screw loose.
12. Oh Boo Friggin Hoo
Zvi   (06.21.06)
Football is a common ground we have. It isn't barbaric nor is it primitive. It has also given lots of people jobs and oppertunities. Football, on the whole, is ok. What should we be doing? Droning on and on about the quran, memorizing it and praying 5 times a day...Now THAT is unhealthy
13. Ellen will always find a way to justify Muslim fundamentals
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (06.21.06)
Even when they will be chanting for allah with a rusty carving knife over her throat she will think out a reason to justify it.
14. Question
Why is this #5 person reading Ynet so fanatically. What's wrong with the Times, Mirror, Mail?I read some of these, and I dont see that weird, ominous and depressing signature all over the pages like it is here. What's the fixation with our country? Odd, to say the least, that some dame from Hants swallows every detail written here so ferociously. It just doesn't make sense unless ....aha, no, couldn't be...
15. Shocked
Woman who hates socc   (06.21.06)
Wow, I'm suprised no one has said soccer is a SPORT everyone can enjoy. (Yes, just a sport.) It's something you can watch with a group of people and shed your religion, color, sex, etc. and enjoy together. Correct, fans are brutal when it comes to supporting their teams... Really, it something to unite everyone in the spirit of brother/sisterhood, or whatever.
16. No one seems to have said it yet............
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (06.21.06)
So I'll just say how delighted and relieved we all must be that Iran, having insulted Islam by playing, has been knocked out of the World Cup.
18. unified? hah.
Lloyd Schroeder ,   London   (06.21.06)
"vision of a unified Islamic identity" errr...since when where the arabs ever unified? they blow up their own people in iraq and around the world. they would kill members of their own family to save their own life... its football for heavens sake...idiot.
19. Olivia are you getting the burkas out for ALL BBC staff ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.21.06)
20. Islam and football
Baz   (06.21.06)
In Afganistan, the tribesman play a form of Polo using a sheep's carcas as a ball. Perhaps the Savior Sect can adapt football and use an infidel's head as a ball. Perhaps Ellen can make up some rules.
21. Nationalism is the Key Word
Michael Ghostwolf ,   Bella Vista, Ark, US   (06.21.06)
This is why I do not trust Americans who are Muslim. They live here yet they'd do nothing to defend this country against Islam, in fact they'd support America becoming an Islamic State. They want to take over the world with Islam and I'll never trust them for this very reason, they are not loyal to any country, just to their sick and twisted cult of a religion.
22. I think its obvious...
AG ,   Beersheva   (06.21.06)
Just look at the results from the Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Tunisia, no wonder they are bitter towards the World Cup. Jihad hahaha
23. 20 Baz : She could offer her head with the BBC sticker on
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.21.06)
her brains
24. No. 6 Ellen
Sandra ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.21.06)
So, you've reared your ugly head once more. Don't think you got the point. This Muslim web site wants "to work to establish an Islamic State in Britain". Bird brain!!
Mo ,   Islamistan   (06.21.06)
These idiots don't know what they're talking about. Soccer is a great sport and they are just mad that they are not fit enough to play it.
26. Let's face the truth
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.21.06)
breathing is not compatible with Islam, it is against all the teachings of the Prophet as handed to Him by Allah. We, the breathers of this world, should be sent to eternal damnation, we are worthy of nothing more for our blasphemous behaviour. Shame on us.
27. #5, who are you to say what's worthwhile and what isn't?
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (06.21.06)
Ellen, who are you to say what's worthwhile and what isn't? People make their own decisions in life as to what they do with their time.
28. soccer against islam
wliben ,   sf   (06.21.06)
Ofcourse everything is against islam and weirdos.
29. #28
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (06.21.06)
As a weirdo, I take offense to that.
30. I refuse to serve in the ideological battle
Muslim Refusenik   (06.21.06)
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