UK Muslims present: Jews against Zionism
Published: 05.07.06, 15:21
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1. the Dhimmis out in force again
2. We've always had dirty traitors in our nation
Human scum like these are nothing new, I am sure they were capos in a previous life, suits them well.
3. Judaism and Zionism
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (07.05.06)
Leaving aside the fact that I don't see a lot of these guys as regular synagogue goers this is getting boring already. Israel is now the home of the majority of the worlds Jews, including the vast majority under 18. Your can do all the verbal gymnastics you want but if your against Israel, the central enterprise of the Jewish people in the 20 and 21st century your against Judaism and the Jewish people. It really is that simple.
4. Islamic Hum rights??
Allan ,   london   (07.05.06)
Fantastic name for the organization, at there is a ironic side to this. I am wondering if we Jews should organize a conference called Muslims against Jihad. Unfortunately there are always a few people especially Neturei Karta who want to destroy g-ds land. I am surprised that these anti-zionist still see themselves as Jews. They should be classed as turncoats.
5. Just More Left Wing Kooks
Gershon ,   New York U.S.A.   (07.05.06)
What a motley crew of losers...the usual cadre of anti-Semtic left-wing kooks (led by the BBC 'News' Propaganda Agency), left-wing, self-hating, Judenrat Jews who know nothing about Jewish history. And of course, the Satmar/Neturei Karta traif, who don't seem to understand the Torah and Mishnah. All in all, these are the freaks who you want as enemies.
david ,   Tel Aviv,Israel   (07.05.06)
I assume that the people suporting the "Conference" have been inspired by the "KAPOS" in the concentration camps who where in many cases more than eager to help the nazis murder Jews. The new KAPOS are helping Hamas (and other "great lovers" of the Jewish people) .. to try to murder more Jews. shame on you !!!!. Do you have some kind on inferiority complex because you were born jewish ?????, what is your problem???
7. Evil versus Good
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.05.06)
The dark forces of hell aling themselves to destroy Israel and complete the final souution of their last leader Hitler. It grows much easier every day to discerne the forces of satan who work hard to weaken and destroy Israel. The gray minds in the middle are the useful idiots who will be the first casualties.
8. Kapos + Sonderkommandos - Where was Noam Chomsky?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.05.06)
9. Socialist and communists united
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (07.05.06)
Israeli socialists (Meretz supporters) united with communists, Islamists and others attack the Jewish State.
DAVID ,   SANTA CRUZ, USA   (07.05.06)
11. Vomit
Talula ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
These people are sad sorry losers who want their little bit of fame. I'm sure most of them don't live in Sderot or have children in the IDF. They really do make me sick. We should not allow them in the country. We need to start getting tuff with our own.
12. finally some brave people
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.05.06)
Well done to Uri Davis et al - who brave the wrath of the inflexible bigots to speak their opinions. For too long the anti-Zionist strain within Judaism has been suppressed, oppressed and villified. Amazing to see what co-existence can flourish once racism is given the cold shoulder. Comments by #1 and #2 are out of order. "Dhimmis" = a concept inflated by post-1948 historiography. #2#s comments about "human scum" do not merit a response apart from "go look in a mirror"
13. I was there
Gary ,   Lonson   (07.05.06)
I was there and it was good. Gave a refreshing alternative to the dogma one usually hears. More and more Jews are becoming aware of the brutality of the occupation and the failure of zionism. Am Palestine Chai.
14. Anti-Zionism = discrimination and prejudice
Zionist ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Zionism is the Jewish belief, starting from the first exile in Babylon over 2500 years ago, of returning to and rebuilding the Jewish Homeland. Ever since then, Zionism has been a part of Jew's daily prayers, thoughts and feelings. The common mistake is often made that Zionism has something to do with Israeli policies. This is simply absurd because Zionism has been the guiding Jewish belief for over two and a half millennia. Zionism is part of the Jewish people and cannot be distinguished from the very foundations of the Jewish State. People who condemn Zionism therefore, are actually trying to undermine the State of Israel, not its policies. These people think Israel should not exist. There must be a distinction between legitimate criticism of Israeli policies and illegitimate criticism of Zionism. People can oppose the Israeli government's decisions all they want, but when they oppose the belief that has united the Jewish people since the destruction of the first temple, a line should be drawn and their prejudice should be exposed.
