Footage: IAF attacks, Gaza plunges into darkness
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 28.06.06, 09:22
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1. Israel's lie
Hanzala ,   Jerusalem-Palestine   (06.28.06)
Here you can see Israel's lie. They are alway saying our targets are the "terrorists".....But it looks that Israel's government, IDF are not able to make any difference between people and power station. They are realy like an injured bear who doesn't know what to do... and then die.......... Regards
2. Dear Arabs,
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.28.06)
You have been warned many times - Don't start up with the Jews. You have ignored our warning. You have continued to behave in ways which shows the world that you do not want peace with us, that you do not want us here in our homeland, and that you do not want us to live freely and comfortably. Dear Arabs - Stop your aggression and you will gain so much. You will gain our cooperation. You will gain our respect. You will improve your lives and that of your people. The Jewish presence is a presence of blessing to all those who accept it and respect it. But, don't upset us. The punishment is far too severe.
3. Thats more like how things should be done.!
Alan ,   SA   (06.28.06)
4. I've got the power...
Talula ,   Israel   (06.28.06)
We didn't have to send a couple of $30,000 missiles! we should have just turned off the power and the water!! WHY OH WHY didn't we do it? They managed to restore the power by tapping in to the electricity that WE supply? Once again, the Palestinians brought this on themselves. They will never learn. The intifada has been going on for years and years, they have gained nothing, absolutely nothing from it. Infact, their lives have never been so bad, they have no food, no money - NOTHING! They were doing a whole lot better before the Intifada. Silly, SILLLY people. I am hoping with all my heart that none of our boys are injured and Gilad is found and brought home. I want to see all our boys back home really quickly.
5. FREE PALESTINE!!!!!!!!!
human rights ,   worldwide   (06.28.06)
May Allah be with you and protect your from these agressors.
6. You think Ghalia will care????
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (06.28.06)
She lost all of her family members, you think she will care if there is no light for the next 10000 year? Idiots
7. #1 - Hanzala
Tsedek ,   Israel   (06.28.06)
It would have been better if they'd bombed people? Do you condemn the kidnapping of the soldier? Do you condemn the killing of the other 2 soldiers? Do you condemn the kidnapping of the Itamar student? Clean up your own mess within, stop hoping for a people to be destroyed, and nobody has to attack any bridges or power stations. Why don't you all get that? PS - don't hold your breath about that bear dying part.... Tse.
8. #6 Sick
John ,   Tel Aviv   (06.28.06)
You killed them yourselves you sick, twisted, people! Pallywood! Thank god you will all have to meet your maker one day and explain yourselves!
9. To HELL the humanitarian organizations!
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.28.06)
Let arabs without light! Let arabs use candles! Let arabs plant their food during the day and go to slep at night ,in the next future! Let arabs learn to live without Israel already! If it is not good,LEAVE Israel! They are VERY lucky, because Israel is not the british army, that by now would have slaughtered all of them! Go to beg in an arab country,you arabs, occupiers of Israeli's Lands!!!
10. #5 Maybe if you asked HaShem, the real G-d for common sense
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (06.28.06)
you would get your wish. Belonging to the world's largest violent cult does not get you anywhere but an Israeli jail.
11. Thank you IDF, don't stop now
Avraham ,   Netivot   (06.28.06)
Destroy all of Gaza.
12. # 5 human rights
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.28.06)
That is exactly what we are doing, freeing Palestine and the Palestinians from the ridiculous, risible, unworthy, stupid bloodthirsty leaders that they, in their boundless stupidity elected. When they are free from this plague which they brought upon themselves, we can sit down and talk with them, because the few sane ones amongst them know us, know we talk sense, know our capabilities and our good intentions toward them. We will free palestine, but the Palestinians and Arabs in general, will never really be free until they release themselves from the yoke of extremist Islam that is strung round their necks. A point of historical fact worth remembering is that the Pals never had it so good in all their life as when Israel controlled Judea and Samaria and Gaza from 1967 through the 70s and 80s. Business was booming, they were free to come and go as they pleased, and then Arafat had a dream. Hitler also had a dream, as did Mussollini, Hirohito and a few others who ended up on the dust heap.
