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US kosher slaughterhouse probed
Ynetnews and AP
Published: 02.07.06, 20:09
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1. And Here it is
mike ,   gedera   (07.02.06)
2. Not undocumented immigrants, illegial aliens who pay no
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.03.06)
taxes, devistate the hospitals because they never pay any bill, destroy the schools where they by law must be taught while they bring the wages so low no citizen will work there and the scumbag owners get rich. I think PETA is generally nuts, but in this case, if they shut the plant down they would do the word a favor. Ship the cows to Mexico for slaughter and take the illegial aliens with them.
3. Questions about their kashrus
Daniel ,   New York   (07.03.06)
If the rabbis at AgriProcessors believe that R' Schneerson Z"L "is" the Moshiach, then their meat isn't kosher in the first place, regardless of what does or doesn't go on at the plant.
4. Everyone here is Wrong
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.03.06)
"PETA, made public an undercover videotape showing steers walking or bellowing up to three minutes after their throats were slit." What a stupid statement! One second before an animal is killed it is still bellowing. That's because we slaughter live animals, not dead ones. "The group claimed the video proved the animals were conscious and victims of cruel and inhumane treatment." Conscious? Of course. The animal was alive before it was killed. What? It should be hypnotized first? Cruel? Death is cruel. But, then again, cutting up a celery is cruel, too, for the poor celery. Inhumane? Animals are human? Kosher slaughtering is the absolute most "humane" way of killing an animal. Death is near instantaneous. The Goyim shoot their animals in the brain with a some sort of gun. Regardless, if this place is run by Jews, it should have taken extra precautions to be safe, clean, provide proper working conditions, hire only legal workers and generally give a "Kosher" appearance. Their failure to have done so has created this Chillul Hashem.
5. AgriProcessors
Shelby ,   USA   (07.03.06)
Only desparate people work in slaughterhouses in general, however if this particular slaughterhouse is being called into account for multiple things it's probably really bad there.
6. tzaar baalei chaim
Julia ,   USA   (07.03.06)
We have a concept of preventing unnecessary suffering of animals (and- of course people). If either is occuring at this plant then it is a violation of basic Jewish ethics. I will stop buying these brands of meat until I hear the resolution of this matter. I would support a movement to ensure humane standards of raising animals for kosher slaughter. Kosher slaughter is supposed to be humane- but there probably are sometimes less than perfect conditions there too.
7. #4 Raving Reuven
wanda ,   montreal   (07.03.06)
Perhaps you should reread the article: Conscious: bellowing AFTER they've had their throats cut. Cruel: these animals are frightened, they smell their own death, they are afforded no relief. Inhumane: the practice of being humane is not exclusive to having humans be the sole recipients, in fact it is a practical expression of civilizing tenets. In short, to BE human you must act humanely. Ever hear this one? (slightly paraprased): The moral worth of nations can be judged by how they treat their animals - Ghandi
8. #2 Bunnie
wanda ,   montreal   (07.03.06)
are you suggesting you move Israeli settlers to Mexico? bold! oh, you're talking about THOSE illegal aliens... hahaha, your economy would slide right into the Pacific if that indeed happened. you are criticizing the same system that you usually exhalt in your other posts, ms. meyer. get real.
9. Boycott and Clarification
David ,   California   (07.03.06)
One of Rubashkins/Aarons/Agriprocessors biggest customers in the US is Trader Joes, a fast-growing grocery chain that carries fresh kosher meat at prices way below what you'd pay at a kosher butcher or in supermarkets. They used to carry Empire, but now they carry Aarons (Empire was higher quality, but they had problems with being repeatedly shorted on the weight). When all this stuff about Agriprocessors came out, I spoke to the store manager to request them to get Empire back. He said they had hundreds of similar requests. My family has stopped buying Aarons and we now pay almost double for Empire at the kosher butcher. I welcome an anti-trust investigation. They're all genovim if you ask me. Other information: 1. The Torah requires us to prevent unnecessary suffering of animals. The OU already demanded that Rubashkins (Agriprocessors) make some changes to their methods. So they were never completely innocent. 2. Maybe people don't know, but if an animal is slaughtered at these factories, and there turns out to be some issue that makes that shechitah not kosher, they still sell the animal to non-kosher butchers. So don't believe they're that concerned to do everything perfectly. They're not.
