IDF delays entry into northern Strip
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 29.06.06, 17:33
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1. Israel should ignore and reject external interferences
Brod ,   USA   (06.29.06)
Israel should ignore all the crap external interferences that are trying to sabotage Israel's effort in stamping out the savages and the criminals that have been attacking Israel. Such external interferences have been machinated by Islamist terrorist-dominated states. Hence, these external interferences are detrimental to Israel's national security interests. As such Israel should ignore and reject them. The government should let the IDF complete its tasks of ensuring Israel national security interests and in defending its citizens from further attacks by the savages and criminals.
2. Gaza and West Bank
Michael Hoffman ,   Tucson Arizona USA   (06.29.06)
I support Israel's action in Gaza and as necessary in the West Back. Many here in the United States support Israel. I know all born again Christains like myself support you and pray that you do not give up any more land. I pray that those who oppose Israel would repent. I also pray that my savior the LORD Yashua, the Messiah, protect, bless, and keep you safe. Thank you. Michael Hoffman
3. Terrorists Protected -Israel Restrained
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.29.06)
I've watched Israel closely since my first visit there in 1977 on Kibbutz Erez next to Gaza. Sadly her leaders are tired and defeated and know only to appease and surrender to the destroyers of Israel The Jewish people have allowed themselves to be ensnared by global pressure which protects and builds up the evil forces bent on Israel's destruction It seem there is no one left in Israel bold enough to do the right thing and destroy those intent on destroying Israel. This lack of bold leadership will bring even greater calamity to the Jewish people as they have failed to learn that you don't show weakness and restraint in the face of such evil. YOU HAVE EMBOLDENED THE ENEMY BY YOUR PATHETIC 'show of non-force' and this will only bring more destruction upon Israel AND NOT PEACE .
4. restrained
alan   (06.29.06)
once again we have been held back to finish what we started. 48,56,73,82 and all counter terror operations since. it will never end
5. Diplomacy with Hamas -You are crazy !
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.29.06)
Israel has given the terrorists enough time to set traps on every street in Gaza. Israel ,tired of war and defeated with a peacenik for Defense minister, once agian falls into the RESTRAINT snare and the killlers of Jews are emboldened to go after more of the dumb sheep headed for slaughter under the rule of the great appeaser, thepuppet pied piper from hell.
6. Once again
Arie   (06.29.06)
The 3 stooges of peres/olmert/peretz clarify for us why they should be exchanged for our soldier. Bring a true hero home, send the appeasers packing
7. So we are whimping out
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.29.06)
So we are whimping out. No buffer zone to protect Israel from Rocket Attacks and we take their word?? You got to be kidding so far no one has been killed on either side except that poor kid who was kidnapped. this is idiotic.
8. #2, michael hoffman
israel   (06.29.06)
thank you
9. Why mass so much of your assets in one place?
Edwin   (06.29.06)
10. Peres the hypocrite
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (06.29.06)
Peres is the dipshit who brought the terrorists to our shores from Tunis and now he is telling us what to do? He should be jailed along with the red-beard from Hamastan.
11. Olmert still hesitates and it is seen as weakness.
Jeremiah ,   Israel   (06.29.06)
We should crush them for the death of Eliyahu so they will understand it will not be tolerated. Kadima must be replaced.
