Rightist's dog compensated
Efrat Weiss
Published: 22.06.06, 12:14
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1. Poor Ynet. (It's to hot, isn't it?). Another big story!
Gerd ,   Germany   (06.22.06)
2. Another idiot judge another idiot police officer
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (06.22.06)
1000 nis does not cover for any expense. I hope Itamar gets what's he is entitlted to. Dogs do not need to walk around muzzled, not according to the law, not according to common sense. How could that judge accept to justify this police's actions, just because the barks scared him??? Chompy was on a leash on top of that! Imagine, next think you know they arrest dog's ownrwers because some one gets scared of their barking. From now on dogs will have to speak nicely like cooky the parrot, lest they find themselves detained. This policeman should get laid off, first: he ignores basic laws, meaning, a muzzle is not requiered. Secondly his kindergarten teacher did not teach him "woof" sounds are doggie's language. Third : he abused his powers exeedingly, Forth: he must provide identification if requiered by the petitioner, and last but not least: what piece of a sissy you are! Itamar lets us know what happens next ! woof woof!!!
AVINU   (06.22.06)
4. Two more losers, #2 and Ben-Gvir
Talula ,   Israel   (06.22.06)
It's Idiots like Ben-Gvir and their petty lawsuits that are clogging up the judicial system in this country. He was clearly expecting more than a measly 2,000 shekels. How happy I am that's all he got. WHAT A LOSER!!! Following closely behind by Gabriela Ben Ari.
5. #4 to talula Gvir is no looser, he won! Hurray for him!
gabriela ben ari   (06.22.06)
and will win in the next round too. Following closely behind Chompy
David ,   Israel   (06.22.06)
This country is really "going to the dogs", the courts have nothing better to do than deal with this?, what a waste of taxpayers money, court time, etc etc . This is absolute madness!!!!!
7. Chompy
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.22.06)
Good doggie!
8. Oh, get your headlines straight already, Ynet!
Karen R ,   Maryland   (06.23.06)
I know it sounds cute to say the dog was compensated, but it was the owner, and it had nothing to do with the dog itself. He was compensated for being dragged down to the station at midnight to be interrogated when it could easily have waited until the next day, not for some jittery officer pulling a gun on him and his dog. The police were wrong here, and the judgment was proper. I don't like right-wingers either, but the law is the law, and besides, the dog is probably too young to vote anyway.
9. "Free" media Israeli style
Henry James ,   US   (06.23.06)
2006-06-22 "Free" media Israeli style
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