10. Peta, shmeta
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.03.06)
Don't these people know that tomatoes are living beings? They BLEED when you cut them. And corn is a very modest creature. It SCREAMS when you strip it.
11. Bellowing after throat is cut
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.03.06)
It is impossible to utter a sound because the nerves are cut to the larynx. This is not a cry uttered by a conscious creature but air flowing through the severed esophagus and trachea.
12. I goofed!
Raving Reuven ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.03.06)
I really did misread the bit about the bellowing AFTER the throat cutting. I admit it, I goofed. Sorry. Maybe I need new glasses? The Ghandi quote is good. I still stand behind the other stuff I wrote, though, I think.....
13. More glib self-satisfied ignorance from "Kyle"
Daniel ,   New York   (07.03.06)
Your reply is just the sort of glib and ignorant response we'd expect from a pretend frummer like you. Perhaps this is one of those occasions when you might look at Torah, instead of ignoring it when it doesn't suit your arrogant self-satisfied little mentality. People like you are precisely the reason why we are dubious of the "newly religious " or Chabad types in our communities: No humility. You use Yiddishkeit when it suits you as a stick to beat others with, but you don't have a Torah mentality at all.
14. More insults from "Daniel"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.03.06)
Read your own posts again, then get back to me about who is "glib" "self-satisfied" and "ignorant."
15. Everything is a joke to Kyle. But Torah is not a joke.
Daniel ,   New York   (07.04.06)
1. Glib: Sarcastic comments about tomatoes bleeding in response to a legitimate concern about kashrus, cruelty to animals and Chillul Hashem. 2. Ignorant: Unnecessary cruelty to animals is forbidden in Torah. Not something to be made a joke of. 3. Self-satisfied: More of the same. never even an inkling of humility, as in "I shouldn't have made a joke about this." Most people wouldn't joke after viewing the video, whether or not it shows anything technically relevant to the kashrus debate. It's pretty shocking to anyone but a callous teenage boy and/or someone who pretends to be frum but names himself after a foul-mouthed cartoon character that someone of a Torah mentality would not be watching. Someone who is too cowardly to use his real name or tell people where he is. Maybe because if he did it would be another Chillul perhaps? But then eveything is a joke to the glib, self-satisfied and ignorant.
16. Where are the editors
Norman Kabak ,   Hudson, NY, USA   (07.04.06)
We all have a responsibility to be civil to one another. If not as fellow human beings, than at least as Jews. Sinas Chinim has brought too much sorrow to Am Yisrael. N Kabak
17. A shonda if this is true!
RCA ,   USA   (07.06.06)
18. Fixing it and Kyle the expert
Daniel ,   New York   (07.07.06) They seem to want to fix it. Note: Words from th expert called in by the OU: "I didn't hear any cows mooing," Grandin said. "When they do things wrong, cows moo." But of course Kyle knows better ...
19. Shechita outlawed in part of EU- Beware!
BB ,   USA   (07.07.06)
PeTa has killed over 10,000 ADOPTABLE puppies and kittens in the Carolinas in less than a year (I have the documentation- PeTa is under indictment). Do not think for a minute that PeTA cares about animals. Those pagans will do anything to prove that humans were not created b'tzelem Elokim. Do you want Kosher meat? Or do you want to go the way of parts of the EU, where Shechita has been outlawed? DO NOT support PeTA or HSUS or PCRM, do not give them your money.
20. Pork in the plant
Norman Kabak ,   Hudson, NY USA   (07.17.06)
So the Rubashkin familly has opened another plant on a Native American reservation. All the locals are pleased as there now is greater employment. Oh, by the way, there was a $500,000 check given by the government, because this was a special employment zone. Question, do you think that Rubashkin would have opened that plant without the pork?
21. 'ritual'slaughter
joe ,   phoenix usa   (07.23.08)
jews suck huh?
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