Extremists curse Olmert with Pulsa Denura
Efrat Weiss
Published: 27.06.06, 22:08
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1. Yawn.....Slow news day?
Barry ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (06.27.06)
2. every other word is"right wing extreamists" shoddy reporting
Efi ,   Israel   (06.27.06)
3. Oh Well, see if there is truth in 1 year huh?
Wako ,   Jacko   (06.27.06)
4. You Forgot to Mention
Jewess ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.27.06)
One was also done for Rabin. Looks like it's more than just a "legend."
5. Shabak at it again
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.27.06)
Shouldn't they be involved in rescuing the captured soldier instead of staging stupid stunts?
6. I thought you didn't believe? No atheists at YNET?
7. Re #5: If I were Olmert, I would council Shas
Steve ,   USA   (06.27.06)
B"H When these stories come out, "coincidentally" other elements within Israeli politics take extreme advantage of them. As a Jew, I see no reason to curse Olmert. As a Jew, I am obliged not to curse a leader among my people, and he is representing the position of a large number of Jews who voted him in to power. I always pray that he remains in good health, and that he comes to light and actually listens to the warnings before him with good council. Like this week's Torah portion, where Korach's rebellion is a indirect conversation of the Devine with Moses on his fate, but also a conversation of those who rebel, it must not be that these few make such a mistake for the entire Jewish people by not coming to terms with his leadership, may Olmert summon them. His government under Sharon saved the life of a revered Jewish sage. The Jewish people need to focus on Iran and keeping it from achieving its aims of annihilation of the Jewish people through prayer, and only Olmert has been able to explain this to the world coalition needed to prevent a disasterous outcome for all mankind. Please G-d heal Olmert.
8. They don't have to curse Olmert
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.27.06)
the extremist left fails to understand that they are alll cursed and that Olmert is also already cursed. By rewarding evil (Isamic terrorism)and becoming cruel to their own brothers on the right ,they have CURSED THEMSELVES. No one has to curse them ,they have already done it to themselves. Sadly most of these godless fools are too blind to wake up to the soon destruction which awaits them. Most of them are hopelessly lost and will not wake up until the heat of G-d's wrath burns them. Then it's too late .
9. PDenura done on Trotsky, Rabin & Sharon. 100% Success Rate!
Eilon ,   Yerushalyim   (06.27.06)
10. I believe that only G'OD decides!
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.27.06)
They can do whatever they want; only if Olmert ,or whoever, deserves bad things because they are damaging People and Lives in an Espitual level ,in a very deep and harmful way ,then G'od will allow he or her to be punished. That's what I believe. One can not damage other Lives and Souls without being punished somehow. I think this is natural.
11. Is it possible to do pulsa denuras on terrorists?
12. Weiss, yet again tries to smear the religious right...
Jeremiah ,   Israel   (06.27.06)
with what amounts to be hearsay from anonymous sources and unnamed participants. Weiss should write for the National Enquirer... Satanic Kabbalist Settlers Terriorize Bat Boy!
13. A Stunt
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.27.06)
Someone must have pulsa-denora-ed my 93 Peugeot the other day since the transmission suddenly went and I can't get the old heap into reverse. Hoo boy. I have serious doubts if the PD they are trying here has any real effect. I believe that it has been already said that for many many generations no one knows how to apply Practical Kabbalah, not to mention that any attempt to do so is highly discouraged by all great rabbinical authorities. So I understand. Regardless, I appeal to whomever it is that put the curse on my car to please lift it immediately.
14. It thought it was said on Ariel Sharon
by one of Israels greatest Rabbis Rabbi Ovadia Yosef that he will go to sleep and never wake up. I guess the Rabbis have a certain connection to G-d.. I do also know the Kennedys were cursed by a great American Rabbi because he didn't want to help the Jews during the holocaust. So far most of his children and grandchildren died weird deaths. one was assasinated another hit a tree while skiing and another died in his plane crash with his whole family.
15. more mumbo jumbo. get a life you shmucks
16. Did some of these guys... do Business
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (06.27.06)
in Manchester?
17. To No. 9
NYC Girl   (06.27.06)
Then why the hell didn't they do one on Arafat?
18. To #17
Cecile ,   Bayou Sara, LA, USA   (06.28.06)
They did do one on Arafat, and on Sheik Yassin and Rantisi too.
19. Can we get one for G.W. Bush?
David ,   Washington, DC   (06.28.06)
20. Worked for 2 traitors well.
Chaim Patish ,   Holon, ISRAEL   (06.28.06)
Arabin dropped dead on the 30th day after Pulsa. Arik got struck, but not killed right away for his past good deeds. Olmert got little to hope for. G-d is with us, we do not fear!
21. Pulsa D'Nura
Yisraeli   (06.28.06)
Its a misconception that PD is a cursing ceremony, it is not. I will tell you what it really is. It is a ceremony asking the creator to judge a particular individual now and not when normally after the persons life for all his actions. If one is wicked and instead of allowing his actions to continue the PD is calling that he be judged NOW for his actions. Thats what it really is.
22. To No. 18, Cecile
NYC Girl   (06.28.06)
But, unfortunately, not soon enough.
23. Please Rabbis
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.28.06)
could we have one on Ellen and HItchings, If you promise me it will work I am prepared to wear a clown suit for one day, I promise.
24. Not Very Jewish
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.28.06)
When Rabbi Meir prayed for the death of local heretics who were constantly baiting him his wife, Brurya, chastized him and told him he should be praying for them to become pentinants. He immediately did what she said (as Abraham listened to Sarah).
25. #14 it was the....
Yisroel ,   USA   (06.28.06)
6th lubavitcher Rebbe i think
26. 23 Yakov
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.28.06)
They don't need a special treatment. They were born cursed already,especially your first example. Their lives are a diary disgrace.
27. 'Incitement?' 'Activists?' Weird choice of words.
M├írcia ,   Brazil   (06.28.06)
Do you believe that they are inciting...G-d? What are you afraid of? That, by mistake, G-d concede what they have prayed for?
28. Olmert watch out
Avraham ,   Netivot   (06.28.06)
29. wackos
darryl ,   israel   (06.28.06)
the voodo wackos are at it again woooooooooooooooooo
30. In Haiti , they kill chickens and practice vodoo !
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (06.28.06)
Same type of primates lunatics !
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