Arab MK: No gays in Muslim society
Ilan Marciano
Published: 04.07.06, 14:04
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31. I prefer gays than Muslims.
sara ,   Spain   (07.04.06)
Give gays a chance!!!
32. why don't the gays march in Mecca
yitzchak ,   baltimore   (07.04.06)
Dr. Rick ,   USA   (07.04.06)
Muhammad ATTA, one of the bombers of the World Trade Center in New York was supposedly GAY. This was reported here in the US a short time after investigations of the event. If you don't think Gays come in every nationality, you are in denial. The world has tried to sweep Gays under the rug to no avail. The chances are that one of them may be your neighbor or even a family member. It makes no sense to persecute them. They have always been among us and probably always will be. They even exist throughout the animal kingdom.IT maybe that they have a roll to play in G-d's plan and some people are to stupid to realize it.
35. Gay parade Saudi style
Chop Chop ,   SF, USA   (07.04.06)
Parade them around the Old City for about twenty minutes, let a crowd gather to see them, and then off with their heads. That is a real gay parade.
36. #18
David ,   Yerushalayim   (07.04.06)
The fact that people are offended by it is irrelevant. The majority of people in towns in the American South in the 1960s were offended by American blacks marching to demand their rights. They considered it a provocation. Many of them said they didn't hate individual blacks, but they didn't want them marching as a group. They said all the same things you say. And other groups in history have considered it wrong and out them in the death camps with the Jews.
37. They Must Be Doing Something Right
Dan ,   UK   (07.04.06)
They've got the Muslim mullahs and the Jewish mullahs agreeing on something....
38. No sodomizers in Jerusalem
Orhan ,   ─░stanbul   (07.04.06)
Get these people out of Jerusalem
39. Muslims societies don't have gays? Hmmm
Jenny   (07.04.06) I beg to differ
40. PS on my google trends link, click on regions
Jenny   (07.04.06)
Truth2   (07.04.06)
Well Dr.Rick They did their best to camouflage Arafat's Homosexuality that had been going on for decades. Suha was impregnated by artificial insamination.I am trying to point out that theytried very hard to obfuscate the whole issue. But Dr.when you mention the animals I can understand it.But we are of a higher species and not on a par with animals.Sorry. I said it in my previous response,that no need to advertize and hold parades for goodness sake! Another respondent compared the blacks in the U.S holding parades at the time for their rights.What a comparison! They were trying for their civil rights,not for their sexual gratification these people seem to want and enjoy. Okay,let them do it in private if they so wish.But not blatandly throwing it at our faces all the time.Sex is a prive thing,and should remain so. I have no prejudice as such,providing they leave me out of it,and stop disseminating it all over the place and an encouregement for any youngster who has nosuch feelings and would be prone to experiment. Now that would be and is criminal!And it is happening all the time...
42. United By Their Hatred
Uri ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.04.06)
I wonder if all these homophobic Rabbis and Imams will agree to be treated by others in the same disgusting way they treat gays and lesbians? As subhumans and second-class citizens. At least then I could take them seriously. In a million years I could never respect such ignorant and hatefilled people.
43. The present one. re: To Jenny #39
Truth 2   (07.04.06)
Jenny Tried the web site you put out.Wow,not allowed! I couldn't access it !! Was told whoever recommended it,made an error.In large bold lettering too. Curious that don't you think? The next one with "links on regions" was okay.But naturally all the muslim ones very prim and proper and nothing admitted or discussed...
44. Abomination
Tony ,   Columbus, Oh. USA   (07.05.06)
Why would anyone take "pride" in their practice of filthy, disgusting sex with people of the same gender? There is NOTHING normal or healthy about a guy gettin' it on with another dude's butt. As for this parade, it's a deliberate and evil provocation by perverts against people of religious faith. I dare the queers to try this crap in Mecca!
45. The queers and To #38 Orhan
Truth 2   (07.05.06)
Hiya Orhan I am surprised to read your rsponse.Firstly it has nothing to do with you as Turks. Secondly the turks are very deviant about this,and they commit acts of this nature all the time,and are mostly bisexual.They do not just do it,but enjoy it without any fear. I had lived in Turkey and I can assure you that it goes on all the time.Plus for the fact that all turks are very promiscuous lot .Therefore Orhan dear chap,you are kidding yourself by trying to be so prim and proper. As far as I am concerned,i disapprove of the practice totally.But then I don't go around asking people what their preferences are.One doesn't talk about such matters.What is abhorrent is when irrespective of asking,they declare and announce it deliberately perhaps just to get a response and shock people. What can one do about it? You are quite correct,that whatever they are requesting is hardly correct. I mean to hold a parade,let alone in Our Holy Jerusalem...
46. Jerusalem Gay March
Scott D. ,   Rochester, NY USA   (07.05.06)
Shame on Israel and the Jews. Your lack of tolerance is appalling given your history as a people .Why don't you just round all the gays up put them in box cars and send them to camps to be gassed and cremated ... wipe them off the face of the Earth almost like they never existed
47. #41 - Truth Your point is well taken. Shalom!
Dr. Rick ,   USA   (07.05.06)
48. desecrating Jerusalem
Marcus ,   Ottawa Canada   (07.06.06)
How could anything that gays and lesbians might do desecrate Jerusalem more than the actions of extremist Jews, Muslims and Christians alreasy have? If gays and lesbians were to have sex inthe streets of Jerusalem (which they will not), this could not desecrate Jerusalem and God as much as the mutual murders committed by Jews, Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. Or is love and sex so much a greater sin than murder?
49. no Gay Muslims
Hilda ,   USA   (07.10.06)
That's right. All Muslims are dour and maudlin. But no Homosexual Muslims--that is one of their usual lies. What does one think Arafat was? Surely one does not believe that Suha's child was Arafat's. Also it is well known that Muslims freely engage in homosexuality before marriage in order to save thier women. ---something which today is not working since many Muslim women are availing themselves of the new virgin again plastic surgery.. But we know how the Muslims are incapable of telling the truth.
50. That's what Michael Jackson's for in Baharain.
51. Meaning of Names? What is a Yoni?
Nadja ,   California, USA   (07.20.06)
Hey, Yoni - guess what your name means in Sanskrit? *Female genitalia.* So I wouldn't worry about what the Knesset member's name means in Hebrew - I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the juxtaposition of your name and your comment....
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