Left-wing protestors call for prisoner exchange
Aviram Zino
Published: 01.07.06, 23:05
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1. Traitors, go live in Gaza
Jenny   (07.01.06)
2. hamas dosnt want peace with israel
jason ,   usa   (07.01.06)
why bother?
3. The fifth column marches
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.01.06)
If Israel wer to do what these useful idiots demand ,than Israeli's would become the most kidnapped group in the world. That would effectivly end the state of Israel. Israel has an uphill climb with *JINO's going out of their way to help the destroyers of Israel. *jews in name only
4. Yesh Gvul
Bll Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (07.02.06)
This organization has gone from being an annoyance to being a true threat to national security. Giving materiel aid and comfort to the enemy is the very definition of treason and they meet the test. Exspecially when Israel currently has soldiers in the field engaged with the enemy.
5. How quickly they forget
Ward ,   Tampa, USA   (07.02.06)
They might as well load themselves up in cattle cars heading east! Peace at any price - the price is your life.
6. send the traitors to prison
haim ,   mtl canada   (07.01.06)
7. Short sighted people...
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.02.06)
without any future vision. Just some more brainwashed minds, that stay all day in the television and never dare to use their own brains to make a deeper criticizing and bring true solutions. morons.
8. YNET: at pretend to be un-biased!
Jew ,   Eretz Israel   (07.02.06)
If something like that was a right-wing demonstration: you would undoubtedly call the participaents "far right-wing extremists". Why don't you call these people "far left-wing extremists"? It's easy to see where your bias lies YNET.
RONEN ,   MONTREAL CANADA   (07.02.06)
10. Weak People
Daniel ,   Australia   (07.02.06)
Lucky they arent controlling the country, otherwise it would have been defeated a long time ago.
11. Israel's Best
David Harris ,   Stamford   (07.02.06)
These fine people give Israel a good name at a time when all of the other ones being used to describe the Jewish state are not all that flattering.
12. yes! we'll swap the 300 of you for Gilad, Shalom-bon voyage!
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (07.02.06)
13. Stupid Clods.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.02.06)
They all have good hearts. But lack brains.
14. silly ratio...10, 1
Fawez ,   ramallah   (07.02.06)
if you count the # of prisoners ..the ratio would be 10000/1 .. with the israelis putting all the elected officials in prison ,MR Abbas was thinking yesterday of liquidating the PA and resign . MR Abbas considers OSLO is dead with Israel reminding the palestinian officials that israel can put them in jail anytime it wants . to stop the humiliation ,MR Abbas is contemplating handing the keys to the occupation until they come back to their senses and pull back to the 1967 lines . until then ...palestinians officials will stop this drama soon .
15. Call them by their real name -- left-over Stalinists.
AK   (07.02.06)
They never fail to support a wrong cause.
16. Israel must decide if it will release1000 terros ...
Alan ,   SA   (07.02.06)
..who can kill and kill and kill again IN EXCHANGE FOR THE BONES OF A FEW AND A CROOK. Times have changed. The dear ones of such victims must understand the new rules of the "game" Look at the offers regarding just "information " about Ron Arad.. The lives of serving troops and indeed all Israeli civilians are put in the greatest peril by these mass releases and offers of $M just for "information" Terros released go back to their old profession of Killing!!! People will say I am "heartless" but it is better not to feed the crocodile hoping it wont eat you first. Give in over Shalit and I promise they will kidnap again in a very short time.
17. lets trade leftys for gilad!!!
leftylunies ,   Leftys2gaza   (07.02.06)
18. Same Stuff every time
jackob ,   Tel-aviv, Israel   (07.02.06)
Hamas doesn't want peace, and "traitors". Same arguments every time someone tries to protest against the goverment's actions. Sad to think that people still see hamas as the problem in the way for peace and that people trying to air their view are "traitors", it's as taken from the totaliterian's handbook on how to convince the public.... stuipid U
19. Communist traitors.......
Avraham ,   Netivot   (07.02.06)
Trade all these lefty communist traitors for our brave soldier Gilad.
20. Tactics
Dean ,   The Dalles --USA   (07.02.06)
I applaude Israel and give them thanks for reducing the threat of terrorisim not only for themselves but for the whole world. The tactics used have been brilliant and executed perfectly. The lib,s demonstrating above will do so no matter what happens --they believe in a non war principle --and reasonable vision is not a concerne for them.
