IDF launches Gaza offensive
Ynet reporters
Published: 28.06.06, 04:20
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31. #16 The Blood spilling....
blasater ,   usa   (06.28.06)
as usual, was started by the arabs. Arabs had the chance to start new with the clearing of Gaza but you just cant help yourselves, can you. You have to turn Gaza into a terrorist community. Firing your pathetic weapons around women and children. The blood is on the hands of the arabs. Anyone with an IQ above 100 can see it.
32. Hope Israel gets whipped!!
Fred ,   Ontario, Canada.   (06.28.06)
May god protect and bring good fortune to the brave people of the Palistinian lands. It is time to stand up and fight for what is right! I hope they show these Zionist butchers a good time!
33. Marcel... you were saying?
34. We are sickntired of winning- thats why a loser
Alan ,   SA   (06.28.06)
35. # 16 Karim
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.28.06)
Palestinians are one big stain on Islam and in turn, Islam is one big stain on Humanity.
36. Its not the bridges that need destroying - its the arabs!
Eilon ,   Yerushalyim   (06.28.06)
37. To to arabs the arabs way ....
lechu ,   poland   (06.28.06)
Throughout the early 1980s the Muslim Brotherhood staged a series of bomb attacks against the government and its officials, including a nearly successful attempt to assassinate al-Assad on June 26, 1980, during an official state reception for the president of Mali. As a machine gun salvo missed him, al-Assad ran to kick a hand grenade aside, and his bodyguard sacrificed himself to smother the explosion of another one. Surviving with only light damages, al-Assad's revenge was swift and merciless: only hours later many hundreds of imprisoned Islamists were murdered in a massacre carried out by his brother Rifaat al-Assad in Tadmor Prison[1]. Calls for vengeance grew within the brotherhood, and bomb attacks increased in frequency. Events culminated with a general insurrection in the conservative Sunni town of Hama in February 1982. Islamists and other opposition activists proclaimed Hama a "liberated city" and urged Syria to rise up against the "infidel". Brotherhood fighters swept the city of Ba'thists, breaking into the homes of government employees and suspected supporters of the regime, killing about 50. In the eyes of al-Assad, this was total war. The army was mobilized, and Hafez again sent Rifaat's special forces and Mukhabarat agents to the city. After encountering fierce resistance, they used artillery to blast Hama into submission. After a two-week battle, the town was securely in government hands again. Then followed several weeks of torture and mass executions of suspected rebel sympathizers, killing many thousands, known as the Hama massacre. Robert Fisk, who was in Hama shortly after the massacre, estimated that 10,000 to 20,000 citizens were killed, but according to Thomas Friedman Rifaat later boasted of killing 38,000 people. Most of the old city was completely destroyed, including its palaces, mosques, ancient ruins and the famous Azzem Palace mansion. After the Hama uprising, the Islamist insurrection was broken, and the Brotherhood since operates in exile.
38. May Israel completely fuck over the Gaza Strip
39. Dont be fool
Sameh ,   gaza   (06.28.06)
invading gaza will mean risking the IDF troops and exposing more soldiers to abductions and death......surely Gilaad is safe becuase his kidnappers want him to remain alive and safe.....people of israel should calm down and stop pushing the IDF to entre with thier feet into Gaza's death trap.
40. #32 You r a fool.
chris ,   LA,USA   (06.28.06)
Fred or Fashad? What is tyour real name? Go and fight with your brothers and proove that you mean what you say. sitting in Toronto, nice and safe u r a hypocryt! Come to Gaza and defend your terrorists!
41. Regrettable but necessary
Karen R ,   USA   (06.28.06)
It is sad that the terrorist leadership has let its thirst for blood bring down this attack which will inevitably involve civilians, but it is unfortunately true that Israel right now has no alternative. Let us pray that the operation to rescue Gilad Shalit succeeds without any loss of IDF soldiers, and that civilian casualties are avoided or kept as low as possible. As to the terrorists, they deserve whatever they get for bringing disaster to Israelis and Palestinians alike. May we soon see Gilad home safe, the Qassams stopped, and non-violence become the norm in Gaza.
