Panel: Zionists use anti-Semitism card to suppress debate
Published: 04.07.06, 16:57
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1. Objective journalism lives!
E.Mann ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.04.06)
What a joke! What a panel of idiots. The only ones missing were Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, and Shulamit Aloni...
2. how dare they even discuss us....
meir ,   Israel   (07.04.06)
Who do they think they are? a debate, to be released on dvd on the "connection betwen zionism and anti semitism" how rude!!! when was the last time a jewish organisation met to compare "anti moslem sentiment with ongoing arab moslem terror"?! who ar ehtey to sit around talking about anti semitism? we are veterans, we have had to suffer for thousands of years, who are they to make some comparison with zionism? the only "cancer" in international politics, is the ongoing arab moslem aggression in the name of jihad and the koran.... Go debate about something closer to home like "suicide bombings in Islam" or "human rights abuses throughout the moslem world".... they are questions that REALLY need answering!
3. Project Ijtihad
Irshad Manji   (07.04.06)
4. Finally!
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.04.06)
At last, some people are brave enough to say this. For too long, the zionist establisment has played the "anti-Semitism" card. It is simplistic, oppressive and means taht all those lovely Zionist academics can simply avoid looking at the truth. Talk about the catastrophe of 1948 - is it anti-Semitic to present statistics? Talk about the expulsions, the eradications of a whole Palestinian way of life - is it anti-Semitic? If you boil down the argument to the pathetically idiotic level of some people in Geneva and Santa Monica (who deserve the epithets "anti-semites" more than anyone else as they do more to foster and nurture anti-Jewish feeling than anything Israel does) then simply trying to uncover the truth about events is "anti-Semitic". As we all know - this is total febrile nonsense. It is anti-academic, anti-truth and somewhat akin to the Wonderland world of 1984. I mean, now that the Swiss FM has condemned Israel's incursion into Gaza, the hysterics here are screaming that she is an anti-Semite. It is simply so ridiculous that these far right loonies try to stifle discussion and then use this most scurrilous weapon in their armoury - the accusation of anti-Semitism which has been so overused for every single situation that is now has absolutely no meaning. Long may truth reign - and let's all do our best to try and uncover it without fear or threats.
5. Which would a European Country Prefer?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.04.06)
500,000 productive, hard-working Jews or 500,000 sullen, rioting, hateful Muslims - 1 percent of which are plotting to kill the infidels.
6. Angry
Allan ,   london   (07.04.06)
I think this just proves there will never be peace with the arabs. A hate filled religion that is bent on world domination... Jihad.. I am disgusted by this and frankly I expect no better from Muslims.. I never thought I would say this but the sooner there is a war between Islam and the rest of the world the better.
7. Rustrum - you are still an antisemite
Barry   (07.04.06)
The fact that some Muslims in London have found 3 idiots to say otherwise does not change things
8. Finally2!
Rustum ,   London,UK   (07.04.06)
Sorry i forgot to mention, that in 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel tens of thousands of Jews were exiled from their countries of residence namely: iran,iraq, syria, lebanon,egypt, morocco, algeria, tunisia etc etc. these jews who were forced to leave their homes where they had resided for many many years were shown the true feelings of their moslem "hosts" whom they had lived with for thousands of years. I forgot to mention in my previous comment that those jews were given NO compensation and were forced to leave with only the shirts on their backs. Millions and millions of dollars are owed to these people who were forced to leave. furthermore, isnt it funny how we moslems try to delegitimize the state of Israel by denying the holocaust as our leader, the president of Iran says often. In fact the meeting SHOULD have been entitled: "Islamic denial of the holocaust in order to justify killing more jews today" I guess i was misguided and misled by my "advisors" but now i have seen the light, thank you YNET for helping me see the error of my ways
9. Agree with you Rustum!
Palestine my love   (07.04.06)
zionists use anti-semitism and holocaust to blackmail USA and Europe! Put people are waking up and seeing the Truth!