12. "Diplomacy" or "good" old TREACHERY by FEABLE MINDED
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (06.29.06)
Treachery of the feeble minded but TOTALY malignant opportunists are jeopardizing military operation at time of war for a spot light in the media. Those freaks are terminal cancer to the state of Israel. No one could destroy Israel unless the JEWS chose to give-up, to give-up their values, love for a fellow Jew, love for the LAND of Israel to give up to the MALIGNANT “DREAMERS OF DREAMS”. The interference with military operations at the time of war in order to FACILITATE ENEMY in any shape of form is act of HIGH TREASON! It has APSOLUTLY nothing to do with “politics” and everything with treachery. Civilian, a Jewish child is killed by the Nazi thugs, his only “crime” is BEING JEWISH, in the country where it is ok to hate the Jews. To negotiate with murderers in any shape or form is true partnership with EVERY MURDER THOSE BASTARDS commit now and in the future. You do not negotiate with criminals you prosecute them. You chase them, hunt them with every means under your disposal. That is reason families of those two hostages were paying taxes, not for one “heated” sob to have his 5 minutes under the lame-lights.. Get those freaks from the harms way (next elections hopefully), and let the ARMY do its job, people are paying their taxes so the army will protect them and not to be used by political MIDGETS to beat-up own population and to be used for public relationship photo-op i.e. fly-by Syrians presidents house (AND NOT DROPING ANYTHING ON IT) it is “nice” touch for the “Chanel-2” ongoing pathetic propaganda. There is no back-bone in “leadership” in Israel. All of them as “SPIES” with primordial mantra in all international relationship kapo’s are coming with the same theme “ARE WE NOT AS A GRASS HOPPERS IN OUR OWN EYES” answer is categorical and resounding YES..!! Yes YOU are the lower than the grasshoppers and it is up to people of Israel to stop electing “GRASSHOPPERS” into offices.. and look for the JEWS with the backbone, values, and love that transcend FEAR of self made HYSTERIA. Scheisters are not politically “cunning”, “wise” they are just corrupt and evil.. dangerously evil!
13. Send MK Tibi to Gaza to talk directly to the Kidnappers
Daniel ,   North Tel Aviv   (06.29.06)
Israel is not doing everything to free Gilad. Only direct negotiations will bring out his release. The Kidnappers are interested in a way out and we must find a negotiated end to this madness. How will a large scale invasion secure his release? It will only get him killed. Tibi and other arab MKs are respected by the Palestinians, they will be able to talk to the kidnappers so why not use them? they can be a great asset and Iam sure they are willing to help. Daniel, the jewish voice of reason
14. To #2
Bill ,   London   (06.29.06)
Yes and you also believe that Jews will perish in Hell. Hypocrit!
15. Israel is not a G8 colony
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (06.29.06)
16. #9 Its called shufuni ya nas.
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (06.29.06)
17. Tsk tsk. It was too good to last.
Márcia ,   Brazil   (06.29.06)
18. Once again
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.29.06)
I shall say it simply. See it through to the end. Total capitulation, a sword surrendering ceremony and the start of a new era. Nothing less will solve this problem, nothing. I know I am right and time will tell. All evil regimes in history were put down by deciding on this strategy and sticking to it with solid determination, no hesitating, no left, no right, just straight on until the goal is reached. This and only this is the solution.
19. Back to that impossible peace with a mortal enemy.
Márcia ,   Brazil   (06.29.06)
Unfortunately, the Israeli government is still engaged in this fallacy.
20. Diplomacy is not an option
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (06.29.06)
This crisis can't be solved by diplomacy because Israel must not give any compensation to these criminal blackmailers.
21. Diplomatic efforts?
Give me a break. Admit it, you are afraid to enter Gaza from the north, you cowards. Because deathtraps are awaiting you. Israel just want to look nice to the world that now they want to give diplomacy a chance? Very irritating. Go home, and your soldier will be freed soon, I am sure.
22. Peretz - Olmert Against Israel ...
CC ,   Laguna Niguel USA   (06.29.06)
It certainly appears that Defense Minister Peretz is a Russian-Iranian mole doing anything and everything he can to damage any tactical or strategic advantage the IDF had or will have against the enemies of Israel. Israel needs to get rid of him as soon as possible ... he is a danger to the nation ... and Olmert appears to be his lackey or his kissing cousin.
23. Hey Daniel, how about we trade you for Gilad, goes?
24. Lets help Hamas
S M Bhandari ,   Bangalore. India   (06.30.06)
Israel should resettle the leftists in Sderot, preferable close to the border. The rockets will stop surely. If not, then good riddance to bad rubbish. I say stay alive as a non muslim in Malapuram or Cherkala in Kerala, Bhatkal in Karnataka for 3 years and I will agree that Sharon was wrong in his handling of the Paslestinian issue. Sadly I see history repeating itself. First they came for the Jews, I didnt speak up for I was not a Jew...
25. Momentum
yakov shani ,   IL   (06.30.06)
Three generals in particular, Dayan, Eitan and Sharon educated generations of field commanders and thus soldiers, when you are on a horse, ride it, ride it to the end, flog it until there is nothing left in it, i.e. till the enemy surrenders unconditionally. Olmert just fell of his horse.
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