Ramallah: Asheri killers surrender to IDF
Ali Waked
Published: 04.07.06, 02:49
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1. Plastenian forces and Israeli Forces ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.04.06)
Both are working to arrest the killers ? That is good news
2. Thanks to Plastenains
Kate ,   London, UK   (07.04.06)
This time job well done.
3. please idf
kill them all
4. An Eye For An Eye
Adina kUtnicki ,   US   (07.04.06)
Every dog has its day. Once they are captured and there is no doubt that they killed him or ordered the killing, they should be shot in their heads. Allowing them to stay alive is obscene. Not having a death penalty in Israel is very troubling. It is as if they are telling the world that Jew killers do not deserve death. The once in a while targeted assasinations do not do enough to weigh the scales of justice.
5. kıLL and wıpe off hıs kıLLerS
6. Not so fast 1 & 2
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (07.04.06)
When the Palestinians make arrests, it's usually to protect the terrorists from the IDF, not from altruism. For all you know, the "prisoners" in Palestinian hands may have been watching the World Cup, dining on filet mignon, and going to health spa. Remember Mr. Saadat was in "prison" for killing an Israeli minister.
7. Take the "alleged" killers into custody, now and with no
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.04.06)
kindness shown.
8. I Only Wish One Thing
Raz ,   Yisroel   (07.04.06)
I hope these Palestinian child-killers decide to fight back. That way, the IDF has an excuse for blowing them to hell.
9. Arrest them
J K ,   NYC, USA   (07.04.06)
As much as I'd like to see these scumbags go down in a hail of gunfire, I hope the IDF is successful in arresting them and putting them through due process. Of course I hope they suck every last bit of information from their useless skulls as well. I wish Israel had a special statute for murderers like this that resulted in the death penalty. Its no better than these vermin deserve. This is the reason Israel has to go in and get these guys. The Palestinians wont arrest them and its not like Israel can send in the police. Too bad it doesnt seem the world gets this.
10. #4 My sentiments exactly
Sarah ,   Crossville   (07.04.06)
11. Shoot them out of hand!
12. Give them 30 mins. to turn them over or bulldoze everthing.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (07.04.06)
Adina you're right... no death penalty, what a great deterrence. Thanks liberal secular Israelis. Maybe we should give the terrorists a timeout when they misbehave.
13. Gaza
Jason ,   zichron Israel   (07.04.06)
It is clear that Sharon new about a scenario where the Palestinians would not make peace when Israel exits. Obviously, he knew also about divide and conquer- splitting the Palestians between Gaza and the west Bank. He also knew that if they started something Israel would be free to defend itself in a stronger matter since the soldiers don't have to stay there and become sitting ducks with time and can deploy where it makes sense as opposed to keeping guard over settlers. Israel also waited till the Palestinians costed the Arab world and Europe a pretty penny before it attacked the infra structure.
14. #1 Imposter posting as me
the 100% real Marcel ,   Florida   (07.04.06)
Thanks you for your attention to me #1 . It tells me that something I said got your attention. Your deception and attacks are a badge of honor to me and will cause me to continue the struggle against Islam and the lies of the Bush false peace Road Map which work together against Israel. On another note- IDF don't just tear down police station tear down Ramallah and then the Palestinian terrorists can learn to swim ion the Mediterrinean
15. #1& #2 same fake poster
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.04.06)
look at how the imposter writes Palestinian on both kate's #2post and my post. I wonder why YNET allows fake posters using someone elses identity ? YNET ,It makes you look second rate ,sloppy and part of the deception .
16. Everyone in the bldng must be killed today
Alex ,   LA, USA   (07.04.06)
PA police is the same as Hamas/fatah. The same people. If IDF wouldn't kill them all today then the situation in Gaza will become much more complicated.
17. Trade them for Shalit
clever   (07.04.06)
18. #8
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (07.04.06)
Yes, blow them up as soon as possible. They killed a 18 year old, innocent boy 1 hour after they abducted him. No merci for those dogs.
19. Jihadist cowards turn down 72 virgins !
wael   (07.04.06)
They surrendered , the cowardly Palestinian fighters surrendered. What a shame , Allah is not pleased . The virgins were awaiting their arrival
20. #1 - Marcel?!
Israeli   (07.04.06)
Are my eyes failing on me? did you make a positive comment? I'm proud of you :)
21. Who was firing at the Israelis? PA police or kidnappers?
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (07.04.06)
The kidnappers, eh? So who gave them the guns again? The Pal police? So what kind of arrest was this, exactly?
22. Why not
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.04.06)
I can not be negative and stupid all the time. the 110% Marcel
23. Defenseless Child Killers are
John ,   NZ   (07.04.06)
low life aminals.. deserved to be lynched on a tel. pole.
24. capital punishment
irwin ,   ny   (07.04.06)
Try them in court. If guilty impose the death penalty immediately; otherwise they'll wind up being freed in some show of "humainitarian" gesture by the leftist Israeli government. All prisoners in Israeli jails that are guilty of Murdering Israeli civilians- should be executed post haste. What common sence is it to give someone a 5 lifetime prison term. Execute them, do them a favor so that they can receive their 72 virgins while they're able to service them. It is certainly more of a deterent than keeping them alive .