10. Anti-Zionism is the modern Nazism
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.04.06)
Just a few thoughts:- Zionism is the belief in a national home for the Jews, therefore anti-Zionism is automatically racist. The use of "Zionist" as a term of abuse is automatically racist and is no less so because it has become the modern "respectable" equivalent of "filthy yid". Comparing Israel with Nazis is automatically racist as well as being absurd. The Palestinian terrorists and their sponsors and supporters are the true comparators with the Nazis. Anti-Zionism is the cancer. Islamic Nazism is the cancer. "Informed and honest debate" is just what Jews love, it's the anti-Zionists who seek to suppress it. If "Israel has been a total disaster for the entire Arab world", what does that tell us about the Arab world and its failures and inadequacies? Sorry, no space in a talkback to expound the above in depth.
11. Wow
Linda   (07.04.06)
They got us! Zionist are Jews and they want to be in Israel there land giving by god many, many, many years ago! Gotspe hearing christians saying we do not belong here after they took jezus, a jew from galilea in there hart! Jezus came from poland too i guess. hahah
12. Where to begin?
Michael   (07.04.06)
if it wasn't rue it would be comical, ignorant people of history, Arrogance on the the level of G-d himself and evil only matched by satan himself sums up these "Acacdemians". ignorance - it is a fact- that aggression all across the globe has one common denominator islam. only a fool couldn't see it. israel isn't the cause for the arab disaster. Its the arabs themselves. They are the richiest countries from oil revenues,yet the governments spend their money on weapons instead of Social services. what has the arab culture contributed in the last 1000 years? Arrogance- it appears from the article that all arab countries are perfect when it comes to justice, equality,mercy and tolerance and they do no wrong. If anyone believes that they should should seek immediate pyschological help. Evil- To lambaste other people and to be so negative and so inspired by the negativity. if that isn't a partial , objective description of evil. I don't know what is?
13. London Muslim Panel
Emanuel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.04.06)
One of the panel members was Dr. Pappe of Haifa University, who is also one of our academics asking for a world wide boycott of Israel. Why does the taxpayer have to pay the exorbitant salaries of academics who are trying to cut off the hand that feeds them? Is it not time to start dealing with this problem? At a time when Kassam rockets fall here every day, when the IDF manages to foil suicide bombings and when our boys are shot at, killed and kidnapped, this supposedly educated academic runs around foulmouthing his country, his people and his nation!! In many other true democracies he would no longer be able to do so.
14. #8 is an imposter
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.04.06)
Moreover it's historical fallacy. Not even worth reading, so pathetic.
15. Irving, Chomsky, Shahak,
16. Rustum
Jane   (07.04.06)
Anti-Zionism IS anti-Semitism. If every other national movement is OK with you, but Zionism is singled out as illegitimate, you and those like you show your agenda to be pure anti-Semitism. You can dance around it all you like, but ultimately you trip over your own filthy feet.
17. The Panel Speaks for itself
Stephen Duke ,   London, UK   (07.04.06)
Anyone who thinks this a serious debate needs only to look at the make-up of the panel, not a single representative of mainstream zionism. How can we hope to have an open and honest debate if you only present the nuances of one-side of the argument. And Rustum anti-zionism is anti-semitism in part becasue it says that of all nations only Jews are not entitled to self-determinism. As there are no rational grounds for making this argument it can only be described a discriminatory. Discrimination against the Jews is known as anti-semitism.
18. Ilan Pape
James Rubin   (07.04.06)
Isn't it about time Israelis started boycotting this Idiot? Why does Israel, indeed the Haifa university owe this Anti-Zionist a living? He should be stripped immediately of his tenure and sent packing forthwith.
19. Martin Luther King would disagree
Steve ,   Canada   (07.04.06)
“When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.” - Dr. Martin Luther King
20. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.04.06)
Thats it Alan, exactly. muzzies need to be shown they are the weakest of the weakest, the sooner the better.The build-up of all the bull is WAR.It is amazing how un -afraid the majority of Israelis are when it comes to fighting the pallies & hamas. We know they are spineless crumbs.We know we will beat them to a pulp.