15. Who cares what they think?
Proud Zionist Jewish ,   Israeli   (07.05.06)
God will judge them. It's not our duty. I am a proud Zionist. The Zionism is the greatest movement on the face of earth. I, and many like me, couldn't care less about what Jihadists say or organize. You can obviously see by the list in there that the Islamic fanatics are the one organizing this. Can you blame them? They are jealous of our wonderful country. They are jealous of our high morals. They know they can't stand up to this point, so they try and destroy us 'lyrically', well, keep trying and see if we care! If you've been half as civilised as us, you wouldn't help the Nazis, you would let Jews live in your lands. We have muslims all over here. If some 'wannabe' country had attacked you, you would blow them to smitherenes, we show great restraint and empathy to them. We give them everything they have. It may blow up in our faces (literally) but those are the high morals the Jewish Zionists have. Every Jew who is against Zionism will be dealt with by either God, or god AND us, if they'll try to attack us. You can have all the conferences you want, meetings, jihad organizations, but nothing, NOTHING will get us off our land. If we go, you go with us. If we don't, you will keep crying. So in either way, I am satisfied. Enjoy your stay in Al-Londonia, formerly known as London.
16. '11 Talula
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.05.06)
By the time you and your cohorts have stopped allowing critics into the country, and have expelled all the critics, there will be approximately 2 people left in Israel. Just about the only place in the world, outside N Korea and your neighbour Syria, where a slight disagreement raises calls for expulsion. And, contrary to your claim, the sad losers and victims live in Sderot - the winners are outside the country campaigning for human rights, equity, equality and co-existence. They are also winners because they do NOT have children in the IDF - they have obviously decided that sacrificing their children to the chimera of the racist state is equivalent to bringing up their children as suicide bombers and that Londonistan, or Eurabia of whatever you paranoids wish to call it, is a much safer place, with much more freedom of expression and physical safety than some cruddy little 'ir pituah like Sderot or Kiryat Shemoneh. Your comments about free discussion making you sick does you no credit whatsoever. Methinks you have been sitting in the sun too long, which often results in reddening of the neck. Furthermore, I suspect that you ahve never read anything by Uri Avneri, or Uri Davis or any of the other former-Israeli dissidents, and that you have never read anything about growing up a Palestinian inside Israel and understanding what it feels like to see your family's homes lived in by strangers while you have no legal recourse because of this dastardly law of "ne'edarim nokhakhim". A little less condemnation and a little more thought and consideration might make you a more reasoned person.
17. Rustum - Concerning Dhimmis
You are obviously not a Jew who lived in an Arab country before getting booted have no idea what that life is like...but i guess you dont care either
18. to #13
Viktor ,   USA   (07.05.06)
I do not have any objection to some kook Jews demonstrate against Israel, nothing new. I hope that some day we’ll see Muslim in Arab countries will be able to demonstrate against suicide bombers and other religious fanatics.
19. hey Rustum
Allan ,   london   (07.05.06)
So when are we going to see some muslims saying jihad is wrong? And that Bin Laden / Hamas are wrong?? By the way Dhimmis is a term from the Koran so way before 1948.
20. Two things
Matthew ,   New York, USA   (07.05.06)
1) How many of those organizations listed are Jewish organizations? None. With the exception of The 1990 Trust (a British Black rights group), they are all Islamic/Islamist in nature 2) There have always been self-hating Jews in Modernity. For a contemporary example, look at the Institute for Historical Review. These are primarily Jews who deny the Shoah. While I worry about the effectiveness of their press techniques, I think anyone with more than two cells in their brain can see them for what they are.
21. Judaism and Zionism
David ,   Tel Aviv,Israel   (07.05.06)
To all the Jew / Israel haters, please ..please .,...continue writing about us, it only convinces me that there is only one place for Jews to live: Israel, !!!, we survived : .....2,000 years on anti-semitism, wars, crusades, pogroms, the expulsion from Spain, expulsion from England and other countries , the Inquisition, blood libels, the Holocaust, the independence war of 1948, the cross border raids by terrorists, the 1956 war, the 6 day war, the Yom Kippur war......,terrorism, ... and we will definetily survive all the Anti-Semites, Hamas & Iran who's President is telling the world that there was no Holocaust and that the only Holocaust will be the one that Iran will create by throwing atomic bombs on Israel.....
22. These people are to Judaism as...
Ram ,   London   (07.05.06)
lions eating lettuce and living in water. There will always be a few of them. The mistake is to watse editorial space on them thus promoting their cause. Ynet take notice!