42. Pal supporter
The on;y ones who will be sorry are the palestinian militants. hose that are not killed will be imprissioned. The palestinian resistance will be obliterated
43. Wanna Be a Country, Palestine?
Terry ,   Canada   (06.28.06)
Then you have to learn how to get a grip on the radical elements of your security infrastructure. Terrorist movements don't always make the transition to transparent, responsible government that well. Wanna be treated like a country? Get a grip!
44. Zionazi's defeat by the Hamas is close
Stephen ,   US   (06.28.06)
Hamas operation in the occupied territory of Palestine is another sign that whatever power Nazi israel may have, it's doomed to be wiped out. Armed with nothing, Palestinian freedom fighters showed to the World that nothing is impossible. Destroying Israel is only a matter of time.
45. Chazak V'amatz!! (end)
David ,   Cincinnati   (06.28.06)
46. G-D Bless Israel
David Steinberg ,   Brooklyn   (06.28.06)
God Bless Israel and all the Soliders! I must say I am very proud of Israel for not waiting any longer. It is obvious that talks will not solve anything, the no partner thesis is 100% correct once again..... Blast the terrorists to hell!
47. OK What about North Gaza and the Rockets
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.28.06)
OK What about North Gaza and the Rockets and setting up a buffer zone to prevent rockets that is annexed to Israel. Also what about the power to Gaza City that we give them can't we shut that off ?????
48. Good luck IDF!
Roni   (06.28.06)
I wish and hope for our soldiers to return safely and unharmed to their Israeli homes after a successful Gaza operation!
49. #39 they are already there boy.
50. War
Neutral ,   England   (06.28.06)
It's easier to defend than to advance, so that actually equalises the IDF technical advantage, so any news reports favouring the IDF will likely be false, they will have equal if not more casualties than their opposition...
51. kol hakavod l'zahal
ciara ,   australia   (06.28.06)
my prayers are with the troops... do us proud.
52. #32 Fred
Pissed off   (06.28.06)
Your comments, Fred, are vile and disgusting. Crawl back into your hole with the rest of your scumbag friends.
53. #32
Dave ,   Washington DC   (06.28.06)
The brave people of Palestine in GAZA will use their body and their blood to defend their rights and their land from the most racist botchers of the world, they don't only defend plestine, they defend justice in front of US armed zionist who destroyed the middle east in the last 100 years, May G-d protect these freedom fighters that they showe everday that the Zionist gangs came to live in Palestine for destruction
54. Dave Levi 11
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.28.06)
Israel don't have to be fearful because Hashem keeps and protects and loves His People. Hashem is there with the soldiers.
55. #16 karim
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.28.06)
No,it is not! Israel and Jews are one,and there is no stain and everything is right.
56. Marcel 28
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.28.06)
We don't want a funeral of palis.This is not what Jewish People desire. We want Peace and to build our lives the way we choose.That's all. Jewish people is not happy with deads. You are wrong. Rather palis leave our land already.
57. Another Schmuck #44
Still Pissed Off   (06.28.06)
Hey Fred #32, I see that you have a fellow scumbag Stephen #44 across the border. Remember the following.......those who wish for Israel's destruction will themselves be destroyed.
58. #39; Neither we or our soldiers are afraid...
Who do you think you guys are? Just a bunch on unskilled and untrained religious wackos. These soldiers aren't just equipped better, they are better trained and have more fighting experience. Like we weren't afraid to defend ourselves from the arabs since this country was created we aren't afraid to fight for it now. You will see the outcome of this attack shortly and as always you will cry to the whole world about Israel attacking you but this time no one is going to listen. If I were you I'd pack my bags and leave to Egypt until the operation is over.
59. cut the power/water until the return shalit or they starve
jay ,   philly   (06.28.06)
60. Tanks entering Gazza
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.28.06)
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