21. To Rustum
Da dude   (07.04.06)
I'm tired of destroying you point by point and I'm still waiting for you to answer the questions (COME ON I WANNA SEE YOU DO IT!!!! ) But the best answer to this comes from here. While not directly looking at the crap you write, this statement basically completely refutes your statements Anti-semitism and Anti-Zionism are seperate entities. "Religion has been a (self)defining element in nationality, **including European nationality** since literally the dawn of "nationalism" in the modern sense. Even today, many European countries continue to legally enshrine particular faiths or sects legally in one way or another. And, it's also very common, even in Europe, for the local cultures to speak of a particular faith, or faiths, as a part of the nation. Much less so in Western Europe than in the last 500 years, but it's still common. That's why the Crown of the United Kingdom is still legal head of the Anglican Church. Why the French government requires religious groups to be licensed by the state, and pays their salaries. Why Germany collects taxes to distribute to certain religious institutions. And, it's not only Western countries where this is so. Apart from the staggeringly obvious example of Islam, look at Japan. Or, Thailand. But, apart from this, there's the Western legacy. Having spent the best part of 2000 years defining Jews as a nation, and a foreign nation, as that, an imposing all sorts of legal and social penalties on Jews for the crime of being Jews, the West has no basis to criticize Jews for acting as they have been defined; as a nation.." The fact is Rustum you and the rest of your anti-semite buddies are literally trying to erase history. The fact is that the current age of anti-semitism is a complete reversal of European and General world attitudes. Originally as the quote stated Jews were supposed to be 'different'. Much like the way Jews all over the world (except for cases like the US) were treated as fourth class class to be eradicated every so often in a set of bloody pogroms or set to be expelled. Basically the entire European history (ESPECIALLY BRITAIN) has been set on making Jews different. Todays anti-semitism is set on denying the very fact that Europe has made Jews different. Rustum is now trying to deny that Jews were set apart and is saying now it's ok to kill them because "We Europeans hadn't set them apart". The fact is that anti-zionism is anti-semitism because you are now refusing Jewish self determination. You can lie to yourself, but the dead Jews of Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and forsaken Jews that the British gladly let Germans send to the gas chambers are the proof that I need to know that I am not of european decent, but of Jewish decent.
22. #14 is the imposter, OBVIOUSLY!!!
Rustum ,   London,UK   (07.04.06)
I would never say that the expultion of thousands of jews from their homes in arab lands was a fallacy! that would simply be stupid of me, as it is widely documented in video footage and personal accounts of those incidents. I want to apologise in front of everyone reading this for mu misguided hate of Israel. As i said, since joining Ynet I have seen the error of my ways and the fact that it is clearly the arab Moslems who are the problem here, it is SO plain and clear to see, how could i ever have been so misguided?! May allah bless me with a FULL repentance for my previous hateful statements. The REAL TRUTH IS THAT you jews have suffered the MOST for so many millenia, it is uncomparable to the suffering of any other nation! and i can only apologise for assisting in this regard till now, it was wrong of me, just because arab molems dont know how and are not responsible enough to actually create a viable state, that doesnt mean I have the right to insult the state of ISrael and moreover the memory of so many of your people. I am sorry, please be merciful and forgive me. (please ignore the imposter) from now on I will write in favour of Israel as i have now seen the light! If you see any hateful, ignorant words with my name at the bottom, you ll know its the imposter salam alekum!