13. 7 ....Do You Condemn
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (06.28.06)
The deaths of Almost 40 Palestinians in the last 2 weeks.. That Collective Punishment is Standard Response to infringement against Israels Will...The Expulsion of vast Numbers of Palestinians from THEIR HOMELAND...Do you not Consider that Palestinians have a right to Resist Oppression....
14. I've got a perfect solution;
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (06.28.06)
Carpet bomb them.
human rights ,   worldwide   (06.28.06)
May Allah free the poor people of Southsea, hampshire.
16. #7 - Tsedek
Hanzala ,   Jerusalem-Palestine   (06.28.06)
The answers to your questions: The mean issue of IDF is alway that they want the Palestinian resis. members, your question is like, when I want something from somebody and I go to somebody is realy stupid act. 1- I don't condemn the "kidnapping", the soldiers is a prisoner and not kidnappee. 2- I don't condemne it too, coz they are slodiers, you just need to think 4 weeks back of the masacer of your IDF, when the Palestinian Ghalia family has been killd by your IDF....have you condemn it?? or the 1000's of Palestinian childern who have been killd by your IDF...have you condemned it??? 3-I would condemn the kidnapping of Itmar, if he was from Tel Aviv or from the green line area..... We are able to live in peace together but.... you have to know we are not able to accept anything you offer, if you say No (67 borders), I can give a good sample, take South Africa as an sample Regards.
17. Ghalia "family" were killed by Hamas
Rob ,   UK   (06.28.06)
Which is why so-called "doctors" removed shrapnel from the victims before they were sent to Israeli hospitals. And why Hamas removed all evidence from the scene 5 minutes after. Hamas plants bombs in residential areas--fact.
18. Hanzala - Jerusalem is in Israel
Rob ,   UK   (06.28.06)
Jerusalem has never been (nor will it ever be) the capital of Balestine. It's nothing to do with you or your religion.
19. Yakov 12
keren ,   sao paulo   (06.28.06)
Do not forget that when Arafat started "dreaming",was the time when Rabin signed the oslo fatidic plan, and gave "autonomy" to palis. That's the fatidic start ,and it is from that moment that the Wrong started happening in Israel,I would say in almost all its fields. Get rid of that and restart using our own ancestral knowledge,the best one!
20. #5
Michael   (06.28.06)
so when we will you be giving Jordan Back?
21. #13 Reality Check
michael   (06.28.06)
Israel has been in a state of War for 58 years. In all wars there are innocent casualties. You make it seem like every war in history has been perfect only soldiers die. Unfortunately,that isn't the case. The difference between Israel's war and wars of the past. is israel is fighting not for land but for its physical existence. That is a fundamental & basic Human Right ;to live. In every civilized society. A homeowner has a right to defend him or herself from an intruder. This is principle is the same for a jew and non-jew. No other nation has been expelled from so many nations because " you don't belong here". Yet, even in the 1/3 of the historical Jewish land. Once again the same ugly line" jews don't belong here" are heard. Furthermore, Israel doesn't target Civilians as do the Palestinians. if palestinians really were "resisting". Question : how does somebody resist something it denies the existence of? Question: You infer that Israel expelled the Palestinians. If so, why are there 1.4 million Israeli Arabs? The Arabs wwho fled in '48 were reassured by their Arab brethern. That Israel will be wiped out and told them to get out of harms way. Then after the defeat of Israel they would be able to return. Thy gambled and they lost the bet. We all make decisions in life and we have to live with the decisions we make. If i make a bad decision I live with it. Why should it be different for any one else?
