Special: Entebbe’s open wound
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 02.07.06, 23:46
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1. Olmert was the Man
Alex ,   LA, US   (07.03.06)
Thanks to Olmert the operation went ahead.
2. Bibi manipulated israel also when he was pm
3. Nothing POLITICAL in this "news" story
sk ,   USA   (07.03.06)
Olmert had about as much to do with Entebbe as I did. It's funny, though, that the "reporter" says the following: "Even today, tensions remain between the Netanyahu family, whose memory of their beloved son has reached almost mythical proportions, and unit members, who continue to cast aspersions on Netanyahu’s functioning during the raid." A family cannot have a memory that reaches "mythical" proportions. The "myth" must be created elsewhere. Like the myth that Rabin was a competent PM.
4. War Stories.
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (07.03.06)
I remember my father, a combat veteran of Korea, telling me that nobody remembers combat exactly the way it actually happened. Now, Betzer is has tough as they come. A true hero. But, it seems to me that Entebbe went pretty well considering the odds. Is there any purpose to a after action report after 30 yrs.
Sammy ,   New York   (07.03.06)
I see no productive point in negative talk about the late Yoni Netanyahu Alav HaShalom. Why not let the man rest in peace? Perhaps because cynicism and slander has become the norm in too many media outlets. The Bible explicitly forbids such slander / libel. Sadly, some have to increase the pain and suffering of the Netanyahu family and all those who admired this man, who made aliyah, and volunteered to fight for Israel, and gave his life in the cause of freedom and dignity. Whatever happened to the phrase: Tehi zichro baruch. i.e. May his memory be (for) a blessing ?
6. What about Iddo's book?
David Parish ,   Michigan, USA   (07.03.06)
Iddo Netanyahu's book, "Yoni's Last Battle", puts the blame on Betser for stalling and missing the first doorway. Muki's varying accounts of Entebbe changed over the years. Iddo's book was based on interviews with more than just two soldiers.
7. history is full of myths -- let it be
avramele   (07.03.06)
8. Sliming Yoni to get at Bibi
Avi ,   Haifa   (07.03.06)
I guess this is Plan B to get at Bibi by attacking his brother's reputation. Seems like there's nothing Kadima won't do.
9. Entebbe, Operation Yonatan, 30 years later.
Richard Rebhun ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.03.06)
I remember it as if it was yesterday. i paid no attention to the hoopla surrounding the Tall Ships and the 200th anniversary of an independent United States. We were in Inverness, Scotland (a young lady and I), where it was still light at midnight. I tried to sleep but could not, wondering how Zahal would free the captives at Entebbe. I don't know why, but I thought something was afoot, even though I dared not think the impossible. when we finally drifted off to sleep, I suddenly awakened, ran to the car, and switched on the BBC. The first words I heard, which I remember to this day, were, "In a dramatic rescue, the Israeli army... It was one of the finests and happiest days of my life.
10. Special: Entebbe’s open wound
Sam Sussman ,   London, Canada   (07.03.06)
I visited the airport both to and from Rwanda. (2001).There are still pockmarks on the walls of the terminal. I asked a Ugandan soldier what those holes were and he said they were from the time the Israelis visited us. Regards Dr. Sam Sussman
11. a note
lolo ,   jerusalem   (07.03.06)
i know when and why the man open the old papers
12. Thank you
Farrel Cohen ,   Cape Town , South Af   (07.28.06)
I was about seven years old at the time. I can recall the announcement on our local radio station. You made us all very proud - Thank you.
13. out sider looking in
Leonard ,   LA USA   (10.02.06)
I remember that happening from the news. I don't know Yoni and I feel sad for his father. But things happen and don't always go as plan but the job the men did was very couragous and give them honnor. I was very proud of Israel that day and only wish Israel is that good today. Mr Netanyahu should be proud of his son and not blame the other men. War is hell and innocent good people die. The plan still worked well even being imprivised.
14. Entebbe
David ,   UK   (10.11.06)
Reading Richard Rebhun's comment reminded me how very proud we were as Jews and Israelis that morning - Israel's daring raid won the admiration of the civilised world - nowadays no doubt it would be described as "naked Israeli aggression against an underprivileged and oppressed African nation"!
15. to #8: sliming Yoni and #6: Iddo's book
roger ,   australia   (02.06.07)
to #8: sounds like something that's not below those leftists scum-bags. Good call! to #6: I read Iddo's book many years ago and if I'm not mistaken Iddo blames that critical mistake of opening fire too early (which could very well have ruined the whole thing) on Betzer (who here blames Yoni). Also, if I'm not mistaken, that's not the only criticism of Betzer in Iddo's book. It's interesting to find out what really went on over there!
16. Where's Martine Arnold?
Yael ,   California   (03.20.07)
If you know Martine, please tell her I'm looking for her.
17. yoni
allan cerrato ,   honduras   (05.30.08)
how do they feel about the poeple that die. do they care about sorin herschko? How about if somebody else die instead of yoni? he is a hero let him rest in peace regarless if he made a mistake!!! is yoni life worth more than another human being. read the bible. we are all equal. yave sabaot.
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