23. haha let them talk
just me ,   israel   (07.04.06)
we'll see who has the last laugh when these terrorist muslims in england become more and more influential and start imposing their ideology on the rest of the country. seems to me that this is already happening. you won't be able to say a peep about islam without worrying about being beheaded by these twits. demonizing israel is a way for england, as well as other european countries, to redeem themselves of all the colonial horrors that they've been responsible for hundreds of years, the consequences of which are felt to this day. after all, what do the british really know about human rights? the ever decreasing jewish community in england actually celebrates being allowed to exist there. perhaps to counter the muslim propaganda plague we should create the jewish channel and have a debate on whether all muslims are terrorists or not. to which of course we all know the answer, a resounding yes.
24. UK rustum
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris france   (07.04.06)
zionism is the revolutionnary self deterrmination of the jewish people if you deny this you sure are antisemite that means every people except jews are right of a state but who cares about you and your bullshits wake up we will keep eretz israrel you can take a lot of countries in europe
25. #16 simplistic conclusion
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.04.06)
No, my darling - because Zionism is a form of nationalism. Now some of us do not support Kurdish nationalism and some of us do not support Zionism. Mainly, you see, because Zionism - a late invention by Theodor Herzl - was not even accepted by the Jewish community until very late - and hardly by the Arab Jews at all until the crisis of 1948. You can choose to believe that not supporting zionism is anti-semitism but you are only deluding your poor self. Moreover, the issue of Zionism is a nationalism which thrives at the expense of another people - it is not an equitable form of nationalism as it presupposes the dispossession of the indigenous inhabitants of the country. However, I do thank you most sincerely for your lovely words about my filthy feet.
26. Rustum :
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (07.04.06)
You have heard from me before when I agreed with you about the swiss idiot, and you know I am a moderate and a humanitarian, so if you are reading this, heed what I say: The very title of the program is a blatant attack on every jew throughout the entire world. I don't care how many so-called jews they brought in to that program it is just the same. To refuse the right of the jewish people to a homeland in Israel, our historic and religious focal point for thousands of years, is the equivalent of refusing the right of the jewish people to EXIST. Why ? Very simple. Jews have been hated for millenia simply because we were different and more importantly because we are JEWISH. You see, our religion itself poses a threat to Christianity and of course to Islam. Now that we have established why we have been hated for so long (although I could elaborate endlessly), it is quite easy to see why Anti-Zionism is another "sophisticated" term for Anti-Semitism. Because Zionism stems from our religion itself. Long before there was ever a dude named Mohammed (peace be unto him, respectfully), jews were praying facing Jerusalem. The holocaust and T. Herzl gave Zionism POLITICAL justification, but the religious implications were there from the beggining. And one more point which you seem to conveniently forget. The palestinian refugees who were driven from their homes in 1948 ( you see I admit it is true!) - why? Was it the JEWS fault? Or was it because they new that the surrounding arab countries were going to attack Israel in an attempt to annihilate us... The arabs living in Safed, for example, were told by the jews something like - "it is better if you leave because your neighbors are going to attack us and surely you will not fight against your arab brethren". They did not kick them out like the Nazis kicked us out of our homes in WWII! You see if you look closely at the history of this conflict you will see that the tragedies that have befallen and continue to befall the Palestinians can NOT be blamed on the jews. That is what your Anti-ZIonist friends would have you believe, Rustum. I hope you are smarter than that. -Awaiting your response.
29. British Muslim Extremists
Ari   (07.04.06)
A recent publication indicated that 16% of British Muslims supported the Muslim terrorists who blew up the british subway stations last summer. British Muslims have among them a large group of extremists terrorist elements who must be recognized as a threat on par with hamas and islamic jihad and al queda. Their numbers have also allowed them to penetrate the political mainstream in Britain as demonstrated by the fanatcism of mainstream "arabist" politicians such as Jack Straw and respect MP Galloway. Their ideology of terrorism and their dream of a global caliphate must be destroyed. There is no middle ground on this issue and there is no basis for dialogue with them or the mainstream politicians in Britian who represent them.
30. Home of #4 (Justdumb) and Ellen....
Andy   (07.04.06)
will pay the price of their Islamofascist sympathies. The laughter from Tel-Aviv may cuase a tsunami....
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