Gaza: Israeli air strike targets senior terrorist
Published: 29.06.06, 14:55
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1. No Doubt the IDF kill more Innocents
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (06.29.06)
2. # 1 hitch
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.29.06)
your terror will come on the day you stand before God to be judged for the life he gave you ............and you come to learn too late that He is Jewish. The look on your face with no way out ,no excuse. Now thats hopeless terror ,just is your felllow jihadists learn every day they do their martyr duty to their prince of hell. Signed ,a Christian
3. God means nothing to me
richard Hitchings ,   methil, Fife   (06.29.06)
I am Godless and if that offends people then, good.
4. No doubt the terrorist will kill more innocent
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (06.29.06)
Next time, use a bigger bomb!
5. To #4
ghandi ,   LA, USA   (06.29.06)
D- , San Diego, USA They did use a bigger bomb before it ened up killing a few civilins as well... but i guess thats okay with you though.
6. #2 to the so called Christian
ghandi ,   LA, USA   (06.29.06)
And I guess the IDF is innocent for killing civilians... extremists on all sides are to blame here you fool; including you.
7. #3
Kach Supporter ,   East London, UK   (06.29.06)
I find your post deeply offensive. You should pay attention to detail.
8. 6 ghandi: you ain't NO ghandi you are a disgrace
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.29.06)
9.  richard Hitchings
Floyd   (06.29.06)
"God means nothing to me. I am Godless and if that offends people then, good." Well, that's good richard. Because your opinion means squat to most people and if that offends you, I don't give a rat's ass.
10. ghandi is in LA?
Floyd   (06.29.06)
Getting yourself a tan Ghandi?
11. I'd feel bad for the innocent shields, but…
DANNY ,   America   (06.29.06)
Hey pappa wants them to get killed right along with him. It's a real badge of (DIS)Honor to get yourself and kids killed for the propaganda. Look at these posers,,7340,L-3268821,00.html What a bunch of crap. Evil at it's finest. "Please Papa can I get killed too?" Sure son I'm a dog, that would really help our tricking to the world"
12. 9
richard Hitchings ,   methil, Fife, Scot.   (06.29.06)
im really not bothered mate, hahaha... you are the ones in israel who are wrong. you shouldn't be living there, you shouldn't be living anywhere!
13. Richard Hitchings: We are here to stay
David ,   Tel Aviv   (06.29.06)
I'm so glad you don't want Israelis living anywhere, as you stated, because I know that it upsets you. We are here to stay pal. Idiots like you from all over the world have been trying to exterminate us for over 60 years (if not more…), unsuccessfully I might add. So either get used to it or eat your EFFIN heart out. I'd rather you do the latter you miserable SOB.
14. 12 Racist Hitchings declares Jews should not live anywhere
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.29.06)
in his post: 12 - addressing Floyd I quote Hitchings: are the ones in israel who are wrong. you shouldn't be living there, you shouldn't be living anywhere! ...... This is the most Racist expression on this website today .... what a sorry man -- not really Human
15. # 13 David
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.29.06)
Heart ? He would not know what that is and after it was explained to him he would have a hard job finding it.
16. Gabby... Even an A/H like You
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (06.29.06)
can see that Posts 3 & 9 were Clearly not from Me.... ... Ynet dont Publish 2/3 of my Post ...but they are happy enough to Publish Shite like this in my Name.... So Own up to it now Gabby U R the main Suspect..... Either U or that Silly from Golders Green
17. 13..Here to Stay Gabby.... lol.. Geneva!!
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (06.30.06)
far too Nice a Place for You....Time you Made Use of the Law of Return.
18. 16 Hitchings: Stop Lying - and stop inventing someone posted
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.30.06)
for you - you have NO reason to be on a Jewish website to start with We know you Hate Jews stop blaming others for your revolting posts
19. 17 El-Sicko Hitchings: Your anti-Jewish rants
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.30.06)
are NOT a sign of intellect but show your commie love
20. Amazing How Little ignorant haters come here to feel
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.30.06)
powerful and potent at home they most likely have no guts to open their silly mouth the only outlet for them is the Internet - because they never have any other power in Life sorry little morons - they only feel powerful on Jewish websites but in real life they cut and run like chased rats
21. godless ally of Israel!
James ,   USA   (06.30.06)
I too am a completely "godless" atheist and I am offended by your deep ignorance Hitchings. You haven't been studying Mein Kampf or the Qur'an by chance have you? You almost sound hateful towards the very people that have elevated, enlightened and graced this world. God or no god, bless Israel and may they take the kid gloves off and bloody the noses of Hamas this time.
22. 21 James: Thanks you are right. The question is
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (06.30.06)
why do poeple like Hitchings and Rustum and Ellen/Olivia andthe likes come to A Jewish Website ? They got only one agenda to want to fight an electronic Intifada against Jews - and those who support Jews They feel empowered suddenly because they can act under a pseudo At home they most likely have no right to open their mouth
23. hitchings, it's time to "get-it" pal.
momo ,   cinncinnati   (07.09.06)
the greatest empires in the world have been trying to wipe us out. NONE HAVE SUCCEEDED. did you figure it out yet? if they quit the rockets, give back the soldier, and leave us alone, they can get on with living life, acting like civilised humans and we can get back to our normal lives too.But i think these Pals are a lost cause, their leaders profit from the misery they inteltionally bring on their people. Its like an extortion racket, not difficult to understand.
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