Bereaved brother: Israel should negotiate Shalit's release
Aviram Zino
Published: 03.07.06, 13:22
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1. Israel has to decide
Henry ,   NY   (07.03.06)
I am wondering why Israel does not go to negotiation till now? It is not the first time that Israel swap prisoners for solders. It did that in the past with Syria, Egypt, Ahmad Gebril, and lately with Hizbullah. Not only Israel has undertaken such negotiation, but also many countries such France, Germany, Italy,…etc. when their citizens were kidnapped in Iraq. The other tragedy scenario “when governments of kidnapped people” refused to negotiate is what is happened with Russia diplomats. So Israel has to decide.
2. To Close to Call
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.03.06)
Close relatives are invalid witnesses in a Jewish court of law. Their testimony cannot be viewed as objective because of their intimate involvement in the case and its outcome. Would that not apply here too?
AVINU   (07.03.06)
4. negotiations = more kidnappings
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (07.03.06)
of course I hope that Shalit isn't killed - if he's alive. But the releasing of prisoners would definitely (100%) lead to more kidnappings whereas a refusal to negotiate will lead to an end to kidnappings. The government is taking the right stand and whereas I was previously against Olmeret and Peretz I am now delighted by their actions Michael
5. Yes negotiate because u have 10,000 kidnaped palestinians
waeL ,   palestine / kuwait   (07.03.06)
SO what why dont israel negotiate to release 1 soldier , HAMAS demands israel to let go all the Women and children ( under 18 ) who israeL kidnapped before and still lock them in jails . why not ?? i hope israleies learn from this and dont send there kids to war again
6. If most airline companies (like Swiss) don't agree to
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.03.06)
ever negotiate with Terrorists - and the passangers on any plane know that - look at past hijackings Then NO governement shall negotiate Airplanes in general are then stormed by special forces - etc.. Yes emotions are high - but emotions don't rule the security for future avents
7. read the history betw pals and israeL by american
WAEL ,   palestine / kuwait   (07.03.06)
8. read facts
"General Assembly resolution 3236 (XXIX) of 22 November 1974 reaffirmed the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, which included the right to self-determination without external interference, the right to national independence and sovereignty, and the right to return to their homes and property. The rights of the Palestinian people, as set forth by the Assembly in 1974, have been reaffirmed every year since." In December 1968, the General Assembly formed a three-member Special Committee to investigate Israeli practices affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the Occupied Territories. This committee was asked to submit reports whenever warranted but Israel has continually refused this committee access to the occupied territories. They have stated that the committee was "discriminatory in character and attempted to prejudge allegations the Special Committee was supposed to investigate." The committees' role was to report on matters such as, incidents linked to the intifadah (uprising), administration of justice, treatment of prisoners, treatment of Palestinian civilians, measures affecting fundamental freedoms, and the activities of Israeli settlers in violation of international law. What they found, particularly over the decade 1984 - 1994, was that Israel continued to establish or expand settlements, confiscate property, encourage or force Palestinians to leave their homeland and transfer Israelis to occupied territories. The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People has closely monitored the situation for Palestinian people in Israel and the occupied territories and have found the following occurrences: - The use of live ammunition and beatings against protestors - Maltreatment of prisoners including the use of live ammunition, severe beatings, lethal use of tear gas - Demolition of houses - Prolonged curfews - Restrictive economic measures - Schools and Universities were closed bringing education to a halt - Social Services were stopped - Media and civic organisations outlawed - Tens of thousands of productive trees have been uprooted and crops destroyed In 1992, Israeli forces started a new form of punishment by destroying entire villages with heavy artillery fire. This exercise was carried out to catch a small number of fugitives, yet it left many Palestinian civilians homeless.
9. We must negotiate before it is too late
Daniel ,   North Tel Aviv   (07.03.06)
Israel has to be flexible and accept mediation. This is a complex issue and it is about time that we make a gesture towards the Palestinians by freeing some prisoners. Israel hold 10,000 prisoners and they all have families, most of them were never tried (open-ended administrative detension)and the ones who had came before Kangaro military courts not very different from the one present in the worst of dictorships. Let us stop our denial, racism and hypocracy and accept the Palestinians right to self-determination as equal to that of the jews (may be if we declare that openly, we can start winning a few hearts and minds) Daniel, the voice of reason
10. I wonder
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (07.03.06)
If it were the brother of those who call for no negotiated exit of this dilemma, what would they do then?
11. Soldier
Israeli Officer(Res)   (07.03.06)
As an Israeli officer in Miluim with 12 years of combat sexperience in Lebanon and territories I can cateregorically say and report what I have documented with my family. If I am kidnapped I would rather die a painfull death tha have ONE. I repeat ONE of these criminals released to murder others. It is elementary mathematics each one of these terrorists has potential to hurt us more than one soldier. Remember one thing an impottant piece of information. Part of a soldier's job description is unfortunatelt being killed that's just how it is. Soldiers die to protect civilians can live. If I am kidnapped I'll die with a smile on my face knowing that not ONE of these evil terrorists is free to kill on my account.
