Family, friends mourn fallen soldiers
Anat Bershkovsky
Published: 25.06.06, 18:39
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1. Please place a Note into the Wall - link below
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.25.06) click into the link below the wall cam Shalom oubraha
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.25.06)
and parts of Holy Jewish Jerusalem. Don't let the deaths of these precious IDF soldiers and all of Israel's fallen heroes who died fighting for G-D, freedom, and Israel, be in vain! My condolences to the families of these beautiful soldiers. G-D keeps all His promises! A most wonderful future for Israel and His Chosen People, the Jews, that will bless the entire world! Isaiah 2:3 And many peoples will come and say, Come, let us go up to the mountain of the L-RD, to the house of the G-D of Jacob; that He may teach us concerning His ways and that we may walk in His paths. For the law will go forth from Zion, and the word of the L-RD from Jerusalem...
3. Israel's reward for appeasment
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.25.06)
Israel no longer has any credible deterrent and the Palestinians KNOW there will only be a small and ineffective response from the weak leadership of Israel . Olmert & Peretz can olnly move their lips and give hot air . That is all the weak puppets of the great failure, U.S.president Bush are allowed to do . The Road Map is noose. around Israel's neck
4. our brave soldıers do not worry we revenge hamas paınfully
netanya   (06.25.06)
5. R.I.P
Isak ,   Norway   (06.25.06)
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
6. the killing of IDF soldiers
D ,   USA   (06.25.06)
This is the result of the paralysis of this cowardly, traitorous"government" of Israel. How long, how long will these weak men will be allowed to be in charge??
AVINU   (06.25.06)
8. Re#2
Observer   (06.25.06)
If U borrow some money ,god would ask U to give them back BUT if U steel a land , then it is different story.I wonder if this is your land and god loves U, he would give it to U via peace NOT by killing Palestinians.we Muslims 100% sure that god would give us patience and courage to drive U out of our land... Lila Tova
9. Lila
Floyd   (06.25.06)
I've got enough patience as well. I'd love nothing more than to see you evil savages pay for what you've done...and you will...because I have patience!
10. Two courageous young men who sacrificed their life for Israe
Daisy ,   USA   (06.25.06)
God bless you and your families.
11. #8 Wicked Desire to WIPE OUT Israel FORETOLD IN BIBLE
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.25.06)
Jerusalem is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible, not once in the Koran. There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. The present-day hatred for Israel and the evil desire to wipe out Israel was foretold by G-D in the Bible thousands of years ago: Bible, Psalm 83 Do not be silent, and O G-D, do not be still. For behold, Your enemies make an uproar, and those who hate You have exalted themselves. They make shrewd plans against Your people, and conspire together against Your treasured ones. They have said, "Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more." For they have conspired together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant...
12. #10: When are you going to sacrifice your life too?
Hammoudeh ,   Jenin, Palestine   (06.25.06)
This will indeed please God and the rest of us, as we won't have to see you around hehehe
13. This is a site for the family of fallen soldiers Arabs are
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.25.06)
Dementêd - totally demented Only come to this site to RANT Sick
14. #8 MILLIONS Jews Spent on LAND & Devel. would be EASY BOOTY
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.25.06) Hamas: ´No Peace, Ever, Without Return of Millions of Arabs´ May 16, '06 by Hillel Fendel ...the claim that the Arabs were cruelly thrown out of their homes by Israel in 1948 - when in fact the largest number of Arab refugees fled only at the urging of their own leaders, who promised them a swift victory over the fledgling Jewish state and a quick return to their homes. For instance: * Arab League Secretary-General Habib Issa said in June 1951 that his predecessor Azzam Pasha had "assured the Arab peoples that the occupation of Palestine and of Tel Aviv would be as simple as a military promenade ... and that all the millions the Jews had spent on land and economic development would be easy booty, for it would be a simple matter to throw Jews into the Mediterranean ... " * In addition, the Research Group for European Migration Problems found in 1957 that "as early as the first months of 1948, the Arab League issued orders exhorting the people to seek a temporary refuge in neighboring countries, later to return to their abodes ... and obtain their share of abandoned Jewish property." * Abu Mazen himself - now the chairman of the Palestinian Authority - wrote in 1976, "The Arab states succeeded in scattering the Palestinian people and in destroying their unity. They did not recognize them as a unified people until the states of the world did so, and this is regrettable." * Monsignor George Hakim, the Greek Catholic Bishop of Galilee, said in 1949 that the Arabs of Haifa "fled in spite of the fact that the Jewish authorities guaranteed their safety and rights as citizens of Israel." * Even a British police commander in Haifa said in April 1948, "Every effort is being made by the Jews to persuade the Arab populace to stay and carry on with their normal lives, to get their shops and businesses open and to be assured that their lives and interests will be safe."... *
AVINU   (06.25.06)
16. hey #12 , youll get yours wait in line, remember Homat Magen
Dont mess ,   Israel   (06.25.06)
17. #12: Bite me
Hammoudeh ,   Jenin, Palestine   (06.26.06)
Remember Gush Katif? hahah
18. Time of utter desolation
Marcel Abel (France)   (06.26.06)
To families which are in deep mourning I would like to offer my deepest condolences. I also would like to thank people who found here comforting words in time of distress. « And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. » Apocalypse 21, 4
19. #1. Thanx for the Link. Just visited.
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (06.26.06)
Dear Visitor, Your prayer is now in Jerusalem. Shortly, it will be placed in the Wall. May the Almighty answer your request. Sincerely, Rabbi Kalman Packouz
20. Join you #2,7: Don't reward murderes!!!
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (06.26.06)
21. Yair Lapid ("I am ashamed"): #5 for you to read!
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (06.26.06)
22. kidnapping & deaths
mike m ,   vancouver canada   (06.26.06)
Almighty God calls us to forgive one of revenge only takes us closer to the abyss. Peace.
23. #12/17
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (06.27.06)
Go on, show the world your real face. Show us what a dirty mentality you have. It,s good the world wake up and starts to realize how people like you really are. My heart is with the family, friends and collegues of the 2 young, brave man that lost their life. Keep the good memories close to your heart. My thoughts are also with their 2 friend that survived. Hope Galid will be home soon and hope the other boy will recover quickly and will have all your support to handle this big trauma.
24. 12 + 17: Hammoudeh: You show the proof to the entire
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.27.06)
world - that you are the lowest scum that exist
25. z''l
yonatan ,   nyc   (06.27.06)
26. To the scum #24
Hammoudeh ,   Jenin, Palestine   (06.27.06)
Look who is talking? a poisoneous snake which dwells on seeing us murdered every day. Your so called innocents wee in a MILITARY tank Shelling my people, while Huda Ghaliya was on the beach playing in the sand when her father, mother and 4 brothers were killed, so shut your filthy outlet please
27. 26 Hammoudeh: Its' about YOU - you missed the world opinions
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.27.06)
unless you think - the entire world is scum - and little YOU - is perfectly in step with the Rule of Law and reality Funny ---- how you have not yet listened ---- to worl news and opinions ---- instead of Arab propaganda
28. #27
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (06.28.06)
Yes, Hammoudeh is funny and probably only watch Arab propaganda and don,t realize how people all around the world get sick of people like him. The best thing is just to ignore them. There are much more important people that deserve our attention like Gilad and Eliyahu. Warm regard from Holland to Switserland!
Susan ,   Florida, MIami   (08.09.06)
You were put on the earth for a good reason not a bad one--whats the point of killing yourself for no reason?? You might as well do good....!!!! I LUV ISRAEL---ISRAEL ALL THE WAY!!
30. #!2#27
Isatali ,   U.s.A./ Israel   (10.23.10)
This side for the family of fallin soldiers and for the Israeli citizen who they died in the terrorist hand , What this hammoudeh write on this side ,Where is jenin palestine on the map???? you hate you are a row model for the palestinian people people ...God bless Israeli and the I.D.F
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