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Fidel Castro to light Menorah
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 22.06.06, 14:00
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1. it figures......
zaq ,   ranaana   (06.22.06)
so castro being a brutal dictator keeping his people under the gun for over 40 years and eitan is making money off the suffering of the cuban people.......isn't it enough that he screwed pollard now he has to embarrass us to cozying up to the dictator we need a law keeping our nationals from helping despotic regimes......where is the left in this matter?.......rafi eitan.....not in my name
2. Eitan had better not come to Miami
Russell ,   Miami   (06.22.06)
The locals will all picket him. His friend in Cuba has a pretty dismal human rights record.
3. # 1 & 2 you are not being fair
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.22.06)
Dictator or not, I think it's a great gesture on Castro's part to light a menora honouring the memory of Jews that perished in the holocaust. Maybe he is mellowing in his older years. At least he does not that the international hatred for our People. That makes him ok in my book.
4. What an absolute moron...
Parkek ,   Hong Kong   (06.22.06)
Sadly, Israelis can be their own worst enemies! Didn't he cause Israel enough problems already with the Pollard affair. Then he whores himself out to a despotic leader at odds with the US. Lastly, 20 years later this moron has to get into politics which causes a rehash of the whole Pollard affair. If he wasn't such a self serving piece of garbage, he would have just faded away... Does anybody truly believe that he really cares about Israel, as opposed to himself? Another Israeli embarrassment.
5. now he is our friend the sob
haim ,   mtl canada   (06.22.06)
r we supposed to forget tht for the last 40 years cuba has always voted against israel at the UN HOW NICE
6. The Real Mr. Eitan is Emerging
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.22.06)
First learn about his role with poor Jonathan Pollard. Now we read about his connections with Communist Fidel Castro. Hoo-boy. Are we in trouble.....
7. what the hell is going on here????
Since when Castro became a supporter of Jews? He hates Israel! Eitan is an idiot, and should be thrown in jail for what he did to Jonathan Pollard!
8. #3 - Educate yourself
Russell ,   Miami   (06.22.06)
Castro's best friend is Venezuela's Chavez who is trying to start a leftist revolution in South America (Evo and Bolivia is the first one) and whose best friends are the Chinese and the Iranians. Lighting a menorah doesn't do much to counter Fidel's evil and oppresive nature. Just ask the thousands of Cuban Jews here in Miami.
9. Already Cuban citizenship, Mr. Eitan?
Gerd ,   Germany   (06.22.06)
10. fidel castro
american jew ,   usa   (06.22.06)
malzel tov to fidel. viva che.
11. Eitan in Fidel's Cuba
Márcia ,   Brazil   (06.22.06)
Maybe he would never go there had he seriously researched the history of the Jews of Havana.
12. #8 is right --
Márcia ,   Brazil   (06.22.06)
Besides, a menorah is a sacred symbol, and Castro's hands are soaked in blood.
13. OK People, you win...
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.22.06)
I feel educated now! Did not realized the dammage this ruler of Cuba did not only to his country but to Jewish People as well. My somewhat naive nature tends to think the best of people instead of the worst. Sorry if I offended anyone by my ignorance...
14. Have mr.magoo checked by a shrink
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.22.06)
This brain dead fool is friends with a brutal dictator and murderer.Then he insults the memory of the Six Million? He should be locked up in a rubber-padded room.
15. a correction:
Márcia ,   Brazil   (06.22.06)
Sorry, the mayor is the one who claims to be a researcher, not Eitan, whose only fault was to help Castro to exploit the poor Cubans, including the Cuban Jews. That's a relief.
16. Remove Castro's beard & he looks alot like Shimon Peres
17. You're all deceived by US propaganda
dpc ,   uk   (06.23.06)
"Cuban exiles" are just a bunch of well-off capitalists who want to return to subjugate the Cuban people (much in line with US foreign policy)
18. "he doesn't like israel, oh he must be a jew-hater" ...BS!
19. #3 and #10 -The bloodthirsty dictator likes dead Jews.
AK   (06.23.06)
And you're grateful. Meanwhile anti-Castro Cuban-Americans support Israeli Jews in the US Congress so that they stay alive. Just think about it for a second.
20. No Goyim have the name Castro
Hersche ,   Zurich   (06.23.06)
Castro is an ancient Spanish CABALIST name (Jewish Encyclopedia, etc, etc.) The communism confirms it. Brother against brother keeps the bloodline going, the PLAN alive. It has been this way since Benjamin was slaughtered. Please study history my people, it alone will unfold the daily headlines for you.
21. 8 Russell, Well said indeed: Ginette is a Naive Moonbat
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.23.06)
22. 13 Ginette: What history and current affairs Canada teaches
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.23.06)
how naive can anyone be - don't you poeple get education in current affairs in your country ? History ?
23. 17 dpc,uk : tell me does DPC stands for
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.23.06)
Deprived Pachydermatous Cetaceous
24. Wrong reasoning, #18.
Márcia ,   Brazil   (06.23.06)
Disagreeing with Israeli policies doesn't mean hating the Jews. But disliking Israel is precisely being a Jew hater.
25. #17
Natanel ,   Kiriyat Ata   (06.23.06)
sure...thats why the so rich cubans who flee cuba everyday by the hundreds float on self made boats, tyres, etc to reach the usa. cubans in the usa r poltical immigrants who came with nothing and as the usa enables people to follow their dreams, many cuban-americans now have a means of living (some of them even a high means). and eitan is the perfect example of a leftist - in short a looter who lives of other peoples created wealth.
26. he lives in cuba in a beautifull villa!?!?!
paola ,   Haifa   (06.23.06)
taking an example from his friend castro!? supporting communism and having lots of property at the same time!?
27. Castro, capitalist now?
anton ,   victoria   (06.25.06)
After destroying capitalist people and those who had capitalist ideas for 40 years, will Castro end up capitalist?
28. what's all this ranting ?
Vik ,   Paris, France   (06.25.06)
a monument in memory of the holocaust victims deserves better than this, doesn't it ? And as for hands "soaked in blood", Israeli leaders should know about it, shouldn't they ?
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