12. Soldier or Children
Mumbai, india   (07.03.06)
It just shows how the west and their allies still run a racist and imperialistic society. the ideaology that 1 soldier is more improtant than 1000 women and children.. oh no.. palestinian women and children... what does israel lose by negotiating... if not for palestine.. do it for the kids... and ofcourse the women...
13. Negotiate/ Better than copying ARAD case
iab ,   Haiti   (07.03.06)
Finaly this is war, there is always a price to pay. Israel wants a free occupation. free of cost, free of criticism and free of results!! SWAP Shalit instead of having a second ARAD case. Before time is running. Pal's request the release of kidnapped women and children against a soldier on duty in his UNIFORM.
14. #2 - thanks - I didn't know that but it's a very smart law !
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (07.03.06)
ust another freemind story of an average bored us-citizen. i can tell that because he's refering to "palestine", and only by that it's false. there is no palestine and never was, and the story begins at 196x something, and it doesnt tell you what happened 3000 years before. and wael you mofo, get a life you sorry ass
16. Never negotiate with a terrorist
Dev ,   US   (07.03.06)
Why would anyone want to negotiate with a terrorist? That is like rewarding bad behavior. They went into Israel, killed 2 soldiers, kidnapped a third, and now expect to be rewarded for it? No, now is the time to make them beg Israel to take the soldier back. Israel should press its force until the kidnappers are either all dead or in such a disarray that it will take them years to reorganize. Israel is doing the right thing. Actions like this will set a precedence for the type of response Israel will have to kidnappings.
17. 12 Mumbai, india: First we know it is also Bombai But
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.03.06)
get a name before you post BS I have family in Mumbai - they would be shamed of YOU to appease
18. to #11 how many palestinian
children did you kill during your military service
19. Goldwater: stay in Geneva and do not interfer our affairs
Adam ,   Gaza   (07.03.06)
20. Sure Negotiation
Hanzala ,   Jerusalem-Palestine   (07.03.06)
IL's government has to negotiate with Palestinian, I can mention few facts if IL's government wants Shalit alive 1- The Palestinian don't have anything to loose, they are living in a big jail which is controld by IL. 2- If IL's IDF has reoccuped the Gaza Strip, it means the PNA is over and in this case IL is responsible for over 1,8 Palestinian and I don't think Israel would be responsible for the Palestinian in Gaza Strip. 3-All Palestinian would support Hamas against IL and in this this case, the Israelis would not be saved any more. There are alot facts but they were the most important facts. Regards, J.
21. 19 Adam, Gaza: Hate to burst Your bubble I am here for
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.03.06)
Israel - Not for you terrorists in Gaza so if you have a problem - I suggest you stay away from Jewish Websites As simple as that - Jihad Boy Palestinian Authority political leaders advocated kidnapping-for-hostage policy: Hamas: Islam will conquer US and Britain June22 Hamas in its own words: Kill A Jew and go to Heaven: These are Your people - really good impression you make on the world
22. 19 Adam : Before I forget we just passed a Motion to NOT
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.03.06)
pay you any more money
23. To No. 8
Laszlo Yarkony ,   Israel   (07.03.06)
Please NOTE than even 1,000 lies fact do not make. When and where Israel destroyed with artillery fire entire vilages? Artilleryman
24. to 5
haim ,   mtl canada   (07.03.06)
u right its a good reason not to negociate we got plenty of pals tht will be very sorry if anything happens to our bro and u better think good and fast u criminal
25. #21 - stop telling people to stay away from "Jewish website"
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.03.06)
How many times to you need to be told that YNETNEWS is not a "Jewish website" but the website of an Israeli newspaper. Listen, bint - on a public newspaper website people can write what they wish - viz the foul Bunnie, the odious Shani, the racist Goldwater. No one has told YOU to go to a good racist website, so it's about time you stopped trying to dictate. I didn't even read Adam's post - but he has the right to post here - so butt out. Either contribute or shut up. Adam - write whatever you want and ignore the Geneva strega.
26. '19 Adam - well said. Repeat: "Well said"
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.03.06)
How dare she dictate who may write and who may not write. How dare she tell you not to come to a "Jewish website" It's obvious she cannot tell the difference between a newspaper and a site offering nothing more than a cess pit of propaganda (viz her own website). It's quite obvious that the concept of freedom of speech has not penetrated the deep recesses of the pits inhabited by racist rats from Geneva. Adam - please totally ignore #21. One day soon she will explode from a build up of bitter bile and malodorous gall.
27. Rustom: Goldwater still living in Flintstone Era.
Adam ,   Gaza   (07.03.06)
28. 25 Rustum hate to burst Your bubble -Ynet is A Jewish Israel
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.03.06)
website get it into your empty little head Israel = Jewish State = their websites are Jewish Ynet is an original Hebrew Website - Jewish Translated into English for the Jewish Diaspora stop posting always rubbish when you have NO clue and this Little Man pretends to want just not Violence Oh yeah - YOU are A Liar
29. rust dumb why dont u shut up
haim ,   mtl canada   (07.03.06)
30. Rustom:Goldwater cannot hide its racisim even in web.
Adam ,   Gaza   (07.03.06)
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