21. Serious Protesting
Joe ,   Israel   (07.02.06)
The recent protest written up by Ynet does not deserve the attention it is given. . When protests against the Gaza incursion or against the wall are held on Saturday, when no one works and one's sacrifice to protest is minimal, they should not be taken seriously. Israel has known passionate large scale protests against reparations from Germany (for those old enough to remember) and more recently, the protests against the evacuation of Gush Katif. It is worthy of inquiry why in Israeli democracy, protests have had minor effect upon public policy.
22. Lock up Meretz and Hadash with the Hamas prisoners
Rupert Bumfrey ,   Dubai   (07.02.06)
23. The only talk Hamas understand is...
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.02.06)
the one of F16, Merkava and Saar5 navy ships. Hamas must be destroyed completely, from Meshal and Haniye a the top to the bottom. Israel should open a clinic for self-hating Jews who want to embrace those who want to see us all dead. Some of them look old enough to have negotiated with Hitler. Who knows perhaps a picnic trip to Gaza can cure them.
24. #18 Hamas and peace
Daniel ,   Israel   (07.02.06)
You are right, Hamas wants peace but a "peace" where Israel and the Jewish people rest in peace. If you love Hamas so much I suggest that you join their boy scout movement in Gaza who is known for their love for fellow man.
25. Re #12 & #17 Couldn't agree more!
Susan ,   Jerusalem   (07.02.06)
26. Leftists Want to Negotiate With MURDER INCORPORATED
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.02.06)
Palestinian Authority Muslims voted for the Hamas platform which calls for the murder of all Jews. Israel now has to contend with an Iran-Syria-Hizbullah-Hamas axis as well as Al-Qaeda. From the Hamas Charter: Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims. Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it. The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad.
27. Exhange them for Shalit!
David ,   Brookline, MA   (07.02.06)
In this way if the kidnaping continues at leat Israel can get rid of the lunatic left.
shmarya lieberman ,   haifa   (07.02.06)
THERE ARE NO “INNOCENTS” Every time Israel takes any steps to protect their citizens from the murderous random attacks of the Palestinian terrorists there is an outcry from the world, and from our own “leftist” bleeding hearts about the harming of the poor innocent peace loving Arabs. In fact who are these so called innocents? These are the same Arabs who a few months ago voted overwhelmingly for the Hamas terrorist gangs , who dance in the streets every time some crazy blows up some really innocent civilians in a pub or restaurant or school or shopping center. These are the same Arabs who happily send their children in search of the 17 virgins (and of course receive payments for it from other “innocent” Arab governments for their holy murders). The “freely elected” Hamas government is a true reflection of the desire of the major part of the Arab population and accurately reflects their unwavering desire to see all the Jews dead. They are no more innocent than the Germans who “freely” elected Hitler, and participated in the murder of 6 million Jews, or the “freely elected” Iraq government of Hussein who gassed countless Kurds, and murdered his own people. There is a principle of accountability. The elected government of the Palestinians is a terrorist organization with wide support of the population. This population cannot have it both ways. They would like to be free to terrorize the Jewish population without suffering any consequences. These are not innocents; they are part and parcel of the terrorist organization and cannot escape the consequences of the legitimate actions taken by their victims to protect themselves. Their lop-sided logic says for instance that it was perfectly ok to blitz London and Coventry, but inhuman and unfair to retaliate by bombing Berlin or Dresden. The fact that the English/French/Swedes and other bleeding hearts buy this logic is the very height of immoral thinking. Of course they only believe that this logic should be confined to Jews and Israel, not themselves and not to the oil rich Arabs.
During the second world war, when the Antisemites were the rightest as opposed to today, An Englishman William Joice assumed the name Lord HAW HAw and brodcast pro Nazi, anti British propaganda. The liberal British, being at war, of course banned listening to his broadcasts. His main point was that the Jews were responsible for the war and needed to be driven into the sea, if only a sea could be found close by. He backed the German point of view and railed against the British and Jews. When the war ended, the liberal British cought him, and of course hanged him. Traiters today are better of. Free speach is guaranteed, and the press gives them all the coverage they desire so that their views could reach a greater readership.
30. oh well, can't please everybody
Betsy   (07.02.06)
it's true that the right and left have switched places but the left can't see that yet. the main difference is that the rightist sees the truth and wants to take correct action....and the leftist sees him/herself as a good person because he cries for the so-called down-trodden. these people have much invested in a self image that depends on their politacal/social stance.
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