25. Should they free these too?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (07.04.06)
I wonder how long until one of their "daughters" writes a letter asking him to be freed so he can be hugged. And since when is a suspected murderer an "activist"?
26. the killing of the teenager
jim powers ,   costa mesa ca usa   (07.04.06)
Never again the Jews like to say. Shoot these SOB's first and as questions later. Who in the living hell is the defense secretary in Israel? Fight and eye for an eye, a leg for a leg, a life for a life. Israel start killing and don't stop no matter what. Every mad Arab who is planning or is part of the terror infrastracture should know that a bullet is coming their way or worse.
27. Murderers!
EleanorT   (07.04.06)
Murder, is murder, is murder! This young man was not in the IDF, he had no weapons, he had done no wrong. He was not killed b y accident. He was murdered but his murderers will be afforded Israeli justice and mercy. I hope the world recognises the difference and can understand who the monsters are!
28. Murder Statistics in USA
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (07.04.06)
Philadelphia, homicides jumped from 330 in 2004 to 377 in 2005, Murders climbed from 272 to 334 in Houston, a 23 percent rise, and from 131 to 144 in Las Vegas, a 10 percent increase. Nationally, murders rose 4.8 percent, meaning there were more than 16,900 victims in 2005. That would be the most since 1998 and the largest percentage increase in 15 years. Some big cities felt the brunt. Murders rose from 59 to 104 in Birmingham, Ala., up 76 percent; from 59 to 85 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, N.C., a 44 percent spike; from 89 to 126 in Kansas City, Mo., a 42 percent rise; from 87 to 122 in Milwaukee, a 40 percent jump; and from 79 to 109 in Cleveland, up 38 percent. Police in Houston attributed some of their spike in violent crime to New Orleans gang members who evacuated there along with thousands of other victims of Hurricane Katrina last fall. The FBI figures were released on the same day authorities announced the arrest in Louisiana of a Katrina evacuee considered one of the Houston area's most-wanted killers. Authorities said he robbed two other evacuees of their FEMA money and shot them, killing one. _______________________ Can you imagine the USA calling out the army,airforce,navy and bombing power plants, universities, bridges, high rise buildings everytime there is a murder
29. # 19 you are using my name ..for what reason ?
WAEL ,   palestine / kuwait   (07.04.06)
oh my god !!!!!! # 19 is using my name as if am saying what stupid words he is writing LOL . man u r sick u need dr. . and about virgins thats the most stupid thing i have ever heard , pals sacrifies there lives for there land for the future of there childrens against zionist who took it from them by force . WE pals were living with juwish And cristians since ever , only when zionist came wars started. we Muslems love all prophets ( Muusa , Eissa , Ibrahem , Noah , all of them are prophets of god . and the last prophet was Mohammed (peace be upopn him) . we dont have to hate each other we dont have to kill each other BUT we have to take actions in peacful way , and as a start IsraeL must take this step Because ur the stronger side U can call off war and start the war . u can stop kidnaping pals and try to kill them , as a result pals will stop there small fire works u call rockets !!!
30. re # 19 surrendering
HBendor ,   New York USA   (07.04.06)
Buzzing Latakia...Ironic Ignorance ~by Gerald A. Honigman As part of Israel's current campaign to send a message to Hamas over the capture of one of its young soldiers and the daily terror and attempts at terror its citizens have been subjected to, Israeli jets buzzed Syria's president, Baby Assad, in his summer home in Latakia. Assad has given refuge to Hamas leaders, such as chief honcho, Khaled Meshal, and the Jews dropped in to say hello. A few days earlier, Arabs kidnapped and murdered another Israeli of those Jewish settlers they and others like to speak of. I mean, after all, how dare a Judean (Jew) live in Judea... I couldn't help but note the sickening irony here...though most of the rest of the world surely didn't. Hamas's patron saint, Sheikh Izzedine al-Qassam, was also from Latakia. Like scores of thousands of other Syrians, he too poured across the border...Arab settlers setting up Arab settlements in Palestine. The Records of the League Of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission and other solid documentation noted these migrations as well as those of many other Arabs who arrived from other countries then and a bit earlier as well. Arafat was born in Cairo. The sheikh became Hamas's hero by butchering Jews, many who were refugees themselves from Syria and elsewhere in the "Arab" world. But while the sheikh and his buddies would become known as native Palestinians, Jews would be labeled "settlers." There is no doubt that many of Hamas's current members--those who specialize in terrorizing Jews--are from families as "native" as their murderous sheikh. As has been noted often before, so many Arabs were recent arrivals themselves that when the United Nations Relief Works Agency--UNRWA--was created to take care of Arab refugees created after the Arab attempt on Israel's rebirth backfired in 1948, the very word refugee had to be redefined to accomodate those who had lived in the Mandate a mere two years. Yet the message of all of this is lost to virtually all. Or perhaps worse...I'm convinced that many simply don't want to know the real story here. And, buying right into the Arab line, the media and others will simply continue stressing "settler" when reporting the next Jewish kid murdered by...Arab settlers. As if it really makes any difference to Arabs which Jew they kill. One thing's for certain, however... Bombing empty fields and creating sonic booms aren't going to fix this problem. Those who commit murder and terror as well as those who support them must be taken out en masse. Just ask President George W. Bush...virtually his own words. Nothing short of this will work. And the Jews better wise up.
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