23. Antizionist Jews
Henry A. Cittone ,   Alpine, USA   (07.05.06)
My suggestion will be they should go and live in Israel and experinece the Israeli life for a while. I experienced it for ten years and what is happening is not new in Israel. To understand Israel you must live there.
24. Nr. 21 David
joe   (07.05.06)
***...Iran who's President is telling the world that there was no Holocaust and that the only Holocaust will be the one that Iran will create by throwing atomic bombs on Israel..... *** I can't believe that there are people on this globe who take ANY translation made by MEMRI for serious! AWMYGOD! MEMRI just happens to be owned by two right-wing neo-con Israelis: Meyrav Wurmser, the wife of one of Dick Cheney’s aides (and ex-special assistant to ‘Strap-on’ John Bolton), David Wurmser and former(?) Israeli Military Intelligence officer, Colonel Yigal Carmon. Or say it in a short term: a bunch of crocks. When PROPERLY TRANSLATED the Iranian president actually calls for the removal of the regimes that are in power in Israel and in the USA as a goal for the future. Nowhere does he demand the elimination or annihilation of Israel. He called for greater governance for Palestine. The word map does not even feature. And the president makes plain that the Holocaust happened, but, he argues western powers have exploited the memory of the Holocaust for their own imperialistic purposes. What the mainstream ran with is complete deception. So, get someone who translate the speech for You: And don't lie to yourself. You might beome SHIZO....
25. #16. Rustum the literate!
Ram ,   London   (07.05.06)
You write beatifully. You are to be admired for the fact that you have obviously received a good education. As you should know, you can teach a living creature, other than a human being, to perform all kinds of seemingly intelligent actions. This of course does not mean that creature has the power of reason. Which is exactly what you appear to lack! Unfortunately for you, your eloquent diatribe does not cover up your leanings and thus does nothing to influence the contrary reader through healthy debate. Are you redeemable or are you forever caught up in the web of the islamic hatred of Jews?
26. Antizionist Jews
Damian   (07.05.06)
It´s easy to speak from England, try to live in Israel for a while...
27. Proud to own a teudat zehut
Russel ,   Tlv   (07.05.06)
Moved here years ago and I am proud of my new country. Sure they make mistakes but on the whole Israel does a lot more good for the world than many countries do - especially the muslim ones - and we have been in existence as a nation for such a short period of time.
28. They Are Right
Shaka   (07.05.06)
Of course these Anti-Zionist Jews and those who support them are Right. I mean why should The Jewish People have their own country. Especially if other people dont want them to. Yes its true Israel does exist now and the country is successful in many ways such as agricultural development, economy, education, culture, democracy, industry, military, medicine, science, technology etc but that doesn't mean it should continue. Yes its true the Jewish people have lived in Israel for more than 2000 years and that Jerusalem has always been a majority Jewish city but it doesnt mean that Jews should continue to live there. Yes its true that an attempt at eliminating the Jewish People occurs in every generation including this one but it doesn't mean that the Jewish People should continue to have their own country. Yes its true that the Arabs that live in Israel and the territories are not from the area but came as laborers when the Jews began to rebuild the vast uninhabited lands and its true that the Arabs covet this land not out of legitamite claims but out of ego, hatred, nationalism against the Jews but that does not mean the Jewish people have a right to their own country. Yes the Jews have their own language, religion, culture, government and claim to the land of Israel and have had this longer than any other people in the world but this does not mean the Jewish People should continue on their own land. Well actually it does all mean that the Jewish People should and will continue to have their own homeland a homeland that has always been their and always will be Israel. The palestinians are Arabs none of which originated in the Land of Israel. There has never been a soveirgn country of Palestine never not even for one minute, never been a Palestinian language or religion or culture but what there is is Arabs using the name Palestinian to manipulate the rest of the world and confuse them of their origins in order to conquer yet another land. There are over 20 Arab countries that span thousands of thousands of miles and there greatest accomplishment is that they sit on oil. So all you anti-Zionist Jews or non Jews can try every trick you want but that cannot take away truth and God is watching. The Jewish people have been through rougher times than this and will continue to survive and flourish like we always have. Am Israel Hai!
29. Irrational Israel hatred = Antisemitism
Andy   (07.05.06)
30. Jews against Zionism
Sam ,   Canada   (07.05.06)
Jews are a very opinionated people. To anti-semites, however, our different opinions mean little and we are all in the same boat.
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