22. Why
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (06.28.06)
Why are we gloating over the destruction of a power station? It seems unlikely to bring about the release of Gilad Shalit. It's just wanton destruction, and a completely unnecessary show of firepower. Some poor sod is going to have to rebuilt that plant, and in the meantime the unfortunate (and mostly innocent) citizens of Gaza will suffer further. And that will probably drive them further into the arms of Hamas. It really is time that this situation is taken out of the hands of the IDF, whose sole solution to any problem is to bomb the hell out of it, cheered on by extremist Talkback contributors from Florida. Enough already.
23. Israel's Lie, Hanzala etc.
David ,   londistan, england   (06.28.06)
Why don't the arab moslems stop invading our site. they have hundreds of hate filled Moslem sites where they can peddle their lies and deciept, we shouldnt lower ourselves to even speak with them. Even when its proved CONCLUSIVELY that the Ghalia family were killed by a Hamas mine, the arab moslem STILL denies it. even when facts are presented to them in the clearest way, they deny the reality which faces them. Of course the alternative would be to admit that they were liars, a fact hard to swallow. How these immoral people who engage in all types bestiality and incest even dare to make comment against our people. Is it not enough that they occupied our lands? is it not enough that they milk and suck the poor Jews of their hard earned land and money? END THE OCCUPATION OF ISRAEL by moslem arab oppressors. They steal and cheat and lie, then celebrate when they kill people! can you imagine a jew celebrating if they killed someone?! all the IDF do is investigation after investigation and apology after apology. Whilst moslems hand out candy and sweets to their kids to "celebrate" the death of jews! these people are so hate filled it can make you sick. And if they justify kidnapping a jew its ok if he s a soldier and if not then he will be one day, and if not then, he s not a hostage he s a prisoner and besides attacks against Israel are acceptable in the name of allah and Jihad, so what about 9/11? oh there must be an explanation, Israel did it, america did it! and what about the london bombings?! well, it wasnt us, well it was, oh no, we re tripping over our own lies!!!! how many examples are there of the falsehood of Islam? it is a disgusting hatefilled "religion". Ever since our forfather Abraham banished the evil Ishmael the moslem has been a thorn in the side of the world. You Moslem p@gs are going to get a big shock when you see the damage you have caused to the world. May G-d avenge the blood of every human killed at the hands of Moslem arab islamists, and repay them tenfold
24. Hanzala - #16
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (06.28.06)
Please explain: 1. The soldier is a "prisoner"? And what did he do? Was there witness? Any due process? 2. Once again we hear aboutt he Ghalia family -which, by the way, it is not clear how they died. Regardless - Jews don't celebrate that action, they mourn it. Jews don't celebrate death - yet the Palestinian public seems to revel in it when a Jew is killed. 3. A kidnapping is a kidnapping. Realize your leadership is allowing leading you in the wrong direction and get rid of them. Hamas will only make the situation worse.
25. 5=ellen prescott/olivia bbc
26. #22 Tomer
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.28.06)
"that will probably drive them further into the arms of Hamas. " You mean the disengagement of 8000 Jews from Gaza didn't already do that? How much farther into the arms of Hamas can they go? Shmuck, wake up! They voted for Hamas AFTER the surrender of Gaza. Hello, hello!
27. Back to gaza
Bachrach Andres ,   Kfarsaba il.   (06.29.06)
All of you palestiniens!!.never forget that we the israelis are stronger than you,we are smarter than you,so don't make us also angry with you.Andi hakfarsabai
28. #6 Why do you hate the jews so much
rachel ,   USA   (06.29.06)
#6 Why do you hate the jews so much!!!!Why so much hate ?. Life is too short. The earth is small and belongs to all of us. My grandmother was born in Jaffa , she was jewish ,so was her mother and her mother .My grandfather was from Egypt There were many Jews before Islam . Why do you think it belongs only to you ?.
29. #7you palestinians killed that family
rachel ,   USA   (06.29.06)
#7you killed the Ghalia family . You will stop at nothing to blame the jews ....Stop blaming others for your own problem...You don't seem to care about your children or you would not put them on the frontline....What kind of person lets their children go to war?......
30. sorry not #7but #16
rachel ,   usa   (06.29.06)
sorry , I did not mean #7 I meant #16
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