Parents' plea to kidnappers
Hagai Einav
Published: 26.06.06, 11:37
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1. I HEARD >>>>>>>>> YOU KNOW WHAT ?
JOEL ,   USA   (06.26.06)
You know that PM boss HANIYAH sisters are living in Israel .,. You KNOW WHAT YOU SHALL DO to get back GILAD .
2. Shut down of electricity to Gaza
Rafi ,   Ra'anana   (06.26.06)
The electric power to Gaza should be shut down and stay down until the soldier is released.
3. Why sending your son to kill others?
Maybe it is time to think what Palestinian moms and dads suffered too. Or are your souls more worthy?
4. #2
Colin   (06.26.06)
Agree shut off all supplies and end any support given to them by Israel, if needed go in there on a 2 week basis and finish it all off for once and for all........sick of these monkeys, in fact sign me up for duty
5. to #3
laura   (06.26.06)
There is a big difference between serving in the army to protect your country and digging a tunnel, attacking an army post and kidnapping and possible tourturing a 19 year old kid. Israeli's do not illegally enter gaza, kidnap and tourture people - there is never an excuse/reason for this sort of behavior, I'm sure everyone wishes Gilead a safe return home.
6. #1+2 arogants!
pal ,   pal   (06.26.06)
you better think differently and wisely
7. #3 Arab moms rejoice when their kids become "shahidim"&kill
The Real World ,   Israel   (06.26.06)
watch actual clips of mothers sending their children to die, and then rejoicing when they die: more great arab lies enjoy!
8. numero 3.........yeah our souls are more worthy
aviv ,   israel   (06.26.06)
9. #3 palestinian moms and dads
jana ,   tel aviv   (06.26.06)
it is very difficult to feel how palestinian parents feel when they themselves are filled with pride and happiness when their children blow themselves up and murder other moms and dads, girls and boys, grandsmothers and grandfathers and little innocent babies!!!!!!
10. sad reality
cordier   (06.26.06)
peretz has destroyed the power of deterrence of tsahal; if i was iranian i know now that i can bomb israel even with a nuclear bomb, peretz won't order reprisals because it can kill a non-jew civilian and it is not a jewish and civilised value... you have NO deterrance band of stupid israelis... If Olmert were serious tv of the world would not showing image of israelis tank near gazza...hamas don t be afraid, peretz and olmert don t want a fight they just bluff..; You want proof they say an ultimatum of 24 hours, 24 hours later an ultimatum of 48 hours and NO military operation, nothing, nada, kloum...Olmert frenetically phone ambassadors and beg them to help him...poor israel directed by a band of liars who live in a dream cut from reality
11. #5
sami ,   ram   (06.26.06)
the army enterd gaza illegally and kidnapped two guys just 24 hrs before this operation, why do you give them the right to to do so and the palestinians not do it!!? now his mother missed her son for less than 24 hrs, whats about palestinian mothers who have their sons jailed for more than 20yrs by israeli ! do not they have the right to call for releasing them in exchange of this soldier? WHEN militants kill and kidnap soldiers they are terrorists!! BUT when israeli army kill civilians on the beach and when having lunch in their homes not terror!!
12. #3 #6
gabriela ben ari   (06.26.06)
That's why you've sent THOUSANDS of your kids to explode other kids and families in Israel? Because it's so painful lol? did you ever answer this question to yourselves ?
13. okay okay...consessions?...
DCO ,   Israel   (06.26.06)
The IDF is willing to arange a special meeting beteen Ham-Ass and Allah. The meeting will take place after a certain operation in gaza, and will be followed by frivolous drinking with 72 virgins. The IDF reclined any invitation to join the in the meetings.
14. 6 - "think differently and wisely"? or else what??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.26.06)
is that a threat? i'm sure it is, since it is the way of terrorists.
15. Both Israelis and Palestinians are at fault!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (06.26.06)
If both recognize that a full and total peace between the two people is a must then and only then this cycle of violence and counter violence, revenge and counter revenge will come to an end! Peace.
AVINU   (06.26.06)
Palestinians authorities KNOW about kidnapping ? What that MEANS ? SHUT DOWN ELECTRICITY TO GAZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. to #11
me   (06.26.06)
The big difference is that those two guys that were kidnapped, are terrorist which had a hand in the incident, and the kidnap was in order to get from them information in order to prevent this incident. Those guys which behind bars are there because of their crimes against humanity and even so they have better conditions than they would have outside. Until know it was not proven that it was the IDF fault and more clues were found indicating the big lie of this incident. Final - a person which in captive in the israeli hands considered being in a five stars hotel compared of being in captive in the Palestinians hands.
18. Shut down all electricity untill this soldier is back alive
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (06.26.06)
Shut of all the electricity etc... until this 19 year old boy is home alive with his family. Gilat stay strong. You are in our thoughts.
19. #6 enough!
pal ,   pal   (06.26.06)
who threats who? 10000 pals captured not enough? think deeper!
20. you all must all see #7 - mommy dearest
janet ,   hertzelia   (06.26.06)
unbelieveable or better yet - VERY MUCH BELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!! please watch these movies!!!
21. #1, Joel: NO!-Case for so called Internat. Court of Justice
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (06.26.06)
22. Kidnapping and Ultimatum
myron ,   USA   (06.26.06)
This kidnapping should be the final chapter in the 50 +year war with the "Palestinians". The ultimatum issued by the Israeli Gov't should be a strong "or else"--namely, that either Gliad is returned alive within 48 hours or the final attack will begin , bringing about the evacuation of all arabs from gaza to Egypt , Jordan, wherever, and the re-integration of "gaza" into Israel.In other words, at this point, the nearly 60 year war of attrition (which Israel is losing) will be brought to a close and the surreal, absurd notion of a "Palestinian State" will also be abandoned.
23. #3 - Question
Talula ,   Israel   (06.26.06)
Why do Palestinian suicide bombers strap 3 kilos of explosives to themselves and detonate it in crowded places? killing people in cold blood? You have the advantage over Israel in that you are fanatical in your beliefs and the sanctity of human life means nothing to you. Why? because you will get 70 virgins? that means more to you than your own life? Sadly, almost every Palestinian is a potential suicide bomber. When we execute a targeted killing, we try to avoid civilian deaths - but, in any war (of sort) civilians suffer the most. We are not interested in the simple civilians of Gaza and the West Bank, we are interested in the people that are brain washing them and sending them to kill and mame us. So, you see Sweetheart? that's the difference.
24. #11
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (06.26.06)
Why were the wounded people on the beach first showered/cleaned before they went to the hospital? Why was Israel not allowed to search the beach? Why.... You know why; because the Palestinians don,t want the world to know that it was their mistake and not from Israel. But you know, the world is not crazy. We know you cannot trust the palestinians because when you turn they put a knife in your back.
25. #15. (1990) Both Kuweitis and Iraquis are at fault!
I neither want to "attack" nor bother you, Abdullah. Your intention is good, I know. Abdullah, lets assume its 1990 again: ++++++++++++++++++++ 15. Both *Kuweitis* and *Iraquis* are at fault! If both recognize that a full and total peace between the two people is a must then and only then this cycle of violence and counter violence, revenge and counter revenge will come to an end! Peace. (Shukran. Salam.) Abdullah , Kuwait City (+ Gerd, Germany) (06.26.06) ------------------ The point is evident.
26. Hello socio experts
Sabra   (06.26.06)
everybody here is an expert in the palestian sociaty ,,,...or depend on you media experts in IDF ....a mom is a mom and a dad is a dad all over the world exept in Palestinann soseity ....what a logic you keep repeating animal protects its small but not Palests???? can it be the result of 40 years of occupation and IDF was resposible of the education there ???????
27. Parents
Brod ,   USA   (06.26.06)
The parents should not be involved in this. Olmert is accountable for the performance of the IDF in protecting the people of Israel and the country. The savages understand force only. Hence, the IDF should enter Gaza and do what is necessary for the good of Israel. Failure to do so will only embolden the savages to fire more Qassam Rockets at Israel, kidnap more Israeli soldiers and attack Israel more frequently. Weak political leadership will only paralyze the IDF from protecting the Israeli people and the country. Hence, if the government cannot perform their task and duty of protecting the citizens of Israel and the State of Israel from enemy attacks, they should resign and give way to the Opposition to form the government. Israel deserves and needs a strong government to neutralize the enemy and restore Peace through Strength in Israel.
28. to # 5
Sabra   (06.26.06)
why men in IDF hide and put a kid like gilad to be killed and kidnaped ??????if he is considered as a kid????
29. #22 and ' final chapter '
pal ,   pal   (06.26.06)
thats eventually what will bring to a close the absurd notion of a "Jewish State" as well. GO AHEAD!
30. #28 and #29
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (06.26.06)
It will be a great idea to block the electricity because than i don,t have to read your